Autumn Jubilee Embroidered Mini Quilt Finish

Today we finish the #autumnjubilee2020 Embroidered Mini quilt.  When we left off two weeks ago, your assignment was to stitch out four designs of your choice from the available designs on your machine.

Measure your embroidered elements with a square up ruler to determine the largest size.

Then add 1-2 inches all around. Cut all your embroidered pieces all the same size.

For mine, the optimum size was 5-1/2 inches.

So I trimmed all four to that size.  Then I set them out to see what size sashing would work the best.  I auditioned a 2-inch sashing, with the embroidery blocks set in a square.

Then I auditioned doing them as a row like a bell pull.

So, audition your blocks, and determine how you like them set, and what size sashing will look best.  I decided an approximate 2:1 ratio looked best for mine, so my sashing will be 2-1/2-inches finished.  You could also use the Fibonacci sequence to decide 1-1-2-3-5-8 etc.  So, I cut my sashing strips 3 inches wide.

One of the things that makes this project pop is the black background on the sashing and border print, contrasting well with the ecru background of the blocks.  Measure, cut and sew just like you do for borders.

Quilt top assembled.

Quilt as desired.

I used custom quilting on this, as I needed to stipple in the fullness around the embroideries.  I added feathers in the sashing.   The project is small enough to do by free motion on your domestic machine.  See my post on Free Motion Quilting the Orizuru Crane.

I put feathers in the sashing, with a focal point in the middle.

The binding is the same fabric as the border.

All finished and ready to hang or use as a table topper.

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Have you made a quilt with embroidery before?


50 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Embroidered Mini Quilt Finish

    1. Nancy Myers

      Very nice mini quilt. I worked with Halloween embroideries this month to make a sofa throw quilt. I decided I had to start using my embroidery machine and the many free embroideries I’ve been collecting.

  1. Joy

    I haven’t explored the embroidery capabilities if my sewing machine yet but I know it has some. A project like this would be a great way to use them, thanks!

    1. Julie

      It’s so pretty! I don’t have an embroidery machine so this is an assignment I didn’t join. Maybe another year after I finally take the plunge and get that embroidery machine on my wish list.

  2. What a beautiful project. The embroideries coordinate so well with the lovely border fabric. I have made an embroidered quilt, but my blocks were hand embroidered flowers, as a block of the month. It was fun to do and I put it out every spring. The specialized machine feet collection looks amazing—I’m wondering if they would work on my Pfaff with the Integrated Dual Feed feature.

  3. This post was most helpful! Thank you so much! Of course now my head is racing to other holidays and baby quilts. I enjoy your blog, I am a faithful follower.

  4. Diane Hicks

    Lovely project, Carole. I have a beautiful ‘Autumn’ embroidery that was given to me, so I’m off to dig it out and get quilting! Thanks for the inspiration and another fabulous Autumn Jubilee.

  5. kattails

    Very pretty! I’ve got so many projects going on right now I’m afraid I let this one fall to the bottom of the list….so mine will be finished maybe for Thanksgiving. It dawned on me how close we are to Christmas…really….these 10 months have flown by so i know the next 2 will as well. Thank you for all the wonderful projects you’ve share this Jubilee…I tell myself I don’t have to finish them all this month…lol….I’ve got at least until December 21st and winter begins! Blessings…have a wonderful day.

  6. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Very pretty! Love that fabric you used. I hope you don’t mind that I will add one more piece to the center of mine and arrange it a bit differently!! Maybe I can get it finished this week!! Thanks for the inspiration. I’ve loved the projects!

  7. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    My daughter started a blanket embriodery business about ten years ago. It took off so quickly that I loaned her my machine so she had two and could keep up. Ten years later, she is still using it!!! I do love hand embroidery (my mother taught me when I was five and my dad had bunnies and kittens in the corners of his handkerchiefs) so I’m sure I can make your designs with lovely fall leaves. I’ve been picking up interestingly shaped leaves during my walks and photo copying them to use as patterns. Thanks again for an idea that can be interpreted into methods and supplies I have available.

  8. Darci Marshall

    That’s going to be a lovely wall hanging! An embroidery quilt is down on my bucket quilt list. My mom has one she made in the 50s with her great aunts that inspired me, but something with an embroidery machine sounds much more doable!

  9. I had my 4 “falling leaves” blocks out yesterday, studying them and wondering how the project would progress. My blocks are about 8″ square but I may trim them down a tiny bit. I’m lucky that my embroidery machine has a nice “basting” stitch which allows me to “float my block” in the hoop and anchor it securely. Stabilizing well is the key. I had similar puckering on the inset panel I made for the bag. I probably “over stabilized” my leaves because of that recent experience. I learn every time I turn the machine on. With the bag I was able to “hide” the puckering when I added the Pellon fusible fleece behind the panel and quilted the heck out of it. I am mostly a straight line quilter with my walking foot. Really must learn to do more free motion.

  10. Connie S. Wolfe

    The border fabric compliments the embroidered blocks very well. I think that I either have some of that fabric or something very similar. Now, where was it stored? Yes, I have used the embroidery machine for quilts and tablerunners with good results. Thanks for adding this to Autumn Jubilee.

  11. Loris Mills

    I have not used embroidered designs in quilts yet but my friend gave some beautiful embroidered Santas that I will definitely be purring a quilt. I have used novelty stitches on my domestic to quilt though. Your leaves are just beautiful in this table topper!

  12. Pam

    I don’t have an embroiderly machine, but I have used hand-embroidered blocks in a quilt, and I love the look! Your mini quilt is beautiful, and is a delightful reminder of the wonders of fall. Thank you for sharing this!

  13. Janet Nancy

    The only quilt I have made with embroidery was a printed panel that you could do your stitches on. I do not own an embroidery machine.

  14. Carla Hundley

    Looks lovely and
    great use of the
    squar. I haven’t
    quilted but I do
    have an embroidery
    Carla from Utah

  15. Kathy E.

    Yes, I have used my embroidery machine to embellish several table toppers and smaller pieces. I love the versatility of changing up the thread colors and designs to match the seasons. Always fun and so creative!
    duchick at gmail dot com

  16. A long time ago, I made a baby quilt for my oldest friend’s first baby. I divided a suitably sized piece of white fabric into a grid and hand embroidered fairy tale characters on each square. This was then sandwiched with polyester batting and flannel for the back of the quilt. Then it was quilted along the outline of each square. It was a fun project! Thanks!

  17. This is such a nice table topper for fall! The design will work for any number of things. I might have to use this idea with some appliqué/embroidery for Christmas this year!

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