Banana Bread and Flying Geese

It is a cold and cloudy day outside, and that means baking is in order.  I had some bananas I needed to use as they were looking a little brownish.  My recipe for banana bread is probably much the same as yours with one exception.  Cinnamon.  My husband loves cinnamon.  I think he would eat brussel sprouts if I put cinnamon on them.  So, I did a bit of baking to enjoy the afternoon and fill the house with that fresh baked aroma.

I made the normal recipe to make one loaf from my favorite basic cookbook, Good Housekeeping.  The only change I make is I add one tablespoon of cinnamon to the dry ingredients.  Yes, I said one tablespoon, not a teaspoon.  Like I said, my husband loves cinnamon.  The bread bakes up the same as usual, and that addition adds another dimension of flavor to the bread, like taking banana bread to the next level.  Yum!


It is getting colder tonight, and we expect to have a winter storm hit next week.  If only it would do it on a day I could stay home and quilt!  I promise I will get the post on quilt borders done soon.  I want to do it justice with lots of pictures so you all understand the why of it.  That means making two little quilts with both border methods to show the difference.  Here is the inspiration for that upcoming post, a charity quilt that I did for someone.  Oh, my.  Note that the blocks are bias, making this border even more wavy than usual.


Colder temperatures brought to mind some of my favorite pictures from winters past.   This pic was taken a couple of years ago when we lived on a lake across town from where we are now.   It was just hysterical to see the geese and ducks fly in and land on the frozen lake, sliding on their keisters looking very surprised.  Yes, flying geese of the feathered variety, instead of little triangles this time.  They are standing on the frozen water, quite interested in something up on the land.  I love this picture with the snow on the ground, the unfrozen water next to the little rocky point, and the variety of birds standing around hoping for a handout.  Cute aren’t they?  No, they didn’t get any banana bread.

Geese ducks 2