Finishing the Vintage Christmas Placemats

The placemats are finally done!!   When we left off last time, I had all the embroidery work done on the placemats and was ready to quilt them.  All the blocks had three inch strips of the directional ornament fabric put on each side for a placemat size of 12 x 18.

Vintage Christmas Quilt Along at

I loaded the longarm with a big piece of the ornament fabric for backing, and placed the little mats close to each other in a long row.  I had to be mindful of the directional print of the backing.

Vintage Christmas QA at

Auditioning thread colors, I decided on the medium taupe Glide poly thread in the top with Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Vintage Christmas QA at

The second set of six mats were added, placed close to the first row, so they could all be done at once.

Vintage Christmas QA at

Quilting went quickly, and the stitching stepped over the handwork nicely.

Vintage Christmas QA at

The light taupe color didn’t stand out too much on the background or the prints in the blocks.

Vintage Christmas QA at

I used a pantograph called Pipeline, as the motif was smaller.  The Christmas pantograph I have called Deck the Halls has a large bell that seemed too big for the small mats.

Vintage Christmas QA at

When I rolled the project forward, I stitched down the edges of all the mats at the same time.  This way I can do one pass over the edges and get all of the mats at once on that pass.

Vintage Christmas QA at

I also put a bit of stitching over the batting edges as I was using up some scrap pieces.  This will prevent the hopping foot from getting caught underneath, and prevent the batting from folding over the top.

Vintage Christmas QA at

Two more passes and they are all done.

Vintage Christmas QA at

Removing them from the longarm, they are cut apart roughly, then trimmed up.

Vintage Christmas QA at

All trimmed and ready for binding.

Vintage Christmas QA at

Next was to make 62,714 yards of binding.  Well, at least it seemed like that much, LOL!!  The mats got binding stitched to the front and joined in the usual manner.

Vintage Christmas QA at

During Sunday TV time watching classic football games, I worked on hand whipping the binding to the back.  This is my favorite kind of slow stitching, and I had 12 to do!

Vintage Christmas QA at

It took a couple of weeks, then four were done.

Vintage Christmas QA at

Then four more.

Vintage Christmas QA at

And finally the last four.

Vintage Christmas QA at

So, the Vintage Christmas Quilt Along is complete.  These will be on our tables this holiday season more for decoration than a meal this year.  Maybe next year, I can use them for a party.  If you are just now finding this quilt along, the patterns are from Lori Holt’s Vintage Christmas Book, available at Fat Quarter Shop.  It is also available on Amazon – Vintage Christmas Book at Amazon.

How’s your Vintage Christmas project coming along?

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31 thoughts on “Finishing the Vintage Christmas Placemats

  1. Mary Stori

    So festive and such good timing to move our minds ahead to a time that surely will be happier and more carefree!

  2. Julie

    So festive! All that binding reminds me of ‘How do you eat an elephant? One piece at a time’. When you break those big projects down into doable pieces you’re done before you know it!

  3. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    Festive is a great word for your table scapes! I always look forward to your Christmas decorations.

  4. Those came out great. I love hearing how you quilted them all together on the frame. Quite clever. They sure will add some sparkle to your Christmas table this year.

  5. What delightful Christmas place mats. You did a super job. I really enjoyed reading through all the steps you took in making them.

  6. You will have fun changing those out is year, they are very festive! Here’s a new question for you. I am sourcing patterns for whole cloth quilts, but suitable for hand quilting. I’ve seen some patterns that look more long arm friendly, but since I’ve never actually done that, I’m not sure if they are interchangeable, or if major modifications would be necessary. I know that stippling and pebbles would not go well hand quilting, but I thought maybe you’ve seen a book or site that might give me more ideas. I’m not sure I’m up to designing an entire queen size whole cloth, but I’ve just started…I have until mid June, but there might be a wedding dress to deal with too, so I need to get cracking!

  7. Sharon Schipper

    Beautiful. I am behind on all my projects, so impressed with your output! We are making a move, probably completed before Thanksgiving, so my studio will be re-configured in the new home. Staying in CO, in mourning over it, but family comes first. Big hug! Sharon in Colorado

  8. Joan Sheppard

    Love the book – so many ways to use these adorable Christmas motifs – you nailed it with these placemats. Now I’m thinking Tree Skirt with the Christmas light bulbs and ornaments using gold iron on bias tape as the electric cord? The design of the quilting looks like swirling snow. Perfect. Thanks for sharing. I’m making a rainbow bargello quilt for no other reason than to clear out some stash. Goofed up my measurements so it is longer than necessary so I have to make it wider. It’s okay – I still have tons in the stash!

  9. Those are so cute, Carole! The perfect use for all the different blocks. I like how you used the same fabric for the borders and binding. I made a set of placemats to show on a blog hop once, and realized that I had probably bound a whole quilt with the amount of binding I made!

  10. Mia is mine

    These came out so beautifully! I love how you shared the entire finishing process! I’m sure your Christmas table will look lovely!

  11. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    I love these, Carole! Great job and also on the quilting! I need to make some Christmas placemats…one day! LOL

  12. These are just so cute! Your fabrics and embroidery enhanced the patterns and the border fabric is just perfect. Can’t wait to see the tablescape you come up with. My sewing has stalled out this summer, but as the weather cools down, I hope to get back to the sewing machine. They say this is the second hottest summer ever in our area. It sure has been hot!

  13. Kim Sharman

    Gosh, so many festive and gorgeous placements, Carole. So much delightful details to delight the eyes. I love the method that you put in place to quilt them all. Love those candy canes.

  14. It is sad that you won’t be able to use all of those pretty placemats for a get together this year. I am sure that you will enjoy those placemats none the less.

  15. So so wonderful! Wish I could’ve helped out with all the thousands of yards of binding to do! LOL
    Thanks for taking the time to link up with the Slow Sunday Stitchers!

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