Thanksgiving Decor for November with Quilts and Treasures

Autumn decor gets more full with each passing month, and November brings out the turkeys to add to the fall leaves and pumpkins. I change out a few things for a Thanksgiving theme this month. I brought out the pilgrim figures I’ve had for many years now, a remembrance of my mother as they were hers. They are precious to me, and this year I put them with the mini quilt and a small turkey. My turkey candles go in a clear glass holders with harvest candle rings.

In the kitchen, my maple leaf runners are on the tables with turkeys displayed. This table also has a comfort food cookbook of potpies.

On the cookbook shelves, the top display space is decked out in seasonal colors with another turkey and a soup cookbook. My tiny Mariner’s Compass quilt is on the right.

On the TV stand, my collection of tiny turkeys and some little bitty pumpkins are nestled with fall leaves.

Believe it or not, I have actually reduced the number of ceramic turkeys, but I do still have plenty. This one is on the Victorian corner shelf with a pumpkin and pretty candle rings on the holder with brown color candles.

On a lower shelf, this plate says it all.

I have so many autumn theme quilts, I put two on the library chair backs. My Pumpkin Star quilt is on the left. On the right is an improv quilt from leftover bits from my Square Dance pattern. Pumpkin Star and Square Dance, along with all my Scrap Dance patterns are available on My Patterns page.

I put the wool work pillows from previous Autumn Jubilee projects on the chairs. The little ones here were a gift from my mother many years ago.

The bowl fillers from this year are on the table, with my Cornucopia table topper from a few years ago. That topper has fussy cut cornucopias in a nine-patch design with leaf blocks.

On the guest bed, the topper and wool work pillow from this year’s Autumn Jubilee are displayed.

We won’t be having any company this year, so the big dining table has my largest ceramic turkey on last year’s Autumn Jubilee table topper.

On the pub table, the tablescape is substantially the same as before, with some small changes. I picked up the Halloween plates and jack-o-lanterns, replacing those with turkey plates, and turkeys in the centerpiece.

The colors all still work with the Thanksgiving turkey salad plates. I like the square gold dinner plates with them too. We use them, wash them, then put them back on the table to enjoy all month. I have four more turkey plates I use for breakfasts and lunches, so I can enjoy them all month.

On one corner, the turkey gravy boat comes out for the big day.

In the center, turkeys surround the pumpkin cookie jar.

There are just a couple more weeks to enjoy these colors, so we are making the most of them!

It isn’t Thanksgiving without this special turkey. It is a wax candle that I’ve had since I was a child. My mother bought it for 79-cents, and it still has it’s sticker on the bottom. It usually goes on the table next to my chair in the den so I see it every day.

Do you have special things for Thanksgiving? Are you setting the Thanksgiving table this year?

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30 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Decor for November with Quilts and Treasures

  1. Rita C.

    You have outstanding talent and style, Carole. I love it all, but for some reason I am really drawn to the smaller pieces of quilting (probably from my awareness of space leftover from downsizing). It’s all very beautiful. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    1. Betty

      Although I don’t think I have commented before, I want you to know your Thanksgiving decor is stunning! I decorate for Fall and Canadian Thanksgiving in October, so just recently removed that and starting on Christmas. Thank you for all the wonderful information and ideas you share!

  2. What a lovely walk through your home! I always enjoy seeing your treasured items and the quilts are great. When we are home, I love to set a pretty table and have our seasonal items out, many collected along our journey. We are with extended family this year (yay!) so not much was pulled out. And Christmas starts happening the weekend after TG, so we are on to the next season before we know it! It’s all good.

  3. Julie

    So lovely to look at. Can’t wipe the smile off my face. Are you sure you’ve reduced the number of turkeys? Maybe they’re multiplying in the cupboard while you’re not looking.

  4. Everything about this post is just so perfect! I love your small turkey collection and how you have them displayed. And that table is gorgeous! I expected you would use your quilts for part of your decor but the variety of them (and pillows and more!) is beyond my wildest imaginings! They look beautiful. What a warm, cozy, wonderful spot to spend the holiday.

    I will bring up my Turkey Dishes (His Majesty, Johnson Bros.) today and use them all week. We THINK we will be just the two of us, possibly the kids on the weekend. Or, we might go there, but I’d love to have them here, have the boys help decorate the tree, which I think I’ll put up the day after (or maybe Thanksgiving Eve.) We shall see. Fingers are crossed that the new used one doesn’t disappoint!

  5. Love all your turkeys, pumpkins, and those pilgrims are really special! You reminded me that I have some pilgrims to dig out, too. I love the Autumn colors, and have enjoyed working on my AJ project this year so much. Finished up my pieced border yesterday and close to getting it quilted soon!

  6. I love all your pumpkins and turkey’s! what great fall/Thanksgiving decorating – I wish I had room for all the decorating. I never really have done that much for fall but just a little. The pot pie cookbook looks interesting I will need to look and see if it is available still

  7. So many treasures from years gone by. I know you lovingly store them, and must feel a strong connection to your mom when you bring them out and decorate with them. I am looking forward to seeing what goes on those turkey plates!

  8. Sue Hoover

    Beautiful decorations. I have a pair of pilgrim children figurines that I bought in the early 1980s from Creative Circle (remember those home parties?) that I cherish.

  9. Marie

    Such creativity and use of your imagination. Thanks for sharing such an abundance of your time and energy. Hope this present winter storm doesn’t hit you too badly. Pretty quiet here at this time, edge of Lake St. Clair, Canadian side.

  10. Kathryn Laposata

    OMG, I’ve never seen so many turkeys at one time! So festive. Thanks for the view of your decorating.

  11. Martha Franks

    Carole, how delightful you are! I am not a quilter and am not sure how I found your blog but I look forward to it every day. Thank you for your uplifting, fun and pretty posts! I’ve gotten lots of ideas for decorating and cooking. Sometimes I feel like a friend of the family! ☺️🥰

  12. Susan

    I have a Fall looking tablecloth/thanksgiving tablecloth. I don’t have special dishes. I used to have a pair of pilgrim candles and a turkey candle, that my mom had but after thirty-some years I had to throw them out. I always like your tablescapes.

  13. Mary

    How exciting! All your lovely decorations coming out for each festivity. Your quilts popping up here and there. And those turkeys have been breeding quietly in the cupboard all year!
    Your home looks beautiful and your husband must love coming in to see what you have done each festive season.
    You give us all so much pleasure seeing all your treasures.
    Happy Thanksgiving:))

  14. Oh, my goodness! What fun, beautiful, and inspiring decor. Now I want to go declutter, dust, and beautify my living/dining room with autumnal decor. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  15. I’ve enjoyed seeing all your Thanksgiving treasures, so many turkeys! We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in New Zealand but that doesn’t stop me enjoying what I see on blogland.

  16. Joan Sheppard

    Just love all your Thanksgiving china and pieces. I just wish Thanksgiving lasted longer. Maybe I should put it out with the Halloween to enjoy it longer. I even forgot that I made the last 2 Harvest quilts with you – goes by so quickly! Thanks

  17. Marjolein

    Thank you again for sharing all the nice things in your house,
    In Holland we don’t have Thanksgiving but thanks to an American friend who lives here I know it now and I think it’s a nice reason to come together thuough we dont’s share the same history. We decorate our house with autumn things and I made some wallhangings with leaves , pumkins and squirrel . But Turkey art we dont’s know. So, nice to see all the pottery.
    Hartelijke groet uit België,

  18. You have so many lovely turkeys and fall things Carole! Of course your beautiful quilts steal the show, they look so nice the way you’ve displayed them in different ways. We will be at the beach house for Thanksgiving week, so I’m feeling a little guilty as I didn’t get out my turkeys this year and yesterday I actually started putting fall away and getting out Christmas! I’ve never done this before Thanksgiving, but I know I will be glad when I return and the pumpkins are put away! I hope you have a lovely and blessed Thanksgiving!

  19. Elaine Nemeth

    So beautiful. Have a wonder filled Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for you and your inspiring ideas and projects. Love your photos .

  20. Patty Brenner

    I love that you’re still going all out decorating for fall and Thanksgiving when so many other bloggers have already moved on to Christmas. I love both holidays but don’t want to give Thanksgiving short-shrift, especially since it’s our big family get together 🙂 We had some of those old candles like your turkey, we had a couple of pilgrim shapes. Unfortunately they melted slightly over the years, but I still hang on to them and put them out to remind me of my mom. Thanks for sharing your beautiful decor and family mementos – have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  21. liz brown

    Every thing looks great. I don’t have as much space as you but I do like decorating. We are not expecting any guests so it is just family. I will spruce up the dining room. Thanks for your decorating ideas. Liz

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