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Reading some of my stamper buddy’s blogs this week (both Wendy’s Made by Wendy Bellino and Heidi’s My Little Stamping Blog!), I found out about a Coffee Lovers Card Challenge at Coffee Loving Cardmakers, so I had to go make one to enter.  I didn’t think I had coffee specific stamps, and sure enough, nada. But, that didn’t mean I couldn’t find a way.  There are a bunch of prizes available, so of course I needed to get creative.  I found some free clipart on the internet, and printed out my designs rather than stamping them.  The sentiment came to me as soon as I read the challenge, so I simply typed it and printed it in brown ink.

Coffee Theme Card at

I framed each element with a coffee-with-cream color cardstock, and prepared an espresso bean color card.  It is actually a bit more brown and not as rusty as this picture would lead you to believe.  The darker brown paper with the flowers will make a nice accent.  The floral paper is glued in place, and the other elements will go on top.

Coffee Theme Card at

I do have a tiny cup stamp, so I added a couple of cups to the lower right corner.

Coffee Theme Card at

All done with the card, I added a few coffee cups to the envelope too.

Coffee Theme Card at
SpringSummer2019-coffee hop

Every time I need a ‘get well’ card, I don’t have the time to make one.  Now I have one ready to go!  Forgive me for posting more than usual this week, but with the challenge deadline, I had to get this one in.  The Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt Along will continue tomorrow!

Coffee Theme Card at

25 thoughts on “Coffee Card

  1. Sue Ann

    Forgive you for posting? No such thing as too many posts. It was a nice surprise to get your e-mail today. I do not make card but enjoy looking at others peoples creative talent. Thanks for posting. Have a great day in whatever you do.

  2. Great card! Very creative way to use a design when you don’t “have” the stamp. My card making is languishing…didn’t even get the Christmas ones done. Have a pile started for “next” Christmas. I like this design; and can see how with just a “change of verse” you could invite a friend over for a coffee & chat.

  3. Mary Stori

    I’ve always admired special homemade cards (very polished like yours)…… seeing the creations.

  4. So glad you were inspired to make a fun coffee card for the hop. If you had some time to visit some of the other entrants, there are plenty that use digital stamps and ephemera as well. So all kinds of cards are pretty and fun. I agree that getting certain types of cards in your stash helps get them sent out in a timely manner. Great work!

  5. Hi Carole! Such a cute and clever idea. I need to send my great-niece a Starbuck’s card just for fun, and this card would put it over the top. Great idea that I’m definitely going to borrow this weekend. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Barbara Moore

    Carole, your coffee themed card is as cute as can be – I hope you win! I hope you win!! Great idea another had about using it for a Starbucks gift card. I love the vintage look of the pot – reminds me of the percolators that were a part of every 50’s household – my aunt’s was always plugged in and doing its thing! The colors you used are perfect and everything matches so nicely. This card looks bigger than what I make – what is the overall size? Guess you needed moore room for all those pieces! Such fun! And, hey, it’s your blog – post whenever you feel the need!😂.
    Barb in Tucson

  7. Margaret

    That card is absolutely marvelous – the colors are so nicely balanced, and the varying sizes of the pictures make for an interesting visual. Looks like a winner to me!

  8. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning.

    Cards are so cute, thank God for the imagination he gives to us.

    These would work for teas as well. There are just so many flavor varieties for both coffee and tea. A wonderful treat for either.

    I like both so I’ll be enjoying a lot of friendship times together.


  9. dezertsuz

    Even though I’m not a coffee drinker, I find the card tickles me with your sentiment! Great choices and solution to having no coffee-specific stamps.

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