State Fair Ribbons 2014

This has been a very busy time between volunteering for the Friends of the Library book sale and helping with setting up the quilt competition at the State Fair. The Fair opened on Friday and we were able to go that afternoon. It was a great time to go because the crowds were smaller and we could park pretty close.  We enjoy the shows and the competitions.

Fair quilts

I was excited to win a number of ribbons in a lot of competitions. First up, a third place in Throw Size Quilts for my Picnic Challenge quilt.

Picnic quilt third place

Second place went to Purple Summer Bliss in the bed quilts category.

Purple Summer Bliss ribbon second

I entered five craft categories and won a ribbon in all five. My Patriotic Table Runner won a first place.

Patriotic first place

The Sewing Kit was entered with its Portable Ironing Board and the Thread Catcher, Pincushion and Needle Book as a set. It won a first place ribbon.  I wish it had been displayed open with all its little accessories showing because the real workmanship is on the inside, but, oh well.

Sewing set first

Second place ribbons were won by my Spring Basket Wool Applique

SpringBasket-second place

and this Toile Table Runner from the color study.

Toile Second

In the Christmas category, I made a larger Triangle candy dish using the same pattern as the thread catcher and won a second place ribbon.

Christmas triangle dish second

Wow!! What fun is that!! Here are a couple more pics from the fair, first from the hill beside the livestock competition stables.

State Fair 2014 overview

And this one was one side of the agriculture youth competition, with the quilts hanging from the ceiling. Look at the size of those pumpkins!

State Fair 2014 pumpkins, quilts

I entered three photographs into the Adult Photography competition, but they didn’t get any places.  Looking at all the photographs it is hard to see how the judges could even make a decision! There are four of these racks full of photos.

State Fair photos 2

If you haven’t entered a State Fair competition, I encourage you to look into it.  It is so much fun to see your entries displayed for your friends and neighbors to view.  Winning ribbons is fun too!

18 thoughts on “State Fair Ribbons 2014

  1. Sharon Schipper

    oh sweetie, how much fun, and warm fuzzies are always welcome, aren’t they! I had the itch when I lived in Oregon to enter the local county fair, just never got around to it, and now, widowed, working full time in Denver, time factor! plus, the artisan quality gets better and better, and I feel like I fail to measure up! Your work is beautiful, congratulations!
    Sharon in Colorado

  2. Congratulations – that is awesome! Do you typically enter so many quilts and quilted items in the fair? There was a lot more photography as your fair than we had on display at ours, and I do think that it must be pretty hard for the judges to go through all of them and decide.

  3. Congratulations Carole!! Woohoo! So happy that you took so many ribbons — what a fun event and you have such beautiful creations. Love seeing “Spring Basket” in there — WOW — my first pattern at a state fair – and 2nd place to boot!! You Go Girl!! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Mary S

    Carole, When I was younger I entered the county fair and the state fair. Loved it. I won blue ribbons on all my food entries & my registered Aberdeen Angus. (I am talking about the 60’s). I still have my trophy forState Grand Champion Jr Reg Angus bull. Another year, I had 3rd & 5th place steer.

  5. Joyce Carter

    Carole, Enjoyed all the pictures of the quilts with winning ribbons, the food and the beautiful flowers. I don’t know how you do all that you do besides working, too!

    Love, Mom

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