5 Minute Stocking Stuffer

I was watching a football game last weekend and saw the referee with his mask on a lanyard, so he could remove it to announce a penalty call then replace it quickly. This got me thinking. It is a bit of a pain to put on a mask to go into a store, take it off in the car, put it back on for the post office, take it off again. When we walk on the local trails, I hold it in my hand to put on when we meet others on the trails, then take it off again when we are alone. But where do you put it? Sometimes it goes in my purse, other times I stuff it in a pocket. In the car, I often store it in the side pocket on the door, then have to stomp back to the car when I forget to take it with me. What if I could make something to hold the mask so I always had it on? Something similar to the eyeglass chains some people use for their reading glasses. I asked My Sweet Babboo if he had a couple of alligator clips he could spare, and he gave me two. I got out some thin cording and went to work.

This literally took five minutes. I thought you’d like to see it as it is a great stocking stuffer idea for this year. Hopefully there will never be another Christmas when we need one. Cut one yard of cording, thread it through the hold in the clip.

Tie a knot on the end, and then add a drop of Fray Check to keep it from coming undone.

Pull the cording back so the knots are up against the clips. That’s it.

It is interchangeable between my many masks, made with seasonal prints and tonal prints to go with my outfits. Yes, one has to do something fun when your only outings are to the grocery store, post office and maybe the thrift shop or library. So I wore it out while doing some errands this week, and it worked wonderfully! No more hunting in the car for the mask, it was right there when I needed it. I could take the mask off, and it stayed on me, so easy to find and put back on.

It occurred to me later that if you have a lanyard with the lobster claw kind of clip, you could sew a little loop on the bottom to have a spot to clip it on, or put a buttonhole at the bottom.

At the thrift store last week, I went to make a donation, and of course had to just pop in for a minute. I couldn’t resist this coffee mug, as it was huge and only 25 cents. It must hold 16 ounces of coffee! A Little Debbie Christmas tree cake went well with that. Those are addicting, little chocolate bombs.

While I am in the kitchen, my platter was found by the post office, and delivered last week. I love it! It is huge, 12 x 15 inches, and will hold a lot of cookies. I can’t believe I actually found another piece of this discontinued pattern.

Sadly, yesterday I broke one of the two mugs I had that went with this set. The one with the tree and the word Hope is no more, shattered beyond repair. If you ever see one of these in a thrift store, please buy it for me. I’ll happily pay the cost and the shipping.

I’m still wearing my red hat with the rhinestone pins everywhere I go. People do comment, and I know I am making some smile behind their masks.

Are you done with your stocking stuffer gifts?

17 thoughts on “5 Minute Stocking Stuffer

  1. Linda B

    Good solution for your mask! I lucked out on that, because the masks I made have cording that goes around my neck, through the mask and then ties at the top of my head. Clever SIL showed me to just drag the tied part from my head to my neck, and then when I need the mask, slip the ties over my ears. Works great, and the mask just sits below my chin when I don’t need it. Will keep an eye out for the mug! Bummer!

  2. Your mask lanyard idea is a great one! I’ve noticed those referees doing that, too. It would be very handy to have that for hiking since Mike and I can hike alone for quite some time and then come across several hikers in a row. Love your Christmas dishes, and I’m so sorry to hear you lost one of the mugs!

  3. Suzanne Crane

    Hi Carole. I made a lanyard for my husband with Wonder Clips. They have a little hole already there to insert a cord.

  4. Merry Christmas, Carole! Thank you for all you share in your Blog. My DH wears glasses & behind the ear hearing aids. He can’t wear a mask with ear elastic so I used paraord to create a loop that goes arount his neck, feeds through channels on both sides & ties on top of his head. When not needed he slips the tied end off & the mask hangs around his neck. When needed, he slips it back up – no need to re-tie. My Christmas sewing is done, now to plan some cooking .

  5. Your mask holder idea is brilliant!! Love it that you used what you had on hand and solved an aggravating problem! Little conveniences make mask-wearing more bearable. I get so hot underneath mine and it seems I can’t hear well nor understand directions when I have it on. Go figure!! I think it is the distraction of something different, since we are not out very often. But I’m happy to do what keeps us all safer. Sorry about your mug, but the platter is to die for!!! My favorite consignment/resale shop went out of business recently, so I’ll check for the mug at other sources when i can get out.

  6. Hi Carole – Love this idea. Showed it to my hubby and he said to ask your husband to use his “crimpers” tool on the end of the clip and that will tighten around your cording. This looks very effective. I made “mask extensions” on my embroidery machine for my son-in-law who wears hearing aids. They worked out well. I took one to our friend in assisted living, and the activities director ordered 10 from me. Love your pins and new tray. Will keep my eyes open for a cup.

  7. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    That is such a great idea for the mask holder. Plus I saw the post with wonder clips. That is great as well as I have plenty of wonder clips! LOL I’ll be on the lookout for the cups for you! You never know what you might find! I found a pedal sewing machine at a yard sale for $35! I had a fella refinish it for me. He did an awesome job and even got it working. I just need one little part, but as I don’t use it, I never looked for it! Now I’m weeing out my antiques since our daughter has no interest in them and it will be one of the items I sell!

  8. Joan Sheppard

    So if you have to wear a mask make it fun, and comfy!
    That is one piece of “cord” the starts at the temple, goes down THROUGH a loop at the side and back up the other side. There is a cord lock in the middle if you feel you need more secure masking. I used garden wire at the nose for some but found that if I made darts in the side I didn’t need it. But the long cord allows me to take it off when walking, back up quickly when talking. Tightens up easily, and visa versa.
    Happy Holidays Everyone!

  9. thedarlingdogwood

    Good idea! I like my masks with ties instead of elastic, so I just keep the bottom tied and let the mask hang down my front when I don’t need it (in between errands, etc) but I also like this idea. I will see if I have any alligator clips and if I do, I will make one for my son. He puts his mask in his pocket on the way to school, but it’s hard to get out of the pocket when he’s in his car seat, and he needs to be wearing it for school drop-off.

    Love your hat! I was wearing my favorite Christmas socks 2 weeks ago, which are knee-high and have a band of fake fur at the top, when I went to the post office. My work holiday party was that morning and we had a sock contest and I didn’t feel like changing. I think many people smiled or even laughed at those socks–or at me for wearing them!

  10. Jo Anne Seccurra

    Super post! What beautiful mugs and tray! Loved the theme of having your mask handy and a clever way to clip it on.

    I noticed that many of the healthcare workers secure their masks around their head. So I fashioned mine with two longer pieces of elastic that fit around my head and neck. I put the mask around my neck when I dress. When I have to go out or someone comes to the door, I pull the mask up over my mouth and nose and secure the elastic around my head and neck. I can comfortably wear the mask for much longer periods of time and with no ear discomfort.

    I put speaker wire, stereo wire that is plastic coated, into the nose channel. It launders the best of all the wires and pipe cleaners I’ve tried. We had some tucked away in the basement.

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