March in the Garden

It is finally getting warmer, but we are not out of the possibility of a freeze.  Although this year that seems unlikely, I have seen snow on Easter Sunday in April in years past.  So, I won’t be jumping the season by planting outside just yet, but there are a few things in the garden that have made an appearance.  So wonderful to see the season of renewal getting underway, starting with the miniature jonquils coming up last week.

March 2015 Garden - 1

Only one little plant, but it is mighty, eventually yielding seven blooms.

Jonquils mid March

The crocuses came up and opened so pretty!!  I just love this purple. They came up seemingly overnight.

Crocus 2015 - 1

And the next day they opened. Just one little clump, but aren’t they pretty?  The color is hard to believe, it is so intense.

Crocus March 2105 - 13

I have one lone white crocus, think I need to plant some more.

Crocus white open

This one (below) is coming up next to the crocus. I don’t think it is one of the hostas that cover the bed in the summer.  The leaf looks like a different shape.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Growing leaf

The tulips will likely be next.  They survived the freeze with the plastic cover, and now are coming up strong.  I need to weed this bed next, and add more mulch.

Tulips Midmarch 2015

The irises are just beginning, and will bloom later than the tulips.

Irises mid-March 2015

Inside, the seeds are doing well in their little ‘greenhouses’! The top one has the johnny jump-ups, they are really going!!

stacked greenhouses

Basil seeds are peeking up.

Basil seeds sprouted

Parsley is a bit behind, but still showing signs of coming along.

parsley seeds sprouting

I got out on the veranda last weekend and cleaned up the remaining dead plants and detritus of winter.  I took down the winter wreath and put up the Spring Floral Wreath I made last year.  The chairs and table got a good washing so I can sit outside and enjoy reading.  Sometimes, we enjoy a meal there.  Something is wonderful about our view, a hot cup of coffee, the avian choir in full voice, and the sun coming up over the mountains on a cool spring morning.  Or a lazy warm evening, with something tasty on the grill, a gentle breeze through the trees, and the quiet beauty of a mountain sunset.

Next post, I’ll show you the amaryllis progress.  It has been maddeningly slow, but the wait was worth it!!

How is your garden doing?


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19 thoughts on “March in the Garden

  1. Laura

    I am just a little envious of your flowers blooming . . . but that is okay! My day will come. Sunday I found one crocus bud and Monday we had 2 inches of snow! Life in Northern Indiana! Like you, daffodils are popping (and I did find one bud) and iris are coming to life. I’m looking forward to temps in the 50’s so I can start cleaning the yard and not be cold. In these parts, they recommend waiting until after Mother’s Day to plant outside. The anticipation of spring and new life and color and hope! The season of Easter is perfect!!!

  2. I enjoyed seeing your lovely blooms and their promise of spring. Canadian geese have been passing overhead, so perhaps spring will be early for us this year. My garden is still frozen solid, so no green sprouts or blooms yet…but we have hope! 🙂

  3. Just love Spring, a season of new beginnings in our gardens and newborns in the pastures. We are behind you here in NW MT but a bit of green is starting to show. Your blooms are beautiful, enjoy!

  4. Carol B

    Is your “unidentified” white flower a bloodroot? I’m at 3200 ft and mine has been blooming like mad for a week or so. Isn’t this a wonderful time of year!

  5. Mary Jo

    Don’t you love living in North Carolina! I am on Lake Norman about 30 miles north of Charlotte and even though we are suppose to be about freezing Friday and Saturday nights, you can tell that spring is here. It will be planting time for the veggie garden before we know it!

  6. Sharon Schipper

    northwestern side of Denver: cold warm cold warm…. some confused plants here. My iris are showing, waiting to see if my honeysuckle made it, this was their second year and they looked great last year. It isn’t my house, so I haven’t spent much money on landscaping, lots of volunteer morning glories in the front flower boxes that cheer me up. When I get my own place again, I’ll have loads of crocuses scattered all over, and definitely peonies and roses! Old fashioned roses that still smell like a rose, sigh, and I miss the forsythia and azaleas, and the shasta daisies at my old house in Oregon.
    Your boundless energy encourages me! I think I need to plant some yellow and green squash….
    sharon in colorado

  7. Cindy Hubbard

    No garden yet, just catalog seed dreams. Seriously still 2 feet of snow at my house in Maine.

  8. I love the pretty flowers popping out of the ground! That’s a nice sight to see! I’m also envious of your beautiful view. I’ll be in the Outer Banks next week. Kind of disappointed, because it’s going to be very chilly!

  9. Stephanie

    Your blossoms were a joy to see! We don’t have any yet, but hopefully soon 🙂 And the things you planted inside are doing very well – how wonderful!

    Thanks for linking up with Roses of Inspiration.

  10. I love your pictures of the emerging flowers… so happy that spring is here. Our trees and flowers are budding and starting to blossom and am so happy it will be warm soon

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