Jolly Bar Row Along Finishing the Quilt

Now that the top is done, assembly went quickly.  Sashing strips were put between the top leaves and between the rows.  I assembled the top three rows first.

Jolly Bar Row Along at

I put the sashing strips between the leaf blocks and the next row’s arrows and butterflies.  Then, without really paying attention, I sewed the rows together with the sashing.  That is when I realized that I had the same print on the leaf and the arrow above.  I knew this would bug me if I left it.

Jolly Bar Row Along at

So, carefully using my seam ripper, I took out the end leaves and switched them.  Much better.

Jolly Bar Row Along at

Next, the upper rows were joined to the lower rows, and the outer sashing was added.

Jolly Bar Row Along at

I thought it would look nice with a darker frame, so I put another border of navy blue print on the outer edge.

Jolly Bar Row Along at

Loading it on the longarm, I used Warm and Natural Batting.

Jolly Bar Row Along at

Auditioning threads, I decided on this light taupe color that wouldn’t show up too much in the white, and blend well in the prints.  Glide thread in the top pairs with Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Jolly Bar Row Along at

I used a pantgraph called Rosie.

Jolly Bar Row Along at

Some gentle curves and little flower shapes evoke the garden feel of the prints.

Jolly Bar Row Along at

The lighter thread creates nice texture in the background.

Jolly Bar Row Along at

One more look as I worked toward the bottom.

Jolly Bar Row Along at

The color blends well with all the brighter colors in the prints.

Jolly Bar Row Along at

The quilting was finished in just a few hours.

Jolly Bar Row Along at

The binding was another print from the collection in a bright orange.

Jolly Bar Row Along at

I like that little bit of color on the edge.

Jolly Bar Row Along at

So that is it for the Row Along.  I hope you enjoyed it!  If you are just now finding this project, the Harper’s Garden Jolly Bar was used for fabrics with the background of Porcelain in Bella Solids. The block designs are in the Jolly Bar Book Vol 2 at Fat Quarter Shop.  See what is on today’s Flash Sale!

What are you planning to sew this week?

PS – Yes, this is my quote for the One Million Pillowcase Challenge in the purple box on the All People Quilt ad in Quilts and More!!  It will be in American Patchwork and Quilting in October.  No, I have no idea who is in the picture, that wasn’t mine.

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20 thoughts on “Jolly Bar Row Along Finishing the Quilt

  1. Pat S.

    Great quilting pattern choice for your quilt. I love the neat, orderly look of row by row quilts. The way the background makes each row pop is so pretty.

  2. I really like the little pop of surprise of the colored binding, sort of a payoff for the careful observer. And the quilting pattern is very pleasing with the theme of the quilt. Looks great on the veranda,too!

  3. Mary Stori

    Great colorful scrap quilt. AND…..I totally understand about the leaf/arrow…..once seen, I can’t unsee something either!

  4. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Great job, Carole! It’s a very cheery quilt and I love the pantograph you used for quilting!

  5. Karla

    Great quilt — I immediately recognized the Harper’s Garden fabric! I used it earlier this year for my 2020 spring decorating projects! Congrats on all the pillowcases !

  6. thatfabricfeelingcom

    How lovely!! Your quilt is great and must feel like such a wonderful accomplishment during these times. I am so envious of those with long arms. I have so many tops that need completing. I love that you’re quoted about the pillow challenge. Is there a particular collection going or just the usual one? I’ve made several over the years, including with elementary school children, and was just wondering.

  7. Linda B

    Such a fun finish and thanks for walking us through the steps! The pantograph is just perfect! I am working on an applique mini quilt…I think just straight line quilting or maybe cross hatching after I go around the design. Supposed to be very hot today, so looking forward to sewing in the basement! Have a good week!

  8. Joan Sheppard

    My ripper(s) are my best friend. I have several in different places for “emergency” ripping. Seems I sew every quilt “twice.” But it is so lovely and the orange/navy look great together. And of course your choice of pantograph is spot on. Congrats on the quote. Encouraging me to do a couple more pillowcases. Thanks again.

  9. I am so glad you added the extra navy border. It framed this perfectly and then the thin orange binding frame….quilt turned out lovely 🙂

  10. Your jolly bar looks great, and I especially like the orange bonding against the navy, it works perfectly with this quilt! Well deserved, getting a quote in the quilting pubs for your efforts, Carole. Today, I plan to sew a couple of blocks for the BOM’s I’m doing (hoping to get August finished early), but right now I am waiting on 16 pints of beans to finish in the canner. 🙂

  11. Nancy Bekedam

    I love your cheerful new quilt, quilted, bound and all!!! Perfect binding! And so neat that you’re right there on the 1 million pillowcase ad!!!!

  12. Love your Jolly Bar finish. Beautiful. I haven’t done mine as I took a quick trip to SC
    I will get it done as I want it off my design wall.

  13. Rebecca Grace

    Lovely finish, Carole! I would have had to swap those leaves, too. Your dark navy border and pop of bright coral at the binding really set off the blocks nicely. Also, thanks for the discussion about thread color — I’m still learning about picking the best thread color to look good on a quilt with many different fabrics, and I’m still surprised, again and again, when someone else’s quilt that I think was quilted with white thread turns out to have been quilted with pale yellow, gray, or beige! So, out of curiosity — why do you prefer to use Bottom Line in the bobbin with Glide in the needle? Just to fit more thread on the bobbin so there are fewer bobbin refill interruptions in your quilting, or some other reason?

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