Quickie Hot Pad coffee mat

I wanted something new to set my coffee on in the morning.  The quilt block I have been using was looking a little sad.  I still have way too much sewing motif fabric, so here goes another project.   I found this book in my private library.  It is all small pieced blocks, no paper piecing, so I thought the tea cup would be a good start.


I pulled some fabrics, cut out the bitty pieces.  It only took about 15 minutes to do the teacup.


Then sew the teacup in sections as the pattern shows.


But I wanted it bigger, to hold a plate for my crumpets.  So I added a side piece in a complementary print.


The border is a dark green, picking up the other colors in the mat.  Total size 8 x 13 inches.


Now for the real reason I wanted a small project.  I am just starting to use my little chalk marker for ruler lines, and a small project I could do on the DSM was perfect.


I marked the chalk lines, and quilted on them.  Simple, uncomplicated.  I used a dark thread which would fade from the motifs and show in the white background spaces.


Batting is Warm and Natural.  The next one I think I’ll use some Insulbrite for more heat insulation.


I bound it in the same color as the border.


Now to play with it!  It fits my little baker.


And the bigger baker..


And the oval baker…


And most importantly, fits my plate and cup!


Aren’t small projects fun?!!  From idea to finish in just a couple of hours.   Now, where to place it in the State Fair competition?  Table crafts maybe?

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23 thoughts on “Quickie Hot Pad coffee mat

  1. This looks great. And finished so easily! Small stuff leads to completions.
    Your blog looks great too. I love how everything is lined up on the side bar. Looks so neat. Was it you that used the changes to the buttons’ HTML code? I like it! I didn’t see the need of it until I saw how nice yours looks.

    1. Yes, Lin, that was me. Michelle helped me to figure that out and make the mess line up nice and straight!
      Thanks for the comment!

    1. Thanks, Jasmine, it is nice to get a quick finish sometimes. I have more I want to do soon, and will post about those too.

  2. orchidlover

    It’s lovely. You’ve given me an idea for presents to thank my quilt bee buddies. I think I’ll make them all mug rugs. Love Gina xxx

  3. I have to agree – small projects are fun, Carole, although I probably get more satisfaction from a large project when I finally reach the end. I do like the size of your coffee mat – very practical and it looks great, too.

  4. So pretty. And I love those fabrics. Green is my favorite color. I do love making small projects, like mug rugs. People seem to love them as gifts too.

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