Autumn Anita’s Arrowhead

The Anita’s Arrowhead block pattern is still available on their website.  I quilted some of these quilts for a local hospice some months ago.  I wanted to do a few small autumn projects, and this deceptively simple block was a perfect choice.

I’ll let you download the pattern from the source, but here are a few pictures of the process. Start by cutting two squares the required size and put them right sides together. I used a pretty leaf print and a marble for mine.



You’ll mark 2 inches in on opposite edges to leave open, then sew the rest of that side and then turn and sew the other sides.



Now, here comes the fun part, you are going to cut it up. It is easier than you think and makes a deceptively complex block. Start by cutting a diagonal through the corners that have been sewn through.


Rotate the top triangle 180 degrees and place it on top of the other triangle. Your open areas should stack on top of one another.


Now, make the other cuts as shown in the pattern.

AA Block - 7

You end up with this –

AA Block - 8

Which assembles into this –

AA Block - 9

I sew my pieces in three sections, pressing the seams toward the print.

AA Block - 10

If you are careful, you can chain piece, just do the layout trick after each set.

AA Block - 11

Oh, no, this doesn’t look right!

AA Block - 13

AA Block - 14

Not to worry, the last step is trimming off the excess.

AA Block - 16

Now, that looks good!!

AA Block - 17

Make several and place them with the lights and darks opposite, or touching each other. Here is a little table topper I made last year with four blocks.

AA Block - four

I’ll be finishing up the single block into a new mug rug for my chair side table. I need something more seasonal for that space to put my drink glass on while I am reading or watching TV (Football!!).  It fits perfectly into the little table top quilt frame I got from an online store though, so I guess I have to make another one.   I’d just like a little more time in the sewing and craft room!


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