Book Review – Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen

A delightful book with just a touch of magic, as a woman comes to life again after the death of her husband. Kate has been ‘asleep’ for a year and allowed her controlling mother-in-law to take over her and her daughter Devin’s lives.  On the morning movers are to come to move them out of their home and in with her mother-in-law, Kate has ‘come awake’.  She makes a decision to give Devin one last escape, one little trip before she is locked into private schools and uniforms.

Lost Lake

They drive to Lost Lake, almost missing the turn, but are stopped by an alligator in the road.  But, there are no alligators in this part of Georgia.  Here is a hint of the magic, that Kate is helped to see what she needs to see.

Lost Lake Sarah Addison Allen

Visiting her great-aunt Eby at her run-down summer camp, she encounters a long lost friend, someone she knew when she spent her summer here with her mother many years ago.  Things are not always as they seem, however, and there is more magic here than anyone knows.

Lost Lake

This is a fun easy reading book that I devoured in just one day. I just couldn’t put it down!  I seem to do that with all Sarah Addison Allen’s books.  She is a local writer, living in Asheville.  Originally I picked up The Peach Keeper because of her local roots.  Now  I am just a huge fan.  I’ll be looking at the book sale for the latest publication from this imaginative writer, First Frost, a sequel to her wonderful book Garden Spells.

Are you a Sarah Addison Allen fan?  What are you reading now?

10 thoughts on “Book Review – Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen

  1. It looks very interesting and I have not read even a book of Sarah Addison .

    Now I’m reading Los vigilantes del faro by camilla Lackberg.
    I enjoy reading

  2. Thanks for the share, I have not yet read this author. I finished a good read last night, Bittersweet, by Colleen McCullough, also the author of The Thorn Birds.

  3. catsandroses

    I thought the author’s name sounded familiar, but couldn’t remember what book of hers that I had read. Went to Paperbackswap to check and found my review for “Garden Spells” there: “I found this to be an entertaining book, but felt it didn’t merit more than 3 stars. Much of the storyline was just too silly for me (an apple tree that hurls its apples, wraps its branches around picnic table legs, causes people to know the future, plants that cause you to have night vision, etc., etc.). I enjoy books that incorporate gardens in their stories, but this was just too over the top for me, though I did enjoy much of the story and wanted to see how it all panned out. Not one I’d readily recommend to others, though”. So, not sure if I’d like “Lost Lake”.

    Am currently reading Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” (better late to the party than never, I suppose!) and am looking forward to reading Anne Rivers Siddons’ “Fox’s Earth” next.

  4. I’ve not read this author before, but it sounds like the kind of stories that I will love! Thanks for the review! I hope to check it out soon.

  5. Cindy Hubbard

    It sounds enchantin, g thank you for reviewing. I will of course add to “to read” list. Wow Carole I cant believe how much you accomplish!!

  6. I am not familiar with this author and love good book recommendations Carole, thank you! I keep a Pinterest board called Library so I don’t forget the books I want to read, so I’m pinning this to check out soon!

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