Churches in Attic Windows Quilt

Fresh off the frame is this customer quilt that I just had to show you.  She did such an interesting thing with her borders!  I loaded her backing, batting and top on the longarm and got busy quilting.

Attic Windows Churches Quilt at

The quilt top is fussy cut churches in attic windows.

Attic Windows Churches Quilt at

She chose a small looping pantograph that worked well with the small windows.

Attic Windows Churches Quilt at

It is called Chantilly Lace, by Simple Quilting Stitches.  This small pantograph came with my longarm when I bought it.

Attic Windows Churches Quilt at

I used a grey Glide thread in top and bobbin.  It blended well with all the colors in the quilt.

Attic Windows Churches Quilt at

The light grey pretty much disappeared over the pictures, and gave a bit of interest to the solid black frames.

Attic Windows Churches Quilt at

Quilting was fast on this small piece.

Attic Windows Churches Quilt at

The border really captured my attention as it was very interesting.  She took her leftover fabrics and made a checkerboard going just around the corners in the lower left and top right.

Attic Windows Churches Quilt at

With an inner border of gold and outer borders of red then grey, it created an extra bit of design flair in an asymmetric way.

Attic Windows Churches Quilt at

Quilting finished and trimmed, she picked it up to take home for binding.

Attic Windows Churches Quilt at

I’ve done one border with flying geese that had a different number of them on all four sides, but that is the only one I’ve done like that. Do you have an idea for an interesting border?

Attic Windows Churches Quilt at

17 thoughts on “Churches in Attic Windows Quilt

  1. Lois Stimax

    I often do borders like hers, especially on memory quilts where I don’t have a lot of long pieces for the border. Sometimes it is just a way to use all the scraps!

  2. Ruth Jones

    I like everything about this quilt! I might try a similar approach with some bird panels I have. The special touch on the border along with the extended red strips make it fun, unusual & creative. Nice quilting too Carole! 🧵

  3. Linda B

    Really nicely done…quilt top and quilting! I have some smallish lighthouse “pictures” I have been trying to decide how to put together in a quilt…this might be a good answer! Thanks for showing to us!

  4. Liz

    I like what she did for her borders. I like putting flying geese or different blocks in 2 opposite corners. It does catch your eye. Nice quilting, Carole.

  5. Myrna Watson

    Loving this panel, colours and Yes the border. I do enjoy seeing all the new ideas that your blog shows off. I did a Star War spread with the Flying guess on one side, to me, it looks like a book. Confession, my paper pieced Teacups are now being used to make mug rugs. I got stopped when the embroidery started, although I did start one, BUT, will find another use for the larger squares. Our little neighbour quilt group of 3(through the winter months) are also making Quilt of Valor for the Canadian veterans. Number 3 is coming together, using the shade of red and white. We will turn the tops into the local quilt guild for long arming and give to first responders. Thanks again Carole for the joy you pass on to your followers.

  6. Pam Jay

    I love this quilt! And your choice of quilting design and thread really added to the quilt without overpowering it. I wonder where your customer bought the church panel? I would like to make something similar but maybe in blues. Thanks for sharing this special quilt. Love your blog! Happy quilting!

  7. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, I do like the way that this quilter did the piecing and borders for this quilt. The attic windows gave the churches each an individual and important place in the design of the quilt. While the border choices are very different than I would think about, they also add a great deal to the quilt. The quilting design that used, along with the thread were excellent choices, they kept that soft feeling about the quilt. A very beautiful quilt in every aspect!
    I always have a terrible time on deciding what to do with the borders and usually end up with just simple one to two fabrics around the quilt. Yet, I try and “Pin” the variety of quilt borders that I enjoy and would like to try. I am glad that you shared this lovely quilt with us, Carole, and made me think about borders and creating them in a variety of different ways. Have a wonderful day!

  8. Mary

    Lovely quilt made lovelier by your simple quilting pattern. Love the checkerboard pattern on the 2 corners. Super little quilt – wonder if the Quilter is going to use it as a wall hanging or put it on a bed? How kind of her to let you show us. :))

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