Late May Morning

It is the last day of May, everywhere the garden and land are all so green!!  The view this morning is sunny and bright.  Last weekend, hubby and I got out on the veranda to scrub it down.  No sense in doing this until the forsythias and azaleas are done blooming due to the layer of pollen on everything.


The rhododendrons are still going, and now the honeysuckle is coming out. I haven’t been into the woods to get those yet, but their sweet scent fills the air. The gorgeous dogwoods have changed from pale green to bright white, lovely! The hostas are getting big and they will bloom later!


Up on the veranda, the flowers are really coming in. The torenias in their baskets are starting to spill over with flowers. A hummingbird came by yesterday but was gone before I could grab the camera.



Here’s the long view of the clean veranda.  The torenia baskets are one to an arch. I moved the little yellow and white striped trumpet flower to the rail to get more sun.


I had to deadhead the geraniums, but they are coming on again for blooming in a few days. There is another torenia in that pot with them. I like the combination of pink and purple together.


The pale yellow petunias and the verbena also seem to be growing bigger. We have has a little rain everyday for the past week or so, so everything is growing! But I still don’t remember what is in the floral ceramic pot, LOL!! Still waiting to see if it blooms!


Enjoy this beautiful day!!  Hi to Joyce, my mother-in-law, who says the flower posts are her favorites.

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    1. Thanks, Mary, these come in several varieties, I like the purple best. I have a new one this year that is yellow with a purple throat. They do really well in part shade.

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