Fun at the Mountain Regional State Fair 2015

The Mountain Regional State Fair is in its last weekend, and it was a blast to both enter competitions and attend the fair.  This year I went twice, and yes I had to get a corn dog both times.   I enjoy so much about this annual event, the heritage crafts, the fun food (no I didn’t get a fried oreo, but I did think about it, LOL!), seeing all the winners in the giant pumpkin contest, and of course the wonderful quilts!

State Fair 2015 -35

I don’t ride these crazy things, but I do enjoy the chair lift that takes you over the whole fairgrounds.  That is part of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background.

State Fair 2015 -40

This year we got to the fair early on a grey day, just in time to see the rabbit competition.

State Fair 2015 - rabbit judging 3

Did you know that the judging for these cute guys is more stringent than the average dog show?

State Fair 2015 - rabbit judging

They were cute lined up in their bins waiting for their turn.  I could have done a whole post just on these little guys.

State Fair 2015 - rabbits in bins

More waiting patiently for their competition, happily munching on hay.

State Fair 2015 - rabbits

We watched the llama competition too, the kids have to take them through an obstacle course.

State Fair 2015 - llama judging 2

No chickens this year, due to the state trying to limit the exposure to the bird flu.  We did see the little pigmy goats, adorable!

State Fair 2015 - 13 pigmy goats

The clogging competition was that day too, but I didn’t get any pictures.  I think I was just so captivated by the kids and how well they danced.  We went over to the competitions building to see the quilts after that.  I was thrilled to see a second place ribbon on my Sudoku quilt made of sewing fabrics. I already showed you the third place on my applique Spotted Hen, also in this picture.

State Fair 2015 - Sukoku

I have a new purse pattern that I’ll be publishing soon.  It won a ribbon too!  It has a beaded embellishment that is from the upholstery department in the home dec department of the local fabric store.

State Fair 2015 - Carole purse

I also received a second place on my Autumn Table Linens Set of table runner, 4 place mats, 4 napkins and 2 potholders, in the quilted crafts division. It was a real thrill to also receive the Judge’s Choice ribbon!

State Fair 2015 - Quilted linens Judges Choice

The real surprise was a first place ribbon in the amateur photography competition, in the category of Fair pictures from last year.  I had taken a photo of some of the vegetable competition with the quilts hanging overhead.

State Fair 2015 -Photo First

The quilts hanging from the ceiling were all spectacular. The winners were well deserved, beautifully pieced and quilted masterpieces.  A couple of my friends won in two categories, and I am thrilled for them.  The black modern quilt ended up oriented this way, and I liked it.  It was hard to get a good picture with the lighting.

State Fair 2015 - Quilt black 1

Back outside, we had to get some food. Chicken and waffle! My first time, and I liked it!

State Fair 2015 -Chicken and Waffles

We took the food to a table down the row and around a corner to hear Leon Jacobs, Jr. do his one man band. Always a treat to hear him play oldies and tell jokes. It is a fun show I like to see, if I can get there at the right time. He only plays a few times a day.

State Fair 2015 - Jacobs

After that, we hit the Heritage crafting area, where I bought some pottery (on both trips, LOL), and we got to watch the blacksmith in action making a metal leaf key ring.

State Fair 2015 - 27 Blacksmith

I took so many pictures! And we did so much more on those two visits than I can put into one post, things to see and do, the little newborn calves at the Mooternity ward, more competitions, beautiful woodworking and a chain saw artist. The floral competition was spectacular as we got there just after all those beautiful blooms were delivered for judging. So many gorgeous roses, orchids and more.

State Fair 2015 - Flowers

I’ll pick up all my entries on Monday, then on Wednesday take three quilts to Asheville for their quilt show coming up the first weekend in October.  Then I am done with shows until next year!  Three shows in less than 30 days is a lot of running around.  Plus it is another weekend of the Friends of the Library book sale, with box-of-books day next Friday.  I hope to get some time to sew in October!

Do you enter competitions in your local fair?  Do you go to the fair?

9 thoughts on “Fun at the Mountain Regional State Fair 2015

  1. Mildred Plaskett

    Congratulations! You have been a busy lady. I haven’t been to a county fair in years, but I remember the fun we had.

  2. Lesley Gilbert

    Well done on all your wins. It looks like a great day out for all the family to enjoy. We have a fair for one week a year in October, but it’s mostly fun rides (which can be very noisy with all the music) and food to eat 🙂

  3. Carole, What a wonderful accomplishment to enter your projects and definitely deserved Ribbons! I am very happy for you and really enjoyed reading your posts about your fun times. I actually entered my first contest on Nancy Zeimans Table Runner contest. But now that I have accomplished actually entering, I think I have the courage to try again. Looking forward to more of your patterns and best of luck on your next competition entries! I am off to do some transplanting of flower bulbs in the front yard and then to sew on a quilt. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  4. catsandroses

    Congrats on your ribbons! Way to go! Looks like you had a great time at your Fair. We used to go to our State Fair every year after we first moved here (and it’s only about 10 minutes away), but haven’t been in several years. Ours is running now, and my hubby just mentioned that we should go and ‘blow’ some money (way too easy to do there!). So, I think you’ve inspired me to go again this year. I once entered some of my roses at our Fair (some individual blooms and a bouquet) and was amazed and excited to come away with some ribbons. Was very fun, but I’m not a serious enough grower to try again — once I saw other participants using q-tips to clean petals, polish leaves and help open blooms, I decided that kind of primping wasn’t for me, so just took my ribbons and ran, ha ha!

  5. Mary Sloan

    Oh, you earned so many ribbons!!!!!!! When I was a kid, I entered food and a couple of hand sewn items. Loved those ribbons. Our family raised Registered Aberdeen Angus cattle, so we showed at the county fair and the State Fair. I had Grand Champion JR Bull at the State Fair. I still have the trophy. DH thinks I am crazy for keeping it. Since I retired, I have not been back to a fair. But I am with you on the Corn Dogs. My favorite junk food. Hope you will all blue ribbons at the next fair, and some purple ones. Love your pictures and sounds like the fair judges do too.

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