June in the Garden

Two years ago, I planted this lovely Easter lily in the garden after it finished blooming.  I was amazed when it actually came up last year and bloomed.  It waited until June last year, and again this year.  No matter, it is lovely. The first bloom opened a few days ago, while the second one waited a bit longer.

Lilies in the Garden ~ From My Carolina Home 1

White flowers are my favorites. A couple of days later, both are open and the first one is starting to fade.

Easter Lily ~ From My Carolina Home

Last year, it had three blooms on June 14.


The day lilies are going strong now, with more blooms every day.

Lilies in the Garden ~ From My Carolina Home 4

These dark purple day lilies are D’Oro variety.

Lilies in the Garden ~ From My Carolina Home 3

These peach blooms with the ruffled edges keep going for a couple of months.

Lilies in the Garden ~ From My Carolina Home 2

Now that the irises have finished blooming, I decided that they really needed to be dug up and divided.  I am hoping that doing this plus adding some fertilizer will help them bloom better next year.  Here is how they did back in April.  One stalk had three blooms, one had two blooms, and two more had just a single bloom.  Many of the plants didn’t bloom at all.

Iris 3 2015

They look crowded in some spots, and other places are bare. I dug them all up last weekend. This bed is the original bed, now they are nicely spaced.

Iris replanted bed ~ From My Carolina Home

And there were enough left over to create a second bed of iris. This spot has long been empty as it is very shallow dirt. I have tried several things here, and last year added more dirt and mulch. I think it is just deep enough for the iris rhizomes.

Iris newly planted bed ~ From My Carolina Home

Sitting back to enjoy the evening on the veranda, a lovely view of the valley and mountain ridge in the distance.

June Evening | From My Carolina Home 2

It is difficult to capture the wonder of the cloud formations with the evening sun with my little camera, but you get the idea. Very relaxing on a warm summer evening.

June Sky | From My Carolina Home 1

How is your garden growing?

8 thoughts on “June in the Garden

  1. Your flowers are very beautiful. I need to split some day lily plants this year. They are beautiful but are making the area around our mailbox look like a jungle now.

  2. What gorgeous flowers!!! Your garden is doing so well and you certainly have a green thumb! Our gardens are water logged! Your view is just beautiful, would love to see that daily!

  3. Mrs. B

    Love your pictures, my day lilies are going crazy😀 my iris were beautiful and abundant but they do need separating, enjoying my daisies too.

  4. I noticed the other day that the first of the bearded iris is about to flower. It is deep purple and should be in bloom in a day or two. The jonquils have been flowering for several weeks. The early varieties have finished, and the later ones are just starting. The perfume is wonderful. And hanging out the washing just now I realised that the camellia by the washing line is just going gang busters this year. A bazillion flowers on it.

  5. Jean

    Oh Carole, I absolutely love your place. It is just gorgeous there. My Iris need separated too, badly. Like you, I only had a few bloom, so many didn’t. I was thinking (IF the rain will let up a bit!) of pulling the ones that bloomed (I marked them w/jute), replant them, and maybe scatter a few others around. I think they’re just way overcrowded, been there for 5 yrs!! Planted in a hurry when I moved in..lol Thanks for all your pictures, makes me smile.. Have a great a day..

  6. Denise

    Our ‘June” Lilly has 8 flowers this year, 3 have bloomed and 5 more to come, the Daylilies are beautiful and the Bee Balm is in full bloom. Love watching my garden Bloom

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