Slow Stitching Sunday #4

Another week, and I have made a bit more progress. This is such a good motivator for me to have to report each week. I might actually get these done this year! I have the yarn basket almost complete, just need a couple more pine needles and it will be done.

Week 4 Slow Stitch knitting

I started a bit on the ornamental pins while I had the dark green loaded up.

Week 4 Slow Stitch pins

I got a bit done on the scissors ornament too.

Week 4 Slow Stitch scissors

The tomato pin cushion calls for outlining in brown, but I think I’ll leave that off. It doesn’t really need it, does it?

Ornaments - week 3 tomato

So many commenters mentioned cross stitch last week, that I thought I’d show you the only completed cross stitch piece I still have.  I think I stitched this in the early 90s. It is a Victorian porch, and it hangs on the wall at my office. The kit made the whole house and garden with a tree, but when I got this far I thought that I’d had enough!

Cross Stitch Victorian Porch at From My Carolina Home

The top of the porch has wonderful details.  Darker colors indicate shadows.

Cross Stitch Victorian Porch at From My Carolina Home

There is a rocking chair and little sleeping kitty on the porch.

Cross Stitch Victorian Porch at From My Carolina Home

As promised, last week I told you all that I would give away my second set of the Sew Happy ornaments. So, the random number generator to the task!

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 6.35.36 PM

Winner is Sharon!  Congratulations and I’ll be sending you an email to get your address!

Sharon wrote – “Would love to win it! I’ve been looking for them since you first showed them…. I’ve done a chair seat cover, that I need to remove and gently wash now, it’s so old and dusty! and I have some crewel needlepoint chair covers that I bought at a thrift store that I need to sit and work on, you’ve inspired me! I got to thinking that I need to be doing something in the eve’s while I watch TV to avoid the munchies…. and hexie work was getting a bit boring.”

Stitching today while the football games are on, Go Panthers!

Linking up again with Slow Sunday Stitching, in the hope that it will continue to give me an incentive to link up weekly progress and finish these ornaments this year –
Slow Sunday Stitching

One other note, I found out this week that if you comment using an AOL email address, it will refuse to deliver my response.  So to the two ladies that I was not able to respond to by email, you are both AOL and I did try.  Thank you for your comments.

11 thoughts on “Slow Stitching Sunday #4

  1. Wow that cross-stitch is just wonderful!! Congrats to Sharon for winning the kit. And is good to see your stitching progress, well about the tomato piece is just fine as it is. Have a good time stitching this Sunday. Hugs from Brazil

  2. You are coming right along with your ornaments which are so pretty. I love your cross-stitch. I don’t think I have the patience to do it anymore, but then never say never. 🙂

  3. Carole, I am truly enjoying and being inspired by your Slow Stitchin’ Sunday posts! Amazing how knowing that others are linking up and doing, plus sharing embroidery projects creates a bond and encourages each of us to work on our own stitches. I agree with you that the tomato is fine also. I have made quite a bit of progress on my bead embroidery project and added a few more stitches on a table topper or it may be a wall hanging hand stitching project also. Until this evening, I will be working on organizing our spare bedroom into a fabric storage and free motion machine embroidery room. I finished my second border on the quilt and decided it needed a section of Teal border and then I am going to chose my backing and start getting it pinned for quilting. So, by this evening I will definitely be ready for some slow stitching. Thank you for sharing your beautiful stitcheries and have a wonderful creative day!

  4. Congrats to Sharon. I think it is funny that you just stopped that cross-stitch project. It looks like it was meant to be just like that. You have another beautiful ornament. Your stitching is so pretty.

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