Oregon Wildfire Quilts 2020

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that charity work is a big part of our FMCH community.  Several years ago, we organized making blocks and quilts to send to California for their fire victims.  Then, starting in September of 2018, we spent an entire year making quilts and organizing a network of North Carolina volunteers to get quilts to the coast for our Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project.  Now, the call has gone out again for quilts for the communities hit hard in Oregon this year.

California Thomas Fire Quilts | FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Do you want to help? Do you have a spare Quilt or Quilt TOP to donate?  I’ve listed three coordinators if you’d like to participate.  I am not coordinating any drives at this time, I am too busy with Autumn Jubilee right now, but I will be sending a quilt from my closet.

Thomas Fire Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Bear Creek Quilting would be happy to accept finished washed pillowcases and finished washed quits for local distribution of wildfire victims.  (They are not setup to accept any other donations.)  Contact Bear Creek Quilting with questions. You can ship them to:
Bear Creek Quilting Company
Attn: Oregon Wildfire 2020
110 Industrial Way
Lebanon, OR 97355

California Fire Quilt Project at From My Carolina Home

Pat Sloan posted on Facebook about Heather Hendrickson of To The Point Quilting regarding a quilt drive Heather has organized for Oregon fire victims. Heather has a group of quilters collecting finished quilts and tops with backings, batting & binding to make quilts to give to the people in and around Oregon that have lost everything. This is to support the Beachie Fire victims in the Santiam Canyon outside of Salem, OR. Entire towns have been wiped off the earth. They have 6 towns that have massive damage and some like Gates and Detroit are a total loss. Heather said If they have extra after the quilts are handed out, they will travel south to the victims in Phoenix, OR and Talent, OR where over 1,000 homes have burned.
What to Ship:
1- Finished Quilts,
2- Quilt top, backing, binding, batting if you can
3- If for some reason you can not include batting, send the Top/backing/binding. Having binding made already saves them a lot of time, so please do that extra step.
Ship to:
The Point Quilting
1221 N Evergreen Ave
Stayton, OR 97383
Keep up at her Facebook business page – https://www.facebook.com/ToThePointQuilting/

California Thomas Fire Quilts ~ From My Carolina Home

The Mt Hood Quilt Guild is accepting and distributing completed quilts to go to victims and evacuees from the Riverside Fire in Clackamas County. You can mail or drop off at:

My Quilting Loft
253 E. Historic Columbia River Hwy.
Troutdale, Oregon 97060

Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project at FromMyCarolinaHome.comPlease contact the individuals above with questions, I do not have any more information other than what I have given.  If you are aware of any other charity accepting donations of quilts or pillowcases, please list their contact information in the comments.

Update – the quilts in this post are from the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project, not ones going to Oregon.  Click on the Carolina Hurricane Quilts (or use the category listing on the sidebar) to see more about those patterns.  The quilt below is the Sudoku Quilt.  These were just used for graphics to separate the organizations.

Sending positive thoughts and virtual hugs to all in our community who are affected by these fires, and the terrible air quality from the smoke.  Take care if you are in this area!!  I hope there is rain soon!

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15 thoughts on “Oregon Wildfire Quilts 2020

  1. Donna Weeks

    Thank you for listing the various places that are collecting quilts. I also saw that Bear Creek Quilting is collecting new, freshly washed pillowcases. A group of my sewing/quilting friends are working to send s package to Bear Creek Quilting.
    Thanks again for your post and telling us how to get things out.

  2. Nancy Bailey

    Indeed, quilters do have big hearts. On Sep. 12, 2015 my husband & I had 20 minutes to escape The Valley Fire (Lake County, CA) with our 2 cats and what we could cram into our 2 vehicles. We could see flames in our rear view mirrors as we drove out. We soon learned that everything on our 54 acres was reduced to 6″ of ash. In that loss were all of my grandmother’s quilts. My quilter friends sent out word about the catastrophic losses and it was stunning to see that quilters and guilds nationwide sent quilts to a Lakeport quilt shop to be shared with those of us who had lost so much. Those of you who continue to participate in this outreach have no idea how meaningful and comforting those quilts are. Thank you for your continued generosity and God Bless you angels on earth.

  3. Loris Mills

    Thanks for the coordinator contacts, Carole. I’ve been wondering about quilts for these people but hadn’t heard of any way to share them.

  4. Pamela Cole

    Will they have the pattern listed for the blocks on the facebook page? for someone wanting to make lots of blocks.

  5. Joan Sheppard

    Thanks for this info. Got a couple to send now.

    p. s. Love to hear more about the quilts in the background later.

  6. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, As you know, I only live about 20 miles away from the Phoenix/Talent/Ashland/Medford fires that destroyed so many thousands of homes. Where we live in the mountains we were on a level 1 evacuation alert for quite some time, which was scary enough. But seeing the results of towns totally destroyed by a fire is something I can not describe.
    I will say that all of the people in our surrounding areas came together so quickly to assist these people who lost everything. It was amazing!! Both fairgrounds in Jackson County and Josephine County opened up to assist with places to sleep, food, clothing and warmth. Of course, local Churches also did their part. But within less than 10 hours both Fairgrounds and the Red Cross Centers were sending out messages to everyone that they could not take any more donations because they were overflowing with everything!
    I am not in any way trying to stop Quilters from sending Quilts. Because I believe that a special made quilt from someone who cares is the best way to be wrapped in love when you are sick, just need to feel special, maybe having a hard day or just want to remember someone you love. Plus, in this case, your home was completely destroyed by a fire or another natural disaster and you lost everything. Having a homemade quilt to wrap around you will help in a way that no one but those who experience it can explain.
    I Thank You for posting about the places and people who are accepting these special treasures! I also Thank each and every Person who makes a quilt top and donates it or any other part of a quilt that are necessary to help bring it to its final home. That includes pillowcases, pet beds, and all other items that make a difference in lives during these times! Again, I do thank every one of you!!!!

  7. Thank you for all you do to help others. Oregon has certainly been hit hard with West Coast fires this year and many could use good quilty hugs, after they’ve lost everything. i appreciate the info on contacts and will happily pull a quilt from my UFO pile, in need of binding, to finish and send for this great cause.

  8. Joni

    Thank you, Carole, for sending out the message for quilts. Living in the Central Willamette Valley, I know over 10 families who have lost everything. Their dreams, their quilt studios, their memories. These quilts will help remind them how wonderful and generous quilters are. Cotton Patch in Keizer, Oregon is collecting quilting accessories and such for the many quilters who were impacted. Thank you, again, for sharing this wonderful opportunity.

  9. I looked up the sites you cited. To The Point says they’ve gotten 769 quilts and their drive is officially closed. Quilters respond quickly and generously. Yay us!

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