July in the Garden

It is exciting to see what is happening in the vegetable garden now. Many plants are bearing veggies and tomatoes. I still don’t know what this one will be. I thought the shape was closer to a spaghetti squash, but it seems to be growing more orange, so it is likely a pie pumpkin. We’ll see as it gets bigger and more ripe.

I have three acorn squashes, all in different stages. Two are pretty small like this one.

Another one is getting close to harvesting size.

I think this one will be a butternut based on its shape so far.

Heirloom tomatoes are coming along, getting larger but not ripening yet.

It looks like there will be an abundance of small cherry tomatoes, yum!

More and more! Lots of salad goodness in the future. Several of these plumes of little tomatoes have 8-10 cherry tomatoes on each one.

The hydrangea is blooming like there is no tomorrow, with beautiful full flowers in lavendar and blue.

Some of the gorgeous large blooms are bluish purple.

Yellow snapdragons made another appearance.

The dusty miller continues to put out pretty tiny yellow blooms.

New this week, the coneflowers or echinacea began blooming.

Oliver came by for a sandwich more than once.

The pansies continue to be happy.

The purple calibrachoa is blooming merrily.

I have two dahlias that survived the winter and had two little blooms. The bugs like them, though, and they get eaten up pretty quickly. I had to flick one off this bloom to get a picture of it.

My orchid looked like it was going to bloom again, but the flower bud shriveled up and fell off. Now it has two more, and I put it outside to enjoy the heat and humidity we are having now.

I hope the orchid likes the summer heat, but it is much to humid for me to spend much time outside right now. Some evenings it will cool off enough for a short time on the veranda, but not many. I’ve not been out in the early morning lately either. It looks inviting though, doesn’t it?

What’s going on in your garden?

18 thoughts on “July in the Garden

  1. Charleen DiSante

    It was fun to see the progress in your garden. Have you seen a ‘canary melon’? We came upon one last year and loved the flavor; a blend of cantaloupe and honeydew melons.

  2. karenfae

    it is always fun to check the garden and see what is getting ready – right now I am beginning to pick a few tomatoes daily. I have some acorn squash and butternut squash as well. I planted beans but so far they are not doing much – your garden always looks so pretty

  3. You have a lot of pretty blooms, Carole, and looks like the veggie garden is doing well, too! I am getting beans like crazy, but no pumpkins or cucumbers yet. Lots of tomatoes growing, but they won’t be ready to pick for awhile. Hope you get a break from the hot and humid!

  4. Sue Hoover

    Looks like deliciousness will abound soon from your garden. Love your hydrangeas. This year the hydrangeas in my neighborhood have done wonderfully. Must have been perfect weather for them.

    As for your orchid: I don’t think that was a bloom stem. It looks more like an aerial root. My orchid has lots of them and they are good! Here’s a link to explain it better than I ever could.


    Happy orchid!

  5. Joan Sheppard

    Your garden is lovely as always. I never knew that dusty miller bloomed! We have had rain, then more rain, and more rain. But the tomatoes love it, and some of the flowers are putting in a second act.

  6. Lovely garden. And I learned something today– that Dusty Miller flowers. Those tiny yellow flowers are so cute. After an insanely hot June, July is a lot more pleasant and garden is loving these temperatures more.

  7. How wonderful to have so many different kinds of squash growing in your garden! We have been successful with several kinds of tomatoes this summer, but one of my grandsons eats them faster than we can pick them! Happy weekend Carole!

  8. Rita C.

    Love seeing your garden as it grows, Carole. I’ve never seen dusty miller’s flowers – pretty! And your hydrangeas and pansies look wonderful!
    We just returned from my sister’s husband’s funeral in Cincinnati, and his grandkids harvested what was current in his vegetable garden to share with friends and family who came: potatoes, green and habanero peppers, green beans, yellow and spaghetti squash, cabbage and zucchini. He still has more coming too.
    We go out very early to walk and then pretty much stay inside when it’s this hot and humid. I still enjoy the late afternoons at times on the balcony.

  9. Elaine nemeth

    Flowers are God smiling at you sweet lady. Veggies look terrific…Thanks for the beautiful photos….I farmed for 10 years now I have been quilting for 13 years…Veggies come from the farm stand…lol

  10. Oh my, those veggies are rocking it! And the blooms, too. We didn’t plant much in the veggie line — mostly herbs and flowers. But I’ll do a lettuce planting later this summer. This is pretty terrific — doesn’t it feel good to cook from your garden?

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