Thanksgiving Table for Two

Thanksgiving has just been the two of us for many years now, and we like it this way. We greet the morning with hot coffee and a special breakfast to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Special finger food snacks during the football games, then a holiday meal in the early evening. Setting a pretty table for two helps make the this holiday time special.

I like to challenge myself to use what I already have in new ways, and did again this year. I began with a deep burgundy tablecloth. These turkey plates were a great find a few years ago. This year, I put them on my gold square plates and set those on copper color chargers.

I almost didn’t get the turkey place card holders out of the box. But then I thought, why not? That little extra will make the table just a bit more special for the holiday meal. As you can see, his place card says My Sweet Babboo. Mine says Lead Turkey Cook.

I got out the gold flatware, it goes so well with the warm tones on the table.

The napkin rings are used only in November, and say Happy Thanksgiving with a turkey and a bountiful harvest. They hold gold napkins.

Pumpkin bowls are added, perhaps to hold my new recipe for butternut squash soup. Individual salt and pepper shakers and cut glass water glasses are added to the settings.

Arranging the centerpiece began with my largest ceramic turkey flanked by the very special pilgrim figurines I inherited. They are tall and heavy, and wonderful. My Sweet Babboo held a quilt behind the table for this photo do you could see the arrangement nicely.

I added smaller turkeys and silk autumn leaves to the base.

A closer look at the lady pilgrim, her dress and bowl of vegetables has so much detail.

The pilgrim man holds a pumpkin, again with lovely details in the clothing.

It wouldn’t be a Thanksgiving table without this guy. I bought this turkey gravy server at a darling little store many years ago, and it has a fun story. My birthday is in late November, and my mother and I took a birthday day trip with some friends to shop in a town nearby with a charming outdoor mall of boutiques. It was memorable as we had a limousine to ferry us around that day while we chatted and laughed, and had champagne on the drive home. The special thing about this turkey is my mother stole it after I purchased it, LOL!!! She was hosting Thanksgiving that year, and begged me to let her take it home so we could use it on the holiday table that year. She loved it, and somehow it always ended up at her house after the holiday, no matter who hosted the meal. Even now, years after she passed away, I think of those fun times every year as I get it out of its box.

Also on the table is this pretty turkey bowl I got on our trip to the Tablescapers Dream Store last year.

So there we are. We’ve actually been enjoying this table for a few days now, using it for dinners, having breakfast on the turkey plates and soup in the pumpkin bowls. After all, they only come out this time of year, so using them for lots of meals is fun.

If you’d like a wonderful movie to watch on Thanksgiving weekend, and you have Netflix, see Wish Man. It is a wonderful true story.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving! Do you have a memorable story of a Thanksgiving meal or special piece? Do share!

24 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Table for Two

  1. Lovely and inspiring tablescape. Lots of memories in those decorations. That’s one of the best things about holidays—the memories of loved ones and funny and poignant things that surround them. I always picture my mother’s hands shaping our family rolls when I too stand at the counter to shape them into the muffin tins. And when it is time to get out the carving board for the turkey, I remember our only beloved dog, who knew the sound of the cabinet opening and cutting board emerging and would come running, in case there were any accidents and bites might fall for him to gobble up! It’s only the two of us this year, but I plan to make a lovely table and remind myself of all the fun we have had over the years around the holiday tables, whether there were five of us or 50! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Julie

    You have the most beautiful tablescapes & those pilgrims! The details are delightful. All the birthdays in our family were clustered in Nov, Dec, & Jan except my Mom in summer. It seemed like an unending festival when we were little between all the birthdays and official holidays. Then not so much!

    1. Nanci Cartwright

      This is such a lovely post, both the story with your mom and the beautiful place setting and tablescape. Incidentally, I ended up buying 6 of the books you recommended in your last book post. I’m enjoying The Sewing Machine right now. Thank you for brightening our days.

  3. Carole I love those two pilgrims. the are just beautiful. I am glad you have a lovely table setting to make this holiday special together. That being together is so important. I think we will be putting up the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving day, so my table will be cleared of Thanksgiving decor and covered in ornaments to unwrap. We are enjoying our meal on Friday together at my daughter’s home nearby.

  4. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Lovely table setting, as always, Carole!! All the decorations and dishes are lovely! My dad passed when I was 16 and when my mother remarried, the man she married had no children of his own, so we were “his kids.” And he was always in our childrens’ lives as their beloved Papaw. Now my mom was an awesome southern cook and each time we’d all get together for a holiday meal, whether Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any holiday, Pop would always get out a turkey platter to use! It was plain but a platter nonetheless! Everyone else had regular plates! He loved her cooking as much as he loved us all. Great memories!!

  5. Lovely tablescape! I’ve never had seasonal place setting so just use decorations to set the mood. Love seeing all your lovlies! Thanks for sharing and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  6. Joan Sheppard

    Every piece is wonderful – you can never have too many bowls, the figurines almost seem to be dancing, she is quite coquettish. Love the burgundy tablecloth, useful for so many occasions too. Each time I look, I see something else that makes us smile. Thank you so much for sharing such lovely family stories. Enjoy the day (and the leftovers which are the best part!!!) Edible quilt scraps!

  7. kattails

    Another beautiful tablescape. What I like best about this one is the intimacy (and dare I say even romance) it exudes. I love the placement of the centerpieces allowing for the 2 diners to be seated close together. Really pretty; well done, Carole. This Thanksgiving will be different than all the rest…different, not necessarily better, but your tablescape is gorgeous, nonetheless. Thank you. May your Thanksgiving be joyous and bountiful. Thank you for all you do and all you share. You are appreciated.

  8. I always enjoy seeing your beautiful tablescapes, in fact, never knew there was such a thing until I discovered your blog. Living far away in New Zealand we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but I can appreciate how it means so much to you all in USA.

  9. Mary

    You have set a lovely table. Your figurines are so beautiful in the centrepiece. It must be such fun to take your meals at the Thanksgiving table each day. :))
    Thanksgiving is not something we celebrate here in New Zealand (yet!) but the Black Friday Sales have been adopted with gusto.
    Wishing you and your husband a very happy Thanksgiving.

  10. What an amazing Thanksgiving china collection. Loved the story with your mom too. Have a fabulous delicious holiday. I know it will be very special 🙂

  11. karenfae

    lovely and so nice to decorate things up a bit for the holidays – two for holidays can be just as nice as 10 – you just have to accept small is as nice as large – it is a lot of times just the two of us here too

  12. thatfabricfeelingcom

    Carole, What a lovely blog post you have written!! I adore your table setting and all the colors that show warmth and turkey fun!! Your place cards are so sweet and loving. I am envious of all the effort you put into your meal display and so wish I could share a bite at one of your gorgeous tables. I just love the story of the turkey gravy boat! (-: How lovely that there’s a tale and memory from a lovely day with your loved ones…plus the smiles of your Mom wanting it for herself. I am smiling wide just thinking about how terrific it will be to feel that extra meaning at your Thanksgiving meal. Happy Holiday and best wishes for a safe one as well!!!

  13. LaLani James

    My copy of “The Sewing Machine” arrived yesterday and I am anxious to start reading it.
    There will only be 3 of us this year but I’m cooking all of the traditional foods anyway. As a military family, being without extended family has been more the norm but I have treasured childhood memories of being at my grandparent’s house. We’ve made many other good memories of holidays with fellow military families when we were all in countries that didn’t even celebrate Thanksgiving. It was also fun to share the special day with people native to the country we were living in. No matter what, there is so very much to be thankful for. 🙂
    God bless you!

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