A Valentine Wall Hanging and a Table Topper

It is still deep winter in the mountains in February, but I am usually in the mood to bring in some color.  Seems like red and pink abound at this time of year, and that is what I am craving.  Or is it chocolate covered cherries?  Hmm, maybe both.

I like to change the wall hanging for the season, it is one of the few ways I can actually change things in this house, as there is only one way for the furniture to fit.  I also will change the display items on the tables, and put out a few seasonal things to make the room just a bit different.


This wall hanging was so simple, just a simple heart pattern using half square triangles and squares.


I made four, and added some sashing and a border.  I really liked the cream backgrounds, giving it an old world look, or maybe a bit Victorian.  I did resist the temptation to cover it up with lace and bits of this and that.  It is pretty enough in its simplicity.

Heartsclose2,jpg Hearts.JPG

I just love that rose print border!  Wish I could find some more of that fabric, but you know how it is with quilting cottons, here today and gone tomorrow. Heaven only knows how long I have had it, and I am down to about a fat quarter.


Here’s another Valentine, a table topper.   Maybe I should call this one, adventures in feathers.  It is a very simple pattern, just three hearts easy to make.  It is not an original design, but I made it last year, and now cannot locate the book or magazine it came from.  If you recognize it, please leave a comment so I can give the designer credit.


I set it with a light background and used that same rose print for the border.  Then I quilted it with feathers between the hearts.  I intended to give this as a gift, but the quilting wasn’t great, and it has some loopies on the back.  Still, on a table that won’t show, so I just use it myself.

P1000890 P1000888

I like to decorate with books too, and found a Valentine themed mystery to put on the table with it.


Happy quilting!

Update – I found it.  One of these days I’ll put a picture of my quilting and crafting book collection here so you will know what a feat this is!!  I don’t dare count the number of quilting books I own.   The table topper design is called Hearts Afloat by Sandra L. Hatch published in the book Fat Quarter Quilts from House of White Birches.

11 thoughts on “A Valentine Wall Hanging and a Table Topper

  1. Beautiful quilting on your projects, Carole, even if you have a few “loopies” on the back! At first, I was thinking your heart runner looked a little like the one I designed a couple years ago, but the tips of the outside hearts on mine are turned to ends, so it’s not that. Really nice! Do you know what your lovely border fabric is? I’ve had really good luck posting on the Missing Fabrics website when I’ve needed to find older fabrics–you might try that if you haven’t already! I hate finding a fabric I really love and then running out.

    1. Thanks, Kim! I have used Missing Fabrics twice with good results both times. I haven’t put the rose fabric there yet, as I have such a huge stash I shouldn’t be looking for more, LOL!!

  2. Wonderful feathers on the table runner, you’ve come a long way baby! Can I pay you to be my official blogger for my web site? I know I should be blogging but just don’t have the time.

    1. Thank you so much!! I have to credit the fine designers of quilt blocks and patterns along with the wonderful fabrics in my stash. I just love to play with fabric.

  3. Nalini Murthy

    I just love the neat and beautiful design in your quilting. Makes the beauty of the design pop out as an artwork by itself. This makes me think twice before just running square designs to quilt!

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