March in the Garden

It has been an up and down month so far for temperatures.  The warmth of February and the early part of March made for a lot of flowers blooming and bulbs coming up.  But today is the first day of spring, and I am so ready for the weather to be warmer! Earlier this month, my crocuses came out in glorious bloom.

March in the Garden at

Delicate white ones with star shaped flowers have intense gold stamens.

March in the Garden at

Two shades of purple bloomed.

March in the Garden at

I think my favorite is still the variegated purple withe the golden stamens.

March in the Garden at

In a couple of days they all had fully opened.  Then we were going to be in the 20s for a few nights, so I covered up the other iris and hyacinth bulbs, uncovering them when the temps got above freezing at night.  The crocuses could take it, but I was afraid for the other bulbs.

March in the Garden at

A clump of yellow daffodils bloomed in one area of the island in the center of the driveway.

March in the Garden at

Vibrant yellow with orange cups, they are beautiful.

March in the Garden at

In another clump, white daffodils with yellow cups came into bloom at the same time.

March in the Garden at

At the edge of the meadow, the cherry tree put on a show.

March in the Garden at

After weeks of not showing up, Clarence finally came back for a handout.  He gobbled loudly in front of the veranda to let me know he was back.  Of course, he got fed, half a slice of whole grain bread.  He came by several days in a row, but it has been a few since I’ve seen him.  I am just happy to know he is OK.

March in the Garden at

The hyacinths survived the cold, with this pink one coming into sweet fragrant bloom.

March in the Garden at

A blue one bloomed as well.  Two more darker magenta ones came out later.  The yellow one from last year hasn’t made an appearance yet.

March in the Garden at

Next to the hyacinths, the double daffodils with their ruffled orange centers bloomed profusely.

March in the Garden at

All around us, on the mountainside in the back and down the coves on both sides of the house, vincas are carpeting the ground.  They are a canvas of purple dots on a green background.

March in the Garden at

The cardinal pair are frequent visitors to the feeders that DH keeps full.  In fact, the variety of birds stopping by has been so varied, I’ll have to do another post just on birdwatching.

March in the Garden at

At the bottom of the meadow, next to the neighbor’s house, a pear tree is starting to show delicate lacy white flowers.

March in the Garden at

Down in the basement, my seeds are doing well.

March in the Garden at

This is where I get to every year, then something will happen and the plants will mostly die off.

March in the Garden at

I hope this year I can keep them watered and not kill them.

March in the Garden at

I have the grow light 16 inches away from them, but they still look leggy.  We will just have to wait to see if they make it this year.  I hope some do, as I have visions of tomatoes for this year’s summer recipes.

March in the Garden at

What is going on in your garden?

March in the Garden at

27 thoughts on “March in the Garden

  1. Mary Stori

    The flowering trees and plants seem to know spring is right around the corner….even though our temperatures are being contrary!

  2. Sue H

    Around here (southern IL, across the Mississippi from St. Louis) spring is barely poking through. I have crocus and hyacinths showing buds but no flowers yet. I have seen a couple of yellow crocus blooms in neighbors’ yards though so I’m close. Daffodils are sprouting but only the mini daffies have buds. As for birds — they sure are active now, tweeting everywhere and the woodpeckers are living up to their name! Lol! Thankfully the starlings are leaving our area. They’re such hogs at the feeders!

  3. Your flowers are beautiful. I love the way you captured those little drops of dew on the crocuses. It is a delight to see so much in bloom. Here in Southern Delaware a few of my daffodils have fully bloomed, while the ones out along my fence are “just buds” Maybe more will open between now and Tuesday when I depart for another trip. Hubby had the mower out mulching leaves on Friday for hours. He’s hoping the grass will green up soon. He is the only one I know who LOVES to ride the mower. Keep sharing those spring photo’s, as many of us are still in the gloom of “brown” yet.

    1. Felicia Hamlin

      Carole, what a beautiful garden. Thank you for sharing your flowers, here in Southern Minnesota we are a long way from having any flowers. I planted some bulbs last year and I will be anxious to see them come may.

  4. Of course, my garden is not nearly as far along as yours. Love these pictures, as it is a reminder of what will be coming soon!

    I really need to remember to plant more bulbs this fall. My crocus have nearly died out, and I would like some more snowdrops, too, for the early Spring flowers.

  5. Your Spring Flowers are beautiful!!! I don’t have blooms yet but I do have buds now so it’s a matter of days ♥ I’ve been SLOWLY getting the flowerbeds clean out and ready for the season 🙂
    Happy First Day OF SPRING!!!!

  6. Carole, you have so many things blooming. It is all beautiful the hyacinths, daffodils, and the magnificent crocuses! When cherry trees bloom, they steal the show. Happy Spring!

  7. Your Spring garden is beautiful just love those happy bulbs. And fancy having a big turkey come to visit you!
    Down here in New Zealand we are now in Autumn. The days are still mostly warm and settled but the evening temps are starting to drop. No snow for us though, during winter, just rain and wind.

  8. Wonderrul to see your Spring flowers. We are heading into autumn so not much happening in the garden except one tree that is a beautiful red at present. Actually now I stop and think, some of the roses are still bloomimg and the hibiscus is still flowering.

  9. Your photos are all gorgeous.

    At least you have started your seeds. I have only a few, but I need to wait until we get back from a trip, because there is no one to water them.

  10. Melanie

    We have some of the same floral blooms popping up here, so great to see the color expressions of spring! Your photography is wonderful, as always, Carole. Clarence is a handsome guy, isn’t he? Another great pic! We have a loner hen turkey we named Henrietta. Oh she would be so smitten with Clarence. LOL Thanks for another great post today! m

  11. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    Not much going on here, but your flowers are lovely. We found a nursery that sells Cherokee Purple plants and a great variety of other tomatoes and peppers, so I’m going to purchase my plants this year. Still a little chilly here and the wild blooming trees are slower than usual.

  12. I planted some old zinnia seeds in a planter over the weekend, we’ll see if the sprout. The garden is nearly melted off now, and I’m hoping that by the weekend we can see the lawn again. We are planting seed pots with cabbage and broccoli this week I think.

  13. Lovely to see plants I can’t seem to successfully grow – crocuses, daffodils and hyacinths. I especially love daffodils. Maybe I should try again. Not much going on in my garden at the moment. Life’s a little too busy. I’m having withdrawal symptoms!

  14. Wow, Carole, it’s truly spring in your mountains, how gorgeous!! Nothing happening here yet, more snow on the way for the next two days. Sigh. My seedlings are doing ok, I have more to start this weekend. Hope yours survive! I’ve been spraying mine with sea kelp mixed with water (a mild mix) once they have their second set of leaves. It’s the first year I’ve tried it, but so far so good!

  15. Phyllis Smith

    Carole, Hello Again today

    Your garden is looking lovely, I haven’t ever tried to grow the pretty purple and white crocuses flowers but am serious about considering them cause I love a purple flower. Have you heard of The Gibbs

    Gardens here in Ga.? Go to Gibbs and check them out you just might like to go there on one of your trips.


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