First Outing in the Little British Car

We got the TVR out on Saturday for a drive with friends.  It is one of our favorite things to do, springtime in the mountains just has to be experienced.  We really enjoy these drives, and we get to see some of our wonderful blooming trees.  So, here we are at the parking lot, gathering together in preparation for the drive.  The blue TVR in the middle is ours.

BCC Drive March 28,2015 - 4

On the road, lots of little vintage cars.  We had 14 in the queue, here passing by one of the pear trees in bloom.

BCC Drive March 28,2015 - 16

Golden forsythia was in full bloom in many places along the route.

BCC Drive March 28,2015 - 30

BCC Drive March 28,2015 - 36

By far, though, my favorite is the weeping cherry. Lovely pink blooms cascade down on long fronds like a weeping willow.

BCC Drive March 28,2015 - 38

We ended our drive at the local Jaguar dealer, who fed us a wonderful lunch of burgers, hot dogs and all the fixin’s, along with some decadent chocolate cake.

BCC Drive March 28,2015 - 45

Yesterday, I got a few extra pics of these beautiful trees to show. These weeping cherries are about 100 ft tall.

March 2015 - weeping cherry 6

They are all over, and all in bloom right now. The bloom color runs from pinkish white to a deep pink.

March 2015 - weeping cherry

These are up the road a bit, upright pink flower covered trees.

March 2015 - cherry trees 2

Close up of a bloom. They look a lot like peach blooms, I am not totally sure what they are.

March 2015 - cherry close

Here’s another weeping cherry, with some golden forsythias.

March 2015 - weeping cherry forsth

In front of my office are these cute little daffodils.

March 2015 - jonquil 2

And behind the house, the periwinkles cover the mountain.

March 2015 - periwinkles

The redbud is getting ready to bloom too, but that is enough for now. This time in the mountains is wonderful, with something new blooming just about every week for the next couple of months. Happy Spring!!




9 thoughts on “First Outing in the Little British Car

  1. Just beautiful! I’d love to see that weeping cherry! I bet it is breathtaking. We are a ways off yet from blooming trees and shrubs, with 3 feet of snow still on the ground.. But spring is coming here too, even if it seems awful slow… 🙂

  2. I adore your photos of the blossom!! So pretty … I can assure you that the Jaguar dealers here don’t treat people the same … Lucky if you get a coffee from the machine in a polystyrene cup! Thanks so much for sharing at OBW!!

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