Safelight Project 2021 Update

It is so fun to go to the PO box these days, lots of things coming in! By far, the most envelopes up to now have had monetary donations. I am excited that we are quickly getting close to our goal of enough to make 100 spa bags. Thank you so much to all the donors! Because of your generosity, we only need $200 to complete the bags. Every donation of $6 gets an entry in the drawings. All we need is 16 more people to give $12 to the project for it to be fully funded. Even if you do not sew or stamp, we need still you! Donations are coming via paypal, and by check. If you wish to donate by check, please make it payable to me, not the project. Thank you to Tina W, Sherrill P, Jocelyn P, Carole L, Linnie M, Cindy W, Connie W, Jennifer G, Amy O, Patricia E, Darlene S, Vicki W, Nathan M, Jodi M, Sharon T, Daniel S, Kay W, Lori T, Sarah W, Kathleen R, Julie C, Susan B and Joy B. Your help is appreciated so much!!

The first package to arrive contained a wonderful addition to the bags from Ruth Coleman. She has been working on these for months! The box contained 100 hand crocheted soap bags with scrubbies! I was blown away by her generosity. What an extraordinary gift to our project, thank you, Ruth! I’ll buy bars of nice quality soap to put inside these for the spa bags.

Pretty handmade cards arrived from Jocelyn P with her check. Thank you so much.

Thanks, Rosemarie S for sending these lovelies. She sent 15 cards.

Thank you to Jennifer R, who sent 12 pretty cards, all unique.

Case sets are starting to come in, these from Carole L were the first to arrive. Such bright and happy prints, thank you.

I picked up these pretty prints from Sharon T on Friday, thank you.

While I was cleaning out a drawer in my antique secretary, I came across some note cards with pretty covers and blank inside. It occurred to me that those of you that do not stamp might have some of these lying around. A handwritten note inside would do nicely for our card needs. The cards don’t have to be fancy, simple is fine. I took the ones I found and stamped a sentiment inside and on the envelope. I added a butterfly inside just for fun. All the stamps are from Impression Obsession. Dig out those note cards you haven’t used in forever and let’s put them to good use.

I have made a page at the top of the blog so you can easily refer to it for pattern download, shipping address and giveaway prize information with links. Just click the Safelight Project 2021 page at the top of the blog when you need information. When mailing, please include your email address so I can let you know your donation arrived.

So, we are underway. I have had to change bag suppliers as the ones we’ve used before are out of stock. I placed the order for 100 totes yesterday and expect them to show up next week. They are nicer bags, with pretty piping and I am hoping the quality is just as good. They were a little bit more than the previous bags, but I had built that into our $12/bag budget, so it’s all good. And thank you for all you are doing to help this project.

Are you sewing or stamping for Safelight?

8 thoughts on “Safelight Project 2021 Update

  1. Sallie Minnich


    I have some kits sewn and needed to ask- I make port pillows and have lots of velcro cut into 3” strips. May I use the 3” instead of the 4” strips on the eye glass cases?

    Thanks Sallie

  2. I’ve got my sets cut out & ready to sew. Hope to get them made by 1st of next week. It’s exciting to see all the support for this project!

  3. charlene claybaugh

    Hello Carole-I am a fairly new quilter.  As a result there are people who have passed on their quilts to me and most of them require repair.  I would say that each one requires moderate repair.  I know that you’re not repairing quilts that need major repair.  Please reply.  I look forward to hearing from you. Charlene Claybaugh

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