Making Thanksgiving Cards

I got my Thanksgiving cards done on time this year, whoopee! In a fit of stamping frenzy, I made a bunch one morning. Sometimes the inspiration is just there, and with the pretty new papers I got from Impression Obsession, and a score at a private sale, I had plenty. I got out some leafy prints, fall colors, stamps and inks.

I began with one of my favorite designs, a dark strip on the left with a large print offset to the side.

A strip of contrasting color paper is added to the bottom, with a seasonal sentiment.

It needed just a bit more, so I added a lacy gold leaf.

Next, I used that same print at the bottom of a card, with a dark strip to separate it from the top. Stamped pumpkins with the sentiment ‘Give Thanks’ on light orange is framed in green.

It also needed just a bit more, so I added some dimensional leaves to the upper left and bottom right.

A darker leaf print paper anchors this card, with a strip on the left and a dimensional ‘Giving Thanks’ sentiment. This paper is from the Fall Floral Collection at Impression Obsession.

Inside, two sentiments together make a nice message.

The envelopes were decorated too.

These two cards were fun to make, so I decided to do a few more.

I used the same papers and stamps, with some added elements.

For this one, I used pumpkin and leaf stamps in fall colors.

In a very short time, I had six cards ready to mail. I may do a few more, but the important ones are in the mail.

I am not sure if readers enjoy these posts anymore as comments are getting to be fewer and fewer on posts with stamping. The response to the Impression Obsession stamps, inks and papers drawing for Autumn Jubilee was lower than ever before, and I may not be able to have them as a sponsor next year.

Do you enjoy stamping? Do you want to see cardmaking posts?

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37 thoughts on “Making Thanksgiving Cards

  1. lynn bourgeois

    Carole, I can’t speak for others, but I love stamping and making cards. Yours are lovely. Wishing you and your family a happy Thanksgiving weekend

    1. Niki B

      I love seeing the cards you make. I have lots of supplies, probably more than my fabric stash, and it’s fun to see some inspiration to use what I have.

      I didn’t enter any of the autumn jubilee drawings this year. I could not get the raffle copter to work. It was different than Larry year, asked me to sign in with email, bit i couldn’t figure out how to do that.

  2. I enjoy seeing your creativity. Although I have enough to keep me busy and won’t be adding stamping to my activities, I would miss seeing how you turn paper and stamps into beautiful cards.

  3. Hi Carole! I enjoy the stamping posts, as I am a fledgling card maker. My specialty in paper crafting is scrapbooking, but I have branched out into making cards (or at least I try). I always like to see what other people do for card design. I send out a Monthly Craft News to some friends and family, and try to make seasonal cards to go with it. This year has gotten away from me, however, with two major trips and increased volunteer time at our church since out pastor retired. And now I’m into my Christmas gift making. After the 1st of January, tho, I hope to do some serious hibernating this winter, and get lots of crafting (sewing and paper crafting) done while I’m doing it!

  4. the cards are delightful it is just not something I make. I’m sure the people that get your cards love them. The cost of postage constantly going up is what keeps me from sending them anymore and arthritis in my hands makes it harder to hold a pen (why I can hold a needle to hand quilt but have a harder time with a pen I don’t know) although I know I could get address stamps and print the address’s on labels – I used to do that but then the prices went up too so I just quit with cards.

  5. Kathy Cornell Baumbush

    These cards are beautiful! I love the idea of stamping but my husband would get me if I started another hobby 😊

  6. You have some beautiful background papers and I love how you integrated them with your other pieces. I especially love the skeleton leaves. To me they just say fall. These are lovely, Carole. Beautifully done!

  7. Lenora

    Beautiful cards! One of your favorite designs is one of my favorite designs. It helps to use up some of the beautiful scraps and works well when cutting into a sheet of 12 x 12 papers. As a donator, I get an abundance of cards from one sheet of paper and all can be finished with the same embellishments or all 12 cards can be different depending on that second piece of DSP. Operation Write Home (OWH) has been discontinued, but the designs are still available for those who would like a place to go for some great layouts. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  8. lee

    I love how you do your layers and love those leaves! I do really enjoy the stamping/card making posts! I did up load a few I made this year! I hope others will be inspired by your paper creativity. Even with postage going up , I make many to give to friends I will see, co-workers and neighbors. Enjoy your week!

  9. Really Beautiful cards and whoever is lucky enough to receive one of your cards will certainly treasure it. Personally, I find inspiration when you share insights on your cards and diversity in creativity.

  10. Hi Carole – I enjoy seeing how you create your cards, with the stamps and paper layers. I’ve got drawers full of supplies, so have stopped acquiring. However, your post inspire me to spend a crafty day stamping/card making. Don’t know how that translates to your sponsors, because I am not currently shopping for merch. In my “opinion” – do what you feel suits you, and the sponsors will love it or leave it. Creativity is yours alone, don’t let them dictate the parameters of your art. Your blog is multi faceted, and not every topic will strike the same level of responses or readers all the way to the comment block.

    1. Oh, I know that not every topic will resonate with all readers. But surely you recognize that the sponsor giving away a $50 gift certificate does this with an expectation of getting something in return – at least views of their online store if not some sales. This past AJ saw very few views and no sales whatsoever for Impression Obsession. As long as readers like seeing the card making ideas, I’ll keep posting about them, but there will likely not be a card making post for AJ going forward.

  11. The cards are lovely and inspriting. I do have some cards/stamps I purchased from another card line, but I have yet to use them. I felt I didn’t need to add to the collection, so I let others enter who would enjoy the prize if they won.

  12. Joan Sheppard

    Funny you should say that it’s not as popular. I have never been big on the art, but do it sometimes with my kids, but saw some kits on one of the selling channels! Seemed to be ready made pieces available to just glue together, not as well crafted as yours, more store bought look. Didn’t give it too much thought. Yours are so nice and personal. I seldom send ready made cards because the verses are always off just a little. I understand in Europe they don’t put verses in at all in store bought and allow you to send your own message. But you always encourage me to do something new – and in time to do my own Christmas Cards!

  13. Joye Cox

    I am not a stamper but I enjoy looking at your lovely creations. I make greeting cards sometimes with fabric sewed to the front. Thank you again for the Autumn Jubilee, and for my wonderful prizes–Hobbs is my favorite batting and it’s been a while since I had any. I have been using Warm and Natural, which I find a bit heavy for baby/lap quilts, which are the usual size I make. I make quilts for a children’s hospital where my daughter works. The fabric bundle that was in the prize is just scrumptious. I can see some table runners made of it for next autumn. Thanks again from a grateful blog reader.

  14. margaret nelson

    I go in rounds of what I enjoy working on. Right now I’m sewing and I’ve not touched my card and scrapbooking supplies in over a year. I’ve not purchased any new supplies in probably 3-4 years.

  15. Mary

    Your blog is lovely with so many interesting topics.
    I do make cards at Christmas time but they are usually handed to the people I make them for and the cards usually incorporate fabric in some way. I do enjoy seeing how you use your card stock and stamps. To post cards these days is becoming prohibitively expensive but I guess we have the digital age to thank for that.
    Thankyou Carole for your inspiration for all things that we like to produce with our hands. :))

  16. Barbara Guarniere

    Your cards are lovely and I enjoy looking at what you create! I do not stamp, or make cards.
    Would rather quilt but I admire all your handiwork. When I receive a handmade card, it is special because the sender created the card and sent it to me. Very much appreciated and I admire the folks who can make the cards. You are involved in so many creative things. Love your blog!

  17. Marilyn

    I’m not a stamper per say but I sure do enjoy seeing what you create with card stock and stamps and ink. I have stamps, but if you lived closer I could probably become an avid stamper! There doesn’t seem to be any interest in this area, so there are no classes. I do browse youtube, but in person works so much better for me.I hate to see you lose a sponsor. 😦

  18. Joan G

    I enjoy seeing all of your creations – quilts, cards, table centerpieces for your auto club events, etc. I personally don’t make stamped cards – my passions are quilting, embroidery, and wool appliqué. I didn’t get to participate in the AJ and raffle drawings this year as much as I wanted to because we were on vacation. I also love your book recommendations! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  19. Debbie Miller Meyer

    I enjoy reading everything you write. Love the cards as it gives me inspiration on how else I can make mine. Love the quilting, wool, especially your book reports and tablescape.

  20. Susan

    I love seeing the cards you make and how you make them. I don’t have all the supplies you do, but I do make simple cards and send them. I do card ministry for my church and am always looking for ideas.

  21. Debbie Myers

    I love your posts on stamping and bought some of your cards at the Asheville Quilt Show. You’re always so inspiring!

  22. Donna Flanery

    I do enjoy stamping and making my own cards. I make them for all of my grandchildren’s birthdays, baby showers, and other special occasions. I also enjoy seeing what you come up with when you do a batch. One thing I like about your blog is that you have a little of something for everyone. But I guess card making isn’t something that is enjoyed by the majority, sadly.

  23. Love your Thanksgiving cards! Thank you for sharing them. I like your card-making posts. In fact, they reignited my interest in stamping and card making to the extent that that is my major interest these days! I find I use the same design principles in both paper crafting and quilting and that cards are quicker and more easily finished. Although I still love quilts and sewing, at the health stage I am now in the smaller project is more doable for me. One of the reasons I like your blog so much is that you offer posts on many different topics,especially, table settings, reading and yard and garden. As well as quilting. I have done many of your projects in the past and loved each one. That Hexagonal Christmas topper is a favorite! I would also echo Joan G who said to keep doing what you are doing (and Love). Although I don’t comment as much as I used to, I still love your posts and read every one!

  24. Marge Gray

    Today I went to my 3rd meeting of our newly formed scrapbooking group and so enjoyed your cards, thank you for sharing your talent. MG

  25. Suzan deSerres

    Carole, I love your beautiful Thanksgiving cards and I think it’s a wonderful time of year to send a greeting! We had a great little paper store in Carrboro many years ago where we could sit and create, and I amassed an impressive collection of card-making supplies. But work got busy and the paper store closed and I stored away my stamps and tools… Might just be time to revive that interest and share it with my grandkids! Thanks for your post, Suzan

  26. Alexandria

    I enjoy seeing your cards but I understand the work is not producing the results you would like to see. Your Thanksgiving post was outstanding. Happy Thanksgiving from this Canadian. Alexandria

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