Beaded Mason Jar Holiday Decoration

Last year I accidentally discovered that a flared votive candle holder will fit the top of a Mason or Ball canning jar.  That post is here showing a filled jar with the candle.  I wanted to enter a jar with that concept into the fair, but I knew that two glass pieces not held together would be a problem. Still, I had some goodies to use, more gold apples and some red berries. I also found some jewels on a clearance rack (couldn’t resist those!).

Mason Jar Holiday decoration

I put the apples inside, then set the votive holder into the top.

Mason Jar Holiday decoration

Then I wondered, would the ring part of the lid fit over the votive holder?

Mason Jar Holiday decoration

Well, yes it did! I took it back off, and started playing with the fillers.  The glittery gold apples were perfect for a holiday decoration, along with some fake cranberries.

Mason Jar Holiday decoration

I added a couple of red apples too.

Mason Jar Holiday decoration

I had this wonderful beaded trim left over from another project, and it was just enough to go around the jar ring. I hot-glued it onto the ring, then replaced it on the top over the votive holder.

Mason Jar Holiday decoration

I added a ribbon rose to cover the seam.

Mason Jar Holiday decoration

Some of the clear jewels are in this jar.

Mason Jar Holiday decoration

The green and gold beaded trims goes nicely with the fall colors too, so I can use it now and then into December. Those gold and root beer jewels go well for autumn. I think changing the ribbon rose to a gold one would go better through the fall holidays.

Mason Jar Fall

I had a little corn cob, and some fall leaves to go with the tiny pine cones and fall color fillers. The red rose was changed to a gold leaf.

Mason Jar Fall 2

All I have to do now, is open it up again, and change the inside items to change holidays.  One caveat, although I am showing this with a real candle, I recommend using a battery operated one for safety with a trimmed jar ring.

Mason Jar Holiday decoration

Have you started any holiday crafting?


8 thoughts on “Beaded Mason Jar Holiday Decoration

  1. Carole, I had already posted a comment when my laptop decided to go funky on me. So let me begin again. Kevin enjoys canning and received hundreds of free Mason Jars a few months ago. I do not think he will miss a few of them if I can manage to make wonderful decorations and/or gifts with a few of them. Your ideas are brilliant and so pretty! I have recently been experimenting with bead hand embroidery and have found several other fabulous ideas that I would like to try. I do not do a whole lot of decorating for the holidays and not many of my family members like or appreciate home made gifts. So, I do not do much in that respect either. Although, I did see some beautiful wreaths with great and easy tutorials that I would really like to try. Thank you for sharing this brilliant and beautiful decorating idea. Have a wonderful creative day!

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