Gone Girl, The Hundred Foot Journey, and Mark Lipinski

A book and a movie, not even close to the same genre, but I recommend both for different reasons.  Plus, a neat surprise from Mark Lipinski!


Gone Girl is a psychological thriller, one of the better ones I have ever read.  I put on Goodreads that it was one of the most diabolical plots I have ever read. A psychopath wants out of a marriage, and will go to extraordinary means to teach the spouse a lesson. It is hard to describe a book when any retelling of the plot synopsis would ruin some of the surprise for the reader.  I can only give you a small bit of the beginning.  I’m sure you have read that the wife goes missing, that happens in chapter one, so not giving away too much.  It began to read like a standard who-done-it, until a press conference, and the husband Nick flashing oh-so-briefly what he calls a ‘killer smile’.   It goes along a bit slowly for a while with Nick following some clues to see if he can figure out what his wife wants from him in a treasure hunt, the police getting closer, her parents getting suspicious, and you get to see her diary, the story from her side.  From just over the 200 page mark, be prepared to not be able to put it down.  Stunning. I highly recommend it.


On the lighter side, run, don’t walk, to buy a ticket to the movies before this one gets away.  The Hundred Foot Journey is a true gem.   The main lead is wonderfully acted by Helen Mirren as a snooty restauratuer of the oh-so-elegant, classically traditional,  Michelin Star French restaurant left to her by her late husband.  It is elegantly directed by Lasse Hallstrom, the director of Chocolat and Cider House Rules.  Here is a director that understands how to make a movie about taste, and food, and romance, and exasperation all at once.  The Indian family that is marooned in Madam Mallory’s small French town decides to open a noisy, flashy, curry filled restaurant right across the street.  It makes for some really fun viewing as the war ensues, and a most talented young Indian teenager fights to follow his dream to become a chef.   Madam Mallory tries to get the Maison Mumbai shut down through trickery, subterfuge and complaints with the local mayor.  It is a culture clash that is fun to watch, resolves nicely and in the meantime shows the directors love of quality ingredients and cooking with passion.   See it soon!


And I was jumping up and down recently to have one of my projects featured by Mark Lipinski!!!  Mark is funny and fabulous.  See his blog at Mark Lipinski’s Blog – and look around for more great projects.  He picked up my Patriotic Table Runner, and I just put that piece in the State Fair competition.  His (now out of print) magazine Quilter’s Home was always funny and a bit irreverent, with the beginnings of the Modern Quilt movement as Mark loves to break the rules.  Many of his Quilter’s Home free patterns are still available on that website Quilter’s Home.  Keep the magazines if you have them, someday they will be a collector item!!

So have fun playing, quilting, reading and going to the movies!!

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