Working on Quilted Gift Ideas

There is a song that keeps going through my head by Dolly Parton, called a Hard Candy Christmas.  Seems like that will be this year, as we can’t do many of the fun things and social gatherings that celebrate the season.  It seems to me that small gifts and heartfelt cards will be more important this year, something easy and inexpensive, but that tells those we cannot see that we care.  Along that line, I can now show you a bit of the secret sewing I’ve been working on.  I am doing a series of articles for Madam Sew on travel accessories, with the hope we can all travel freely again soon.  These would make wonderful gifts for the holiday season, or anytime of year, as well as great items to pamper yourself.

I chose two beautiful fabrics, one a floral and a coordinating dark green tone-on-tone, to make the set.  The first installment published on MadamSew’s sewing blog this past week, the Lingerie Case / Book Cover.  See that post for complete instructions.  Pack your delicates in the deep pockets to keep them from snagging on other items in your suitcase, and also to keep hands off while going through security checks.

This same case is the perfect size for a hardback book.  I like hardbacks, and this makes it easy for me to leave the paper dust jacket at home to keep it nice, while protecting the book.  And if you are reading something you just don’t want to discuss with strangers, it covers the title nicely.

I made a larger one using patchwork and embroidery for a binder.

This one was made some years ago, during my Victorian period, for the little binder that held all my sewing group stuff.  Adding the handles makes carrying it easier.

I sent the next pattern for a jewelry roll to MadamSew this week, and it will publish in a couple of weeks.

After that will come a curling iron case with heat resistant lining, a cosmetic case and a shoe case.  I am also working on Autumn Jubilee, tell your friends to follow my blog, this year will be the best yet!!!

What are you sewing this week?

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27 thoughts on “Working on Quilted Gift Ideas

  1. I love to make small projects like this. It is so fun to open my suitcase and see lovely fabric protecting my things. I also made a fabric laundry bag which folds flat and doesn’t add much weight and it is so nice to handle a fabric bag instead of plastic. I love your projects, can’t wait for AJ, and really enjoy the new heading!

  2. Carole, what lovely gifts! How can I get on your recipient list? (Ha, Ha). I have also been sewing for Christmas. I make alot of my gifts each year, either sewing or scrapping related. I start thinking about next year’s Christmas on Dec. 26! My daughters and grandchildren have been the lucky recipients of sewn gifts, pillowcases and quilts. This year will be no exception. I have four planned…two easy piecing with large blocks, one intermediate with appliqued blocks, and one challenge using paper piecing, a technique I haven’t used much. I have one already done, and will devote the next three months to quilt assembly. It is my goal to have them all done by Dec. 1. I’ve also filtered in some smaller items for friends as a nice change of pace and quick finish. Not one to be idle for long, I also sew at night while watching TV and have been working on some felt Christmas stockings for my husband’s family. Two down and working on the third, And I already have ideas for Christmas 2021!

  3. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    Sewing masks for my granddaughter at college is keeping me occupied right now. Your fabric is lovely and such a great idea for the book cover for the friends I exchange gifts with at Christmas and birthdays. I appreciate the effort you make to provide ideas and patterns!

    1. I started mine with a 9 patch pillow using 1/2 inch seam allowances, then we did a skirt with an elastic waistband. First pattern was flannel pajama bottoms, followed by a simple tee shirt, then facings, zipper, set in sleeves, collar and buttonholes.

    2. My grandmother taught me when I was five. We made simple projects, getting more complex as we went. First pillows and pillow cases, working up to doll clothes, then to my own clothes. Start with showing them how the machine works, and how to thread it, wind a bobbin, etc. Youtube has some great videos to help. Have fun!!

  4. Patricia Evans

    Your fabric choice for these pieces is lovely. I’m looking forward to the jewelry roll-up as my very old silk one is showing it’s age. I fear our social engagements will be restricted for many more months as people continue to flaunt the public health warnings. Can’t wait to see what you come up with the Autumn Jubilee this year.

  5. Linda B

    Oh I love that you had a Victorian phase! So dear! I hope to make some Bombazine oven mitts for some of the kiddos who like to cook. No other inspiration has struck yet. Should I be worried?

  6. manasotavacation

    Lovely ideas! I saw the post of the first one on Madam Sew earlier. I truly love your analogy to “Hard Candy Christmas”….as this one is sure to be, in a variety of ways. What great ideas for gifting! I think I’ll make the lingerie cases for 2 little special girls who are entering their teens and may be planning some sleepovers in the future. Their little brothers will get pillow cases. Mom can have a jewelry roll!!….and I’ll surprise her with a necklace in it! Dad? well, that is ALWAYS a problem.

  7. I haven’t been thinking of the holidays yet, but you’re right, we will need a way to make the holiday special this year since our usual ways won’t work as wll.

  8. All great ideas for gift giving. I have been in throws of gift making myself. If how fast the summer has flown by is any indication how fast Christmas will be upon us – your in trouble if you haven’t started gift making yet – LOL. I love the gorgeous purple fabric! I couldn’t agree with you more on the personal small gifts and cards for this years holiday season 🙂

  9. Joan Sheppard

    Beautiful! Love that you multi-task the gifts! My boys and I line up the office chairs, spin the globe and “fly” to where our fingers land. They have small travel bags like this with their “precious” things they need for travel so when you make this think about the kids too! This would be good for the coloring books and stickers.
    BTW What is the name of the book? And love the new header – although I will miss the Tomato Pie! The Madam Sew tutorial came out very nice. So clear I can almost count the threads! Thanks for thinking up new stuff all the time!

  10. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, I enjoyed reading about your projects on Madame Sew and have them on my to do list! Now, I get to look forward to reading and putting these new projects on my to do list also. I do not have anyone to make gifts for so they will be for me! I am also looking forward to all of the projects that you share during Autumn Jubilee! Your blog is always filled with valuable information and fabulous projects in a variety of styles. Thank you for everything that you share!! Have a fabulous day!

  11. Ingrid

    Hello Carole, Thankyou once again for this fantastic post! MadamSew is wonderful, so many interesting topics to read about. I have a very avid reader friend who would love one of these! Your Victorian book covers are gorgeous. Thanks again. Stay safe.

  12. Those are lovely little gifts.. I do wonder what Christmas will be like this year… but getting ready by making such pretty things is a great idea! Thanks for sharing xx

  13. Lovely project! I agree that sending little cards and gifts is going to be more important this year. I am going to make a point of sending Halloween cards and also am thinking of ideas for little candy bags with tags to set at the doors of the neighbors who have kids. I just don’t see trick or treating happening this year and want to make it seem fun for them.

  14. Beautiful projects. Love that “Victorian Era”. When I get donations of doilies and lace at the quilt guild, I usually package it up and advertise it to quilters who do crazy quilts or embellishments. One quilter did a whole cloth quilt covered in doilies. It was amazing. Looking forward to seeing this project on Madam Sew.

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