Scrap Dance Mystery – The Big Reveal!!

The Scrap Dance mystery for 2015 is now over.  If you like this pattern, it is available for sale at my Etsy store and on My Patterns page. Thanks for visiting!  The new Scrap Dance Tango mystery for 2016 has started, just click on the category on the side bar to catch up.  It will run from January to June 2016.

Scrap Dance on bench

Scrap Dance Finish 2

Scrap Dance QAL

35 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Mystery – The Big Reveal!!

  1. Pretty!!!!! I have been checking all morning, hoping to see the big reveal! 🙂 I am excited to finally put mine together! I won’t be able to assemble until later this month, but I will try hard to get a completed top together by October 31st! This has been so much fun and I can’t wait to see everyone’s finished projects!!

  2. Margaret Reid

    This is amazing Carole! I saw your mistake; but you fixed it in the final picture. I want to make this quilt but I’m so busy in the next few months, please don’t take down your QAL. until later in the new year.

  3. Ginny L

    Looks great! Thanks for doing this, I have a bunch of ladies in my guild doing this , so I’ll be sure to send you a group photo!

  4. Heidi

    Beautiful! I am so excited to get home & assemble! Thank you for all the fun! Today is my big reveal day too, I hope you will visit my blog for Day 9 of the Jaftex Hop!

  5. Rosemaryflower


    and furthermore: WOW

    This is beautifical and wondermous. I love your colors.
    Mistakes are good.
    No really, I am a bit OC and when there is something bothering me, I will dig in deep and dismantle and fix.
    I do waste a lot of time doing that. haha

    Love you ♥️

  6. Laura

    I’ve been looking forward to the reveal, and you did not disappoint! It will be fun to put together and quilt. Thanks so much for providing clear, concise instruction. Giving me a deadline to complete by October 31 is good. . . I don’t need another UFO! I may change up the borders, but am not sure yet. This has been fun. I am looking forward to the next mystery QAL already!

  7. Well, I am going to tell on myself. I had to have a major back reconstruction surgery and knew I would be down for many months. Not considering all the times I have tried my hand at sewing and failed. I have never been able to sew a straight line. Well, I decided I would use this recovery time to try and learn how to sew this time. So, About 3 weeks before my surgery, I went and bought a sewing machine, rotary mat and cutter, and a bunch of 70% off fabrics. About 2 weeks before my surgery I found this site and the first set of instructions. So I raced and quickly cut the fabrics, then went off to surgery. As I have been recovering, I have looked forward to the steps. And since the first couple months have been tough in recovery, the steps took me time, but I was able to do them. And it was very helpful to give my mind something to do as my body tries to recover. I have learned so much. Here are a few things I learned: I had to redo about half my cutting because it pays to be straight. I learned to rip out your thread if it didn’t sew straight. But I have managed to do this marginally well. I know mine will not look as well as everyone else’s, but it has a great meaning to me. When I saw this reveal, my jaw dropped. I never would have tried one that looked this complicated on my own. I am so glad it has been a mystery and yet so excited to see if I can get it all put together. I am so glad I found this site. And I look forward to doing another one with you this way.

  8. Carol Preston

    Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! YOU are sooo talented! I’m very happy I joined the group doing this mystery quilt AND that you designed it! It is my very first mystery quilt.
    Carol P.

  9. Carole, I absolutely love this spectacular quilt that you created! I am looking forward to seeing the final results of everyone’s quilt! Another great surprise is to be getting the pattern….this is a fantastic prize! Thank you so much for everything you have done before, during and after for this amazing Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt Along. I know I will be working on mine today and will create many more of this pattern. Have a wonderful day!

  10. Susan Clarkson

    Well, unfortunately, it will take me a while to finish. This summer I fostered a litter of kittens for our shelter. They got into my blocks & destroyed some of them. I locked up everything tight until they left last week. Now I have to retrace my steps & re-make some of the blocks. Also, since I stopped working on the quilt I have a ways to go to catch up. But it has been fun & the finish is beautiful. I saw your mistake, but don’t think it makes a big difference. Thank you for the fun summer.

  11. Wow I hope mine looks that good when I am finished. I love the final layout. Once I get the blocks together I may even make some more to make it bigger now I have seen the finished quilt. Thanks for this quilt along it has been a favourite this year.

  12. sgrancio

    Great finish! I have gotten one of the two sets of blocks for baby size quilts pieced, will play a bit with layout before sewing together. Now to think about borders. I’ve posted the pic to Flickr and on Instagram ( susansquiltstudio) as well. I will use this pattern again with a slightly more planned selection of fabrics/colors now that I see how that could influence the movement. Susan in Dublin

  13. Trudi

    This quilt turned out lovely! I too noticed the mistake, but I believe I would have left it as a reminder that people, just like nature, are not perfect.

    1. My dear OBWW…Do what I did…it’s an “in – between” project for me. Or, give yourself 10 mins at the start of your day to work on it! Then go on to the project that is looming and on deadline. 🙂

  14. Wow, spectacular.Your scraps are dancing!!Mistake? For me it`s perfect.Great finish!!

    So sad I will no be in the drawing.I handquilting and no time to make it so quickly but will send you a photo when I complete the top.

  15. petersonfamilyof4

    Oh WOW!! I absolutely LOVE this scrappy dance! I had NO idea what to expect, but this is wonderful! This will be a fantastic first quilt to finish in my new place. 🙂 Wilma

  16. Love the way this quilt turned out. Fun mystery — especially with the same sequence used in more than one block. I’ll be working on putting my table topper together today. Thank you for hosting this mystery QA!

  17. I was such a good girl! I knew you had posted the reveal post, but I controlled the impulse to peek until I had done all the sewing. Having been away, I was behind on both step 5 & 6. So yesterday I sat down and beavered away until I had everything done. Then I played with layouts. I finally decided there must be two blocks, but still didn’t get it right. LOL. Thanks for organising this Carole. I have really enjoyed the mystery and I got lots of fabrics out of my stash that had been knocking around for years. I’ll post some photos later today on Flickr.

  18. It took me a week to come find the REVEAL! I got busy with Step 5 & 6 the last week of August, and while I was waiting on the reveal, I decided to play along with another scrap project with Pat Sloan. She did a Scrap Happy Little Wishes Star challenge block. It used up some of the 2.5″ squares I had left from this project. I got carried away and made 30 of those blocks, and got them all sashed and sewn into a top. More about it on my blog here:
    As soon as I finish the banner I started last night, I will get my “BABY QUILT SIZE” put together of the Scrap Dance Quilt Along. I was inspired with this quilt along to really tackle my basket of scraps, getting them cut into useful sizes and put away in my scrap storage system. I hope I can continue to maintain control when I am cutting other projects. It is fun to work on these scrap projects and I enjoyed sewing along with the mystery. I will post pix on my blog when I get it done, and link up to the photo page on flickr. Thanks!

  19. Assembled my 9 blocks (baby quilt) . Need to put them together tomorrow and then think about borders. At first look I felt it was small for a baby quilt, but then I came back to the computer and looked at all the flicker photos. When I saw Susan in Dublin’s photo with the 2″ border and the 2.5″ squares, I “did the math”….If I do the 2.5″ inner border and a 5” outer border it should turn into a nice 42×42 quilt. I’ll be putting up some photo’s on my blog soon.

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  21. Yay! 😀 It looks really lovely! I’ve sewn the blocks but I need to sew them together and … and … and… BUT I’m afraid that will have to wait about 2 weeks. I’m in the middle of a book release at the moment and next week I’m off to see family so not a lot of time to spare just now. Can’t wait to finish it though. Thank you so much for making all of this possible, I’ve loved every minute! 😀

  22. Jan

    Nice!! I was all set not to like the final quilt, but this is one quilt I’m happy I am making! I’m looking forward to the assembly and completion of this pretty quilt.

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