Spotty Hen Wool Applique

I have had this cute kit for quite some time, and I really wanted to work it up as a wall hanging, maybe for the kitchen, or some other spot where it makes sense.  Working on a kit means I don’t have to think much, and keeping hands busy is a way to stave off thinking of certain things.  So, I got out the kit and laid out the pieces.  Mind you, I have been playing with this off and on for a while, but now was the time to finish it.  The total time doing this took a couple of months, working on it here and there, taking pictures as I remembered to do so as as I went along.

Spotty Hen Wool Work Kit

The instructions said to begin with piecing the background.

Spotty Hen Wool Work Kit

So I started with that, and the whole background framing went together very quickly.

Spotty Hen Wool Work Kit

Next, the instructions said to begin appliqueing the wool to the frame. But, being as I didn’t want to mess around with fussy quilting around all those little pieces, I decided to quilt it at this stage. I figured it would be a lot easier to quilt, plus give me more substantial fabric to hold while doing the appliques. I loaded it up on the longarm, but this could easily be done on a DSM. I started with stitch in the ditch using my Quilter’s Apothecary rulers. Plus I stitched down all the edges to stabilize it and keep it square.

Spotty Hen Wool Work Kit

I put free motion swirls inside the frames.

Spotty Hen Wool Work Kit

I love ribbon candy as a quilting design, so that went in the outer borders.

Spotty Hen Wool Work Kit

More swirls in the cornerstones and it is quilted.

Spotty Hen Wool Work Kit

Next, I got out all my DMC floss and matched up some colors, as the kit didn’t have any floss. I have every color DMC ever has made, I think!

Spotty Hen Wool Work Kit

Yep, those look good.  Notice I started out using a hand needlework hoop, but I quickly abandoned it in favor of just holding the fabric sandwich.

Spotty Hen Wool Work Kit

With the quilting done, time to cut out all those bits.

Spotty Hen Wool Work Kit

Lots of little bits to cut out!

Spotty Hen Wool Work Kit

It also made more sense to applique the smaller bits onto the larger pieces first, before adding them to the project, instead of putting on the big pieces first.

Spotty Hen Wool Work Kit

With those elements done, I appliqued the chicken feet.

Spotty Hen Wool Work Kit

With the chicken, chick and eggs done, I moved to the border flowers and stems.

Spotty Hen Wool Work Kit

I started with the stems, then added the leaves on the ends and the flowers in the centers.

Spotty Hen Wool Work Kit

Next, the leaves were spaced along the stems on all four sides.

Spotty Hen Wool Work Kit

Embroidering the chick beak and feet were next.

Spotty Hen Wool Work Kit

Did I mention that not a single stitch shows on the back? Made it a little more challanging to stitch, but much easier to hold with the quilting done first. The stitches just bit into the batting and not all the way through the piece. Adding the final embroidery of hay under the eggs and it was ready to bind. I used a scrap of brown from my stash for the binding.

Spotty Hen Wool Work Kit

Ready to hang!  These kits are still available, if you do a search for Spotty Hen Quilt Kit, you’ll find places to get one if you like it.  This one was entered into the fair in the crafting category where kits are allowed.

State Fair 2015 - Spotty Hen

I was very happy to see it win a third place ribbon in the applique crafts. More about the State Fair next time.

Do you like to work kits?

11 thoughts on “Spotty Hen Wool Applique

  1. Mildred Plaskett

    Congratulations on your ribbon..cute project. I do applique but have not done wool applique. I think I will look for a easy project in a kit. Good start for me.

  2. Rosemaryflower

    this is just adorable. Big Hugs.
    Sometimes you need to sit and rest your heart, think some thoughts, and acclimate to this new life.
    This finish will leave you with sweet memories of healing. I know that.
    ♥️ you ~Rm

  3. That is so cute!! Quilting is something I do not know how to do even though I’ve been sewing forever. I do appreciate the beauty and work that goes into it. Thanks for stopping by FAR! We are west of Waynesville and love the mountains, especially this time of year.

  4. Never thought of quilting the background first but boy it sure makes sense with this cute chicken. I’m not much a kit purchaser but I sure went wild with them when I stopped at several quilt stores for the Row by Row this year. Now I have too many kits to make into something! But the few I’ve used in the past have really been easy to get going on and get the item done. Nice job.

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