Autumn 2015 October views

Autumn is coming late this year, there is still a lot of green left on the trees.  A couple of storms have blown leaves off the trees up the mountain while others are just beginning to turn.  Several nights in the 30s lately have encouraged a few to show some brilliant color. There are a few maples that are just blazing red, gorgeous against an azure sky.

Autumn 2015 at From My Carolina Home

This one is near my work. There is still some green on it too.

Autumn 2015 at From My Carolina Home

This one is in the park where I walk after work, trying to get in some exercise while the weather is good.  It still has a way to go.

Autumn 2015 at From My Carolina Home

Also near my office, this maple didn’t get the memo to be red, it is brilliant orange.

Autumn 2015 at From My Carolina Home

There are several of these in a row at a bank, still showing some green with the orange.

Autumn 2015 at From My Carolina Home

One of the dogwoods over our drive is finally putting on its burgundy colors.

Autumn 2015 at From My Carolina Home

Our peak for color is going to be much later this year, I think it is still a couple of weeks away. I’ll bring you more color from the mountain as it changes. One other harbinger of autumn, the pumpkin patch at a church on my way to work is back.

Autumn 2015 at From My Carolina Home

It does appear to be a most sincere pumpkin patch again this year.

Autumn 2015 at From My Carolina Home

Could the Great Pumpkin be far behind?

Autumn 2015 at From My Carolina Home

Another red beauty at the edge of the pumpkin patch.

Autumn 2015 at From My Carolina Home

Back home, the little bit of floral beauty left is still going strong.  I hope that chrysanthemum lasts a bit longer!

Autumn 2015 at From My Carolina Home

Are you seeing pretty colors at your place?

7 thoughts on “Autumn 2015 October views

  1. Barbara Jenkins

    Living in New England, I’m so lucky to have these wonderful trees every year. This year the foliage has been spectacular. The reds, oranges and yellows as well as the golds have been so vibrant. It is just about past here now and we are seeing more of the “spooky” Halloween trees now with just one or two leaves still hanging on. This is my favorite time of the year…..

  2. Barbara Jenkins

    Meant to add that I was happy to see your pumpkins are up off the ground. Helps keep them great longer!!!

  3. Your “COLORS” are stunning. I don’t think our colors are going to be that great this year. The maples that usually have great color have just turned brown and are now falling off. It’s just been too dry this past couple of months. It did rain last night and is supposed to rain off and on all day so maybe we’ll get a bit more color soon.

  4. Sharon Schipper

    Lots of color here, rainy the past few days so wet leaves on the ground, and frost warning tonight, and it’s snowing in the Rockies… can ski be far behind? sadly, lots of us can’t afford to ski!! plus I think I’d be apt to break something more… We finally turned the furnace on yesterday. Hoping to have a wood stove or fireplace in whatever home we find to buy, I think I could have left the furnace off another week if we had one.

    Hope to hit some of the last of the veggie stands this weekend, still some green chili roasters around, and I need some apples. Shredded loads of zucchini to freeze and made choco zucchini brownies and bread two weekends ago. I see pumpkin patches and think FRESH pumpkin to use! I bake them as you would an acorn squash, clean it out, put some water in a pan and put about 1/2 cup water inside if it’s a large pumpkin, and bake it at 325 until it begins to slump and you know it’s done (an hour plus usually). Much easier than peeling and cutting and boiling…. But you need the small fat pumpkins for cooking: more flesh, less seeds than the jack o lantern pumpkins.

    I do love the fall, got to clean up my flower beds this weekend, and gather the seeds… do you save your seeds from your own plants? I inherited morning glories from the previous tenant in front boxes, and they have TONS and they volunteer even in the lawn if I don’t get as many pods as I can!

    Have a lovely weekend!
    sharon in colorado

  5. Carole, your photos are stunning! Kevin and I drove around a bit yesterday afternoon just looking at all of the trees. We both love the fall; me for the beauty, Kevin loves the changes in the temp plus, the rain and the fog. We usually take a day, once a week, in the fall and go and explore in the mountains. It is getting harder to walk any length of distance with our health conditions, but we let Miss Dodger and Mr. Shakes run and explore all they want (within eyesight of us). After seeing your photos, I think I will mention it and see if he would like to. I have a few odds and ends to do this morning before sewing. So off I go and will talk again later! Have a wonderful creative day!

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