Pink Appliqué Quilt Repair

Just before we left for our vacation, I received this pretty appliqué quilt to repair.  It didn’t need a lot, or so I thought when I got it from the owner.  I figured just a few spots to hand stitch and it would be good to go.  But, after looking at it more closely, I realized that these rips would not be strong enough to sew.  The fabric is old and too fragile for that kind of repair.

Applique Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

Some of the edges were starting to fray as well.  So I decided to do the repair with the tulle again, as well as some fusible webbing.

Applique Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

I cut tiny bits of fusible web and worked them carefully under the tears.

Applique Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

Pressing them carefully, the rips are now concealed.

Applique Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

Small bits were worked under a few rips in the leaves as well, then pressed.

Applique Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

When all the tears were pressed down with the fusible web, I loaded the quilt onto my longarm, and lay out ecru tulle over the top.

Applique Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

Each section was pinned down.  Using the longarm, I stitched just outside the ditch around the appliqué motifs.

Applique Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

At the beginning and end of the stitching, the thread tails were buried using a quick-threading needle.

Applique Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

The stitching looks like an echo quilting around the motifs.   Inside the motifs, I stitched in the ditch as much as possible.

Applique Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

Then, the excess tulle was trimmed away, leaving about 1/4-inch excess outside the seam line to ensure the stitching held it firmly.

Applique Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

All done, not every motif needed the tulle, so I only did the ones that did.  All of those were on a fold line, as this quilt was left folded the same way too long.

Applique Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

I like this technique, because even at a close distance, the tulle is invisible.

Applique Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

Applique Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

So, I delivered it back to the owner just before our trip, glad that I could get it done in a timely manner.

Applique Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

Some of you have asked for a copy of the washing instructions that I give back to the quilt owners when they pick up their repaired quilts.  You can download a copy of that with this pdf file – Vintage Delicate Quilt Washing. I will sometimes modify what this says to meet an individual situation, as when I added a line to tell the owner of this quilt never to put it in a washing machine again.  If you’d like to see more posts on repairing quilts, see the page at the top of the blog.

Applique Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day, and that you had some time to sew over the holiday weekend, as well as honor those who gave their lives for our freedom.

If you have a quilt needing repair, see my page Well Loved Quilt Repair at the top of the blog.

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Applique Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

Did you do something fun this weekend?

If you have a quilt needing repair, see my page Well Loved Quilt Repair at the top of the blog.

23 thoughts on “Pink Appliqué Quilt Repair

  1. Beautiful quilt, and worthy of saving! Your repair work will certainly extend the life of this quilt. The damage on the fold line is a good reminder to me to go shake out the quilts on my quilt rack and leave them on the guest bed for a few days so the folds relax! I have a couple of vintage ones from my husband’s grandmother. Nothing very pretty, just utility, but worth saving!

  2. I’m altering a bridesmaid dress, not sure that is actually fun, but it pays for my sewing habit😂! The bodice is now finished, just the hems to do, then back to my mystery quilt, and others.

  3. Gail Rachow

    I think your quilt repairs are some of my favorite blog posts. They always looks like new when you hav finished.

  4. Pat Coomes

    I’m sitting here scrolling thru the pictures of your amazing repair work and realize it’s the same quilt I have hanging in front of me. Was made by my mother-in-law and after she passed away one of my sisters-in-law gave it to me saying her mother wanted me to have it. Not sure what year it was made, she passed in 1986. It’s hand pieced and hand quilted. I have several of her quilts, but this is my favorite.

  5. Tami Von Zalez

    How amazing is that! What an excellent technique and fantastic repair work. Since I just finished an art quilt, I can envision incorporating tulle into a piece.

  6. Thank you so much for showing me this. I have an antique comforter from my Grandmother whose mother made it for her wedding and some of the satin is wearing thin. I will use this technique to fix it.

  7. Hi Carole,
    Great solution and tips for this repair. I will be having to repair my sister’s quilt soon, and I will certainly keep this in mind. I don’t know yet how extensive the tears are. Thank you for sharing! Happy Memorial Day! ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. manasotavacation

    Again, amazing repair! Your work is always so professional and I know the quilters in this group truly appreciate how innovative and clever your “fixes” are!!

  9. Patricia Evans

    Great job on the repair. I’ve been asked a few times if I did quilt repair, but I’m not knowledgeable enough to attempt that. Fortunately there are many Mennonites in the region and they do superb work on repairs and usually don’t charge a lot.
    We’re spending a quiet day at home and will get chicken barbecue from the firemen. It’s going to be in the upper 80’s, so I don’t plan to cook or garden or maybe even quilt. The coolest place in the house is the basement, so maybe I’ll go wash flower pots.

  10. Diane J. Carlton

    Thank you for the information about cleaning an old quilt. I have a doll quilt made by my grandmother about 1940 that badly needs cleaning, so I will be using your method. I also have a quilt made by my mother in the 1960s which had been stored in a brown paper bag for years, and I just recently found it. The white sections have been discolored from the paper bag, and I hope to be able to get the stains out with your method.

  11. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole; Such a beautiful applique quilt for you to get to work on and repair magnificently! I am not positive but is the Rose of Sharon the quilt block used to create this quilt? Usually, I am not a fan of over sized quilt blocks. Yet, in this quilt it is just truly amazing and just makes the quilt one you want to display forever! I always enjoy your posts on repairing treasured quilts for your clients because I always learn so much. Always thrilled with your posts and especially when seeing the fantastic results like this one you have achieved! Thank you for sharing and have a marvelous day!

  12. Elaine Nemeth

    Wow. This is a magnificent heirloom quilt. So glad you could repair it so well. Thanks for the washing instructions too. Have a great Memorial day.
    Also, thanks for posting photos of your trip. It sounded like it was fabulous.. your blog felt like we were on the tour!

  13. auntiepatch69

    Thank you for saving that beautiful old quilt.
    Did you know that Vintage Delicate Quilt messed up? Each paragraph is separated into vertical columns. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m not sure how you did that. LOL! Is anyone else having trouble with it?

  14. Linda Wagman

    Ah! I just inherited some antique quilts, so this is so timely ! I had wondered how to repair them! Thank you!

  15. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning Carole,

    Beautiful quilt, truly something to repair and save. I remember you repaired another quilt using tulle awhile back, I think I still have that repair work as well. Thanks for sharing this technique with us again.

    Is this a dogwood design quilt ?

    Phyllis Smith

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