Making Progress on the Mother Goose Quilt

Our small area meeting last week was a sew-in, and I got quite a bit done on my Mother Goose quilt. You may recall that I did a lot of cutting prior to the meeting so I could sew non-stop during the meeting.

We had a wonderful program at the meeting, then set up our machines. After enjoying our lunches, we got down to business. I was eager to get going, and grabbed the squares to begin chain piecing.

Then I added in the blue, and continued to chain piece until all the squares were in rows. Then, I cut apart sets of nine, and sewed the rows into nine patch blocks.

Then I realized, crap on a cracker. I did them backwards. The blue was supposed to be in the part to cut for a disappearing nine patch, and the cute alphabet print was supposed to be in the corners. If I cut it up as planned, I’ll lose the alphabet print as the cuts would mostly go through the letters, chopping them up. So now what? I didn’t want to take it all apart and start over. I tried laying it out in an offset pattern, which would have only a bit of work to manage. I would take off the outermost row on both ends and put it on the other side to even up the rows.

Or I could lay it out this way, and call it good. Ultimately, after some discussion and consideration, I decided a child would love it this way, so I went with this.

Back home, I used the web method to put the rows together.

I finished the assembly pretty quickly.

Borders were added top and bottom next.

I measured and trimmed the borders to fit.

The other two borders would have cornerstones, so those were measured and assembled.

All assembled, this is turning out cute.

I found a piece of wide backing, and loaded it on the longarm.

Quilting will be next. I’ll work on this around my jacket sew along.

What are you sewing this week?

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23 thoughts on “Making Progress on the Mother Goose Quilt

  1. Mary Ed Williams

    I love that quilt!! And a child will really love it. Ya’ done good! And “crap on a cracker” destroyed me. It’s not healthy to laugh that hard in the morning!
    Mary Ed

  2. Patty Brenner

    It turned out really nice, good save 🙂 I also laughed when I read ‘crap on a cracker’, I almost snorted my diet dr pepper out my nose, lol. I haven’t done much ‘pretty sewing’ this summer. I tend to be outside as much as possible, and then just shower and collapse in front of the tv in the evening. I did make a new cover for a wire dog crate. I travel back and forth between Texas and Arizona (husband’s job is in southern Arizona), and I carry my chickens with me in the dog crate. I may look a little like the Beverly Hillbillies when traveling, lol.

  3. Debbie Skinner

    Sometimes the quilts have their own idea as to how they want to go together-it turned out beautifully! This week I have been cutting strips for my raggy jacket for the sew along and have been busy watching my grand daughter. Yesterday we (my granddaughter) went to my “She-Shed” and worked on an embroidery block for a quilt I’m working on for a cousin that was very close to my mom and we sorted out my scrap box by color. She ended up with a bagful for herself!

  4. Sue Hoover

    That DID turn out cute! The Mother Goose border is a sweet border. Don’t you just hate it when you get so excited to start sewing and you’re off by just one thing? I just did that with some applique and, like you, I’m just going to go with it!

  5. That is cute as can be, Carole! Some little one is going to love it. That blue is such a pretty shade! After finishing up my Crumb Hearts quilt last weekend, I’ve just been sewing a little bit on orange RSC blocks. Hoping to get Halloween Jubilee spray basted for quilting over the weekend!

  6. Connie S Wolfe

    Great improvisation! The quilt reminds me of the gingham tops that others have shown. I like the way you used the wide border fabric with it. No sewing so far this week. Covid made a stop at our house; but our symptoms are considered mild, and we are comfortable at home. I have borders pinned for a Comfort Quilt and an on point top on the preview wall that I’m itching to start sewing. Soon, my pretty!

  7. Keysha

    I like how you made the quilt top work. It looks good to me. This week I have been preparing to sew Velcro onto some military patches for my brother who served in the US Army and the Marines. I glue them together and then use monofilament thread on the patch side/top or needle and military green thread in the bobbin on the Velcro side. Aside from that, I will be practicing my free motion quilting.

  8. Jean McKinstry

    I love the finished layout, and your words, haven’t heard that before. As my Dad would have said ” Don’t bust your fufu valve”!!! And I never did find out what that was, or if in fact it was a real valve. Those borders are so right, another one to be treasured. Even I as an adult in very mature years would love it every day.

    1. Joan Sheppard

      Dear Jean McKinstry – google says: This Kiwi (New Zealand, typically with farmers, labourers and military) slang phrase is heard in expressions like “don’t bust your foo-foo valve” is to exert and hurt internals organs.” Still laughing……

      1. Jean McKinstry

        Hi Joan, looks like I spelt it wrong and yes, I did know what it meant, my Dad told me that when we cut and loaded the silage onto the trailer, then I drove the Fordson Major tractor and he fed the silage out in rows for the cows in winter.This was way back in the 1950’s and late 40’s. Definitely a slang term down here.

      2. Jean McKinstry

        Hi Joan, I did the mistake of checking the spelling again with Google, and found that both are Okay, and then there were the other various meanings, that I will not mention here. Letting gas escape is maybe a polite term!!!

  9. Joan Sheppard

    This blog is my all time favorite for wild sayings, good sewing tips, recipes and down home humor!!! Love the “save” on the quilt – which looks better than the original pattern IMHO! And your humor – you might need to make a “club” tee shirt showing a variety of crackers! Thank you so much for all you do.

  10. I’m pleased you were able to come up with a suitable “Plan B” to continue on with your quilt top. Bet you were frustrated when you discovered it was stitched incorrectly at the start though.

  11. Mary

    I haven’t heard ‘crap on a cracker’ before but it has become my next well used saying. I shall drive everyone mad using it and I shall use it to death.
    Getting back to your quilt – it turned out just lovely and whoever is the happy recipient will think they have won the jackpot!
    Thanks for a morning giggle and a new future saying! :)))

  12. Absolutely adorable! I have a baby quilt in progress and another one in the thinking stage. Love this mother goose idea and may have to steal it 🙂

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