Thrifting June

This has been an awesome month for finds at the thrift stores and estate sales.  I have plans and ideas now for more fun things to do with all these goodies.  Starting out, I couldn’t resist these chicken napkin rings.  They are actually a cloisonne with iridescent gold highlights.  There were seven of them, which I prefer to think of as a set of six with an extra instead of a set of eight missing one. (No, Kevin, you cannot have them, LOL!!!)

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Several months ago I was at the Blue Ridge Humane Society thrift store and picked up a mandolin.  It wasn’t that great of one, but I got it anyway.  While I was checking out, another lady was buying one by Pampered Chef.  I told her that I would have snapped it up if I had gotten there first, and we had a good laugh.  Well, here we are now, and there was another one!  I wonder if it is the same one and she just didn’t really use it.  No matter, I was delighted to find one of this quality.

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Of course I had to use it immediately.  So DH got yellow squash sliced with the waffle blade with his dinner.  The other mandolin was donated back to the thrift store.

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I’ll snap up these sterlite drawers anytime I see them.  I am slowly but surely filling in the laundry room storage area with these bins on the wire rack shelving.  They are great for organizing my stash of decorating and crafting goodies.  At the same time, I got another laundry basket and two brand new packages of fiberfill.

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I don’t know why this is, but I have found another jacket at the Safelight thrift store perfect for holidays.  I keep finding these in the summer!  This one was really pretty, with black velvet embossed with sparkly red flowers.  It will be perfect for holiday parties.  And it is petite sizing, which fits perfectly.

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Here is a close up look of the design.

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DH was complaining that the white tablecloth I used on my Race Day Tablescape was too long, and kept getting caught on his clothes while he was trying to sit down or get up.  So I began actively looking for a smaller square one.  I found a pretty basket weave pattern on a white 52-inch square one, and didn’t notice the stain until I got home.

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I spritzed it with Oxyclean and let it sit for a bit.  After an hour or so, it was already almost gone!  I put it through the wash and it came out entirely.  It will be on my next tablescape that I’ll show you soon.

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At an estate sale, I spotted this black iron plant stand, and nabbed it quickly.  It will go nicely with the other black iron stands on the veranda.

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At the same estate sale, I found this ceramic basket.  I have something similar you’ve seen on previous tablescapes in yellow, and another in red.  The white will go with any decor color.  I can use it for a chip bowl too, with a napkin as a liner.

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At yet another estate sale and I scored some gauze pouches (lovely to use for giveaway prizes of thread), a brand new set of bamboo placemats, some paper doilies that I like to put on cookie platters, a rolling pin and some additional sushi plates.  The rolling pin will be used for a crafting project coming up.

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The sushi dishes are gold melamine with black backs, and there were four of them.

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Then, I found an oil bottle at the thrift store with chickens on it.  I needed one for the grapeseed oil that I have begun to use more frequently.  See my post on Flavored and Specialty Oils for a full explanation.  The spout on the top looked kind of bad, so I threw that away.  Then DH spent quite a bit of time getting some schmutz out of the bottom, and cleaning it multiple times.  Now I just need to get another spout for it, and it will be ready to use.

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Driving by another sale, I nabbed another set of drawers.   Would you believe that at a separate estate sale I found a bag of casters?  They didn’t fit exactly, the stalks were a bit too small, but DH, being the handyman he is, cleaned them up and made them fit.  They now hold all my stabilizers, tracing papers and fusibles.

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Last, but not least, I went back to one of the estate sales the second day (when everything was 25% off) and these two foldable metal tables were still there.  I have a crafting project for them in mind, and will get started on that when we have a sunny day and I don’t have errands or appointments.

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Are you a thrift store junkie like me?  What have you found lately?

31 thoughts on “Thrifting June

  1. Cindy Beal

    Hey Carole! You find the best stuff at the thrift stores! Did you get to the Landrum show? I did not make it this time.

  2. Sylvia E Anderson

    Good Morning Carole – The holiday jacket is a real beauty and I bet you will look gorgeous in it. You are able to find real treasures at your local thrift shops, and I enjoy looking at them all, wondering how they will all be used, the next time you feature them.

  3. You did score some delightful items. I tend to avoid thrift stores, because around here they often smell of mildew. I am a terrific “giver to shops” though. When hubby & I got married we were both in our 50’s; and had 2 households to combine. I have more STUFF to rid myself of than you can imagine. Just this week I heard a cry for “old lawn chairs” and packed two off with my daughter for delivery at the local bike shop. There is a lot of “sitting around” post rides in the parking lot; and chairs seem to grow legs. Nobody steals the old ugly ones…and I didn’t get stuck repainting them for use at home! I love that you score the plastic drawers!

  4. Well, I won’t tell you that I just donated a three-drawer set similar to that (with casters intact). It had been holding my scraps and it just needed to go. I had no room for it anymore. Over the years, I’ve become a collector of chickens/roosters. Not sure how that happened. I may have to check back to see Kevin’s response — I’m sure he would love those chickens!! Haha.

  5. Karen Marlow-Goad

    I never find decent things at the used stores around here – we do not have good ones or I’m always too late getting there and the good stuff is gone! I would love find some of those wire tables you show to put my plants on!

  6. Rosemaryflower

    YOU WIN!
    Wow, what amazing collection of good stuff!
    There must be a lot of people reading that book…. some clean up lady that makes you question each and every single thing in your entire life: “Does it bring you joy” and shames people into giving all of their treasures away.
    I have not been to thrift stores in ages. We live in a super wealthy area and the Goodwill up the road, AND the Habitat store in Leesburg Va have gems. I know they do. Every time I used to go, it was a struggle.
    Hubbs has an old work/government friend that bought a sack of jewelry at a Goodwill in Florida (where she and her hubbs live now). She had a few pieces appraised and they were worth over $10,000. So, there you go.
    But I am always looking at the things I love, and old jewelry is not something I would naturally hunt for.
    I love every one of your gathered treasures.
    I love giving things to people who need them. and I love thrifting. Life is good.
    Happy Sunday
    ps: I am sewing and hope to share my adorable blocks soon. It gets crazy doing 8 things at the same time haha

  7. Sue H

    Wow! What a haul June was for you. I love combing through yard/estate sales but have never done as well as you. I may need to branch out and find other more lucrative neighborhoods! Lol!

  8. Mary Stori

    Such terrific finds……. all I’m trying to do is get rid of stuff….have gone from having controlled clutter in my home to desiring a streamlined simple look….better now than later when the kids have to dispose of everything! Mary

  9. Cathy Weatherford

    Yes, you are indeed, a thrifting diva! Love the olive oil bottle. Where will you look for a spout for it. I need a couple of those myself and haven’t found any

    1. Norma Zimmer

      Have you tried Hobby Lobby? They seem to have things I have a hard time finding any place else.

  10. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, You bought some great new items for yourself! I am thrilled for you with every one of your splendid new additions. We have not been doing much in the way of garage sales this year with Mom still healing and also with Kevin having the trouble he is. I look forward to seeing any new items you find and share with us! Have a marvelous day!

  11. Linda B

    Good for you! I have a couple thrift places that I like to stop in when running errands, but seldom make a dedicated run. (Darn!). Have enjoyed buying linens (like a tablecloth) to use for backing my table toppers. And one place often has scarves…I like to wear something around my neck all winter but don’t want to pay a lot for them. When my husband and I traveled by car a bit ore, we always enjoyed taking breaks at antique malls or stores, but have not done that in years either. Still enjoy many of the things we found like that. I have also started repurposing my own sheets…cutting them down and hemming up the sides to use as drop cloths (like for spraying adhesive on the quilt tops and backing fabric before putting together with the batting). There is one draped over my sewing machine right now. And made one of the flannel sheets into a design wall of sorts. I really like finding another use for something. Really! (:))


    Hi Carole, I love seeing what you have found at the thrift stores and estate sales. We have gone to a few estate sales and picked up a few things. My DH won’t let me near a thrift store though. As hard as I try I just can’t seem to control myself 🙂

  13. You do find the best stuff! I was looking at recipes for coleslaw the other day, and one recommended using a mandolin to chop the cabbage. At that point I had never heard of one, and was thinking of the musical instrument!

  14. Naomie Moore

    The thrift stores and estate sales are much better in NC than where I live. I always find fantastic goodies when visiting. The local UPS store loves me when I arrive to ship it all home. You have a great eye and we have very similar taste, as I would have picked up all the same items!

  15. bonnie coleman Baxley GA

    Wow! Sounds like you have access to many Thrift Stores. What Fun! I love that kind of treasure hunt shopping….and it also feels good to find a deal! I always get so many ideas for repurposing when I shop mission or thrift shops….and I think that’s a stimulus for my brain! Keep sharing those treasures…love it!

  16. dezertsuz

    I can spend hours looking, but don’t often find anything I take home. You made quite a haul in June! If I’d known you needed casters, I could have brought you some. I never use them, and they sit wrapped up in the back of a drawer. I have at least two sets. I’ll save them for you. LOL

  17. Melanie

    Wow, you sure hit it big! I love thrifting, but haven’t had time to go lately, and I miss it. We live in a small area and thrifting is limited, but occasionally there’s a big find and a big woo hoo! LOL Love the chicken napkin rings and that nice plant stand especially, and the tablecloth (I love finding linens!) and the pretty jacket and wow, all those drawers to fill with important stuff. LOL Have fun; can’t wait to see some of your goodies on display.

  18. Sharon Schipper

    My daughters make the sign of the cross (as if I were Dracula) and drag me away from thrift stores.I’m a sucker for Blue Willow, and pyrex and found a 70’s 80’s Tupperware round cake box to go with the sheet cake one I’ve had for years. I’ve often found lengths of brand new fabric in Goodwill, and head right for the sheets/blankets aisles to see if they perchance have some hanging there! I think I need to gift the coffee klatsch snack dishes with the cup holder in them (I never had the cups), pretty sure they’re FireKing or Anchor Hocking. Sigh…

  19. manasotavacation

    What treasures! That jacket is a big WOW. I found a mandolin a thrift store a while back and use it all the time! I had an older one but never used it as it did not have the safety features the “new” one has!

  20. thedarlingdogwood

    Wow, lots of great finds! Love all your drawers for craft supplies! I used to go to thrift stores a lot, mostly for clothes, but haven’t really done it since my son was born–it can be so time consuming.

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