On the Frame and on the Feeder

On the frame this week is the mountain peaks quilt top assembled from reader’s blocks in red and white. The backing is this wonderful wide fabric Henry Glass print donated by Christine at Backside Fabrics for the project.

It was loaded with the Hobbs poly batting that our guild area purchased with their charity batting program.

I decided on white thread this time, using a cotton thread for both top and bobbin.

The batting has a bit of loft so defines the quilting well.

Outside the windows, the bird feeder was getting a bit low and the weather was supposed to turn sharply colder overnight last week. Our neighborhood birds were sharing nicely, flying in and out with beakfuls of seeds. Here, a titmouse on the left keeps an eye on the Carolina wren in the middle, while a goldfinch chows down on the right.

My Sweet Babboo filled their buffet, and more came back to take advantage of the bounty. A red bellied woodpecker hangs on the left side, while a titmouse decides where to go next, and aother titmouse lands on the upper right. Down below and in the back, a house finch is busy getting his share.

The cold nights meant I needed to put out some suet in the little block holder. I made some of my homemade recipe (see my post Feeding Our Feathered Friends) and the bluebirds found it really fast. I was excited to see them as they don’t come around very often, yet they stay here year round.

A little later, a downy woodpecker came for his share.

A few more rows are quilted on the quilt the next day. This is one of my often used pantographs called Fascination. It has two rows on one pantograph paper, so I can quilt two passes before advancing the quilt.

I have a busy week of fun planned, so I’ll get back to this as soon as I can. What are you working on this week?

14 thoughts on “On the Frame and on the Feeder

  1. I love seeing the birds at the feeders! That’s a great pantograph, seems very versatile. I just today posted about my Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange project and next I’ll be working on cutting out Madelyn’s Christmas quilt. It’s the priority right now!! She chose her fabrics from Kanvas Studios Pearl Ballet collection and the cross roads pattern. I will probably change the 9″ blocks to 18″ if I can figure out a way to easily cut that housetop shape!! LOL Have a great week, Carole!

  2. Gretchen

    I love watching my birdfeeders. The squirrels and chipmunks get their share. I have added the dehydrated meal worms to my feeder mixture and it has been a hit. I found some suet nuggets and add them too.
    Some birds like the cardinal, finches, and junco are primarily ground feeders so I put some on the ground for them every day or so. I plan to make suet and peanut butter cakes again this winter. I like your recipe proportions.
    I live in the Northeast US and never put out feeders until it stays below 40 in the daytime. Deer and raccoons and a few times a young bear, have raided the metal feeders in desperate weather. I can’t use plastic. It breaks too easily.

  3. Sue H

    I’ll be making a new Christmas table topper since my SIL blew red wax all over it last year. Ha! Have a 9-patch challenge for our quilt group so will double-duty. Thanks for sharing your suet recipe again. My birds are freezing their tail feathers here in IL!

  4. susie Q

    Love the bird pictures with all i.d. I dont often get different types of birds at the feeder at the same time.

  5. You have such a great variety of birds coming to the feeders, and it’s neat that several kinds can feed at the same time. We have a lot of house finches, and sometimes they chase the other birds away. I love that red and white quilt you’re working on – one of my favorite color combinations!

  6. Jean McKinstry

    The birds, they must so enjoy their meals, and you cater for every variety. Red and white with a wonderful backing, that is so cheery with a great design for your final quilting flourish.

  7. Julie

    What a pretty quilting panto. Looks really nice on the quilt, somebody is going to love it. I have most of the same birds visiting here, except for the bluebirds. I don’t know why they picked it as our state bird, they’re only here in summer! I finished quilting & binding a Christmas quilt this morning. I realized last week I didn’t have much for Christmas.

  8. Love seeing the quilting with that pantograph. It makes the lofty batting really show well. Thanks for sharing your view out the window and all those lovely birds. I’m working on my Christmas sewing. 2 aprons done, one ready to stitch, then on to 8 pair of pajama pants. Glad I started with the hardest pattern. Stay warm.

  9. iamatwin244

    Hi Carole, love following your blog. It is always inspirational. Here in Idaho I live by the river and have a lot of wildlife too. Even though I am an art quilter I love your traditional designs and of course your colors. Thanks for all you do. Karen

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