Feather Boot Camp

Quilting feathers.  Is there any other quilting motif that excites us and terrifies us at the same time?  Whether you use a sit down domestic machine or a longarm, feathers can be challenging.   They come out wonderful, or are full of hot dogs and potato chips.  Wait, you are laughing right now aren’t you!  Hot dogs and potato chips are what my friend Suzanne Early calls the feathers that are long and straight, or short and fat.  A few years ago when I got my longarm, I took her class called Feather Boot Camp and it totally changed my ability to stitch feathers.


This picture is actually my first project after completing the class.  I wasn’t totally pleased with all the plumes, but overall it isn’t bad!

Now here is the news!  Suzanne has decided to put her class online for free!!  I paid $50 to take the boot camp about 4 years ago, and it was worth every penny.  Now you can do it for free.  Suzanne is only asking for a tip in her tip jar if you found it valuable.  The lessons should be done at your own pace, but no more than one a week, you need the practice time between lessons.  You’ll start with drawing, then go to stitching each week.  There are five weeks of classes, and they will be available from now on, so no pressure to get them done in five weeks.  You can progress as you are able.


Just click on the banner above to go to the class page.  Here’s another feather project in progress, note even the larger feathers are looking better, and I learned how to turn corners going both ways.


Suzanne will reference posting your progress on the forum, and she is talking about Machine Quilter’s Resource, another place I recommend for help and advice, general support and encouragement.  Create an account (it’s free too), and you can post your progress.  Suzanne may not be able to answer all your posts, but I assure you that there are lots of other quilters there who will, including me.  Many of us have taken the course, and can help you with whatever you need.  Tell ’em Carole sent you.

I highly recommend the course, even if you don’t longarm.  The notes and explanations of feather shapes and filling odd spaces is just invaluable.  You will learn something new, or improve your existing knowledge.  Check it out!

Happy quilting!!

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  1. Your feathers look great! and i agree with your friend, they either have it or they don’t. Thank for the tip Carole I would love to check out the class – always learning. Happy New Year. Karen

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