April at My Carolina Home

Finally, warm weather!!  The trees are taking it to heart and have burst into a perfusion of blooms!!  These are weeping cherry trees on a neighbor’s property.  These are 60-80 feet tall with long fronds of blooms.


Beautiful, aren’t they?  I wish I could capture that shade of pink, it is a pale cherry pink, just gorgeous.  Around the corner are these Bradford pear trees, a nice contrast in white.

pear2 pear

On a nearby street are these lovely golden forsythia bushes, in full bloom!  There are lots of these around, but this is the best view with a whole row of them all at their peak.


Below are some images of the mountain behind our house, covered with literally thousands of periwinkle blooms in a light purple.  They have been blooming constantly for the past two weeks, through the snow too!

viola1 viola4 viola3 viola2

In the coming weeks, even more flowers will bloom, including the many azaleas on our property, rhododendrons, mountain laurel and several varieties of dogwoods.  My bulbs are getting more green so soon the garden will bloom as well with iris and gladiola.  The redbud is showing signs of waking up.   I’ll be sure to share those with you too.  The blooming season here lasts for weeks, great for flower lovers.  Spring has arrived!

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