Small World

When I posted about the Cranberry Cinnamon Scones a few days ago, one of the comments was from Anna Karin who said she had the same planter in the main picture with the lobelia.  Now, the interesting  part, she also has the same plant in hers.  But the REALLY great part is, Anna Karin lives in Sweden!!  Halfway around the world, we have the same interests and like the same things.  Small world!

Here’s her planter, the kitty has a kalanchoe –


And here is mine again from the scone post –


How fun is that!! Here they are today, even fuller than before.

Garden September 9 -lobelia

Elsewhere in the garden, there are amazingly still flowers blooming into September,  The yellow torenias had stopped blooming, but just yesterday gave me a whole new crop.

Garden September 9 -yellow torenia

The zonal geranium gifted me with one more gorgeous flower.

Garden September 9 -geranium

Believe it or not, the double hibiscus looks like it is going to bloom again too. I thought it was done, but these two buds should open in a day or two. Did I tell you that each flower on this plant will only last one day?

Garden September 9 -hibiscus

Looking back at how little they were to start with, these three New Guinea Impatiens have gotten huge! They completely fill the space under my little tables.

Garden September 9 -new guinea impatiens 3

Garden September 9 -new guinea impatiens1

Garden September 9 -new guinea impatiens2

Lastly, the little vincas gave me one more little burst of bloom. I don’t know where that one petal went.

Garden September 9 -periwinkle

The verbenas are done, and the petunias need to be pulled up. The torenia baskets continue to bloom a little, but the plants are mostly spent blooms. It is getting cooler and they are winding down.

Garden September 9 -torenia

I cannot wait for the fall color to start!! A few trees are starting to turn with the cooler nights, but that will really get underway this weekend when temperatures will be only in the low 70s for highs, and the lows will go into the 50s. I love sweater weather!!

A Bright and Beautiful Life

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  1. Mary

    Your flowers still look great. We have FAB weather in Hot Springs,too. 63 degrees on my deck. I had. SUPER CRAZY moment last wk & bought a case of HATCH chiles. Now I have to roast them. DH says he will do it. We shall see.

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