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For those of you with embroidery machines, do you sometimes find it hard to decide where to use some of those wonderful designs?  My embroidery machine is 20 years old, but still going strong, but I haven’t used it as much recently.  So, I thought, maybe we could do something fun for Autumn Jubilee (#AutumnJubilee2020) using embroidery. For this project, you will stitch out designs on your machine, and I’ll walk you through a technique, not a pattern as such because everyone will have different designs and different sizes.

I have many software cards with designs, and one of them has leaves.  First thing to realize is that the color guides given are really just suggestions, not written in stone.  So, even though these leaves are green, I’ll stitch them out in fall colors.

So the design above comes out like this when done in orange and brown.

Be sure you use a stabilizer on the back, according the the needs of your machine.

Next, I picked this one, also shown in green.

I stitched it out in browns, using a deep burgundy for the #5 accent.  Is it true to actual life?  Probably not, but who cares?!  Colors #1 and #4 looked the same to me, so I used the same light brown.  For color #2 I used a more golden brown, and for #3 I used a dark mahogany brown.

If you don’t have leaves, choose motifs you like and stitch them out in fall colors.  As an alternative, you could do them in everyday colors if you’d rather have yours for everyday use or to give as a gift this holiday season.  If you want something holiday, use Christmas motifs and colors.

This motif is shown in fall colors, so I’ll match the threads I have to the suggested ones.

Stitching doesn’t take long, and I can let this machine happily stitch away while I sew on my other one.

My last design will be this maple leaf, but again, I’ll change the colors a bit.

I wanted just a bit more red in mine, so I started with red, then added orange and two browns.

It has been a while since I used that embroidery unit, and I realized that I should have used two layers of stabilizer, and maybe a water soluable one on top as well.  But, I’ll be doing some quilting around the motifs so will not do them over.

So, your assignment is to stitch out four designs of your choice from the available designs on your machine.  The size is dependent on what you have.  For now, just cut your fabric large enough for your hoop, and stitch out what you like.  We’ll finish this project in two weeks.

Update – Click on Embroidered Mini Quilt Finish to see the project finish.

Our giveaway today is sponsored by Floriani Embroidery Threads.  Floriani embroidery threads are available at your local quilt shop.  I got mine at Beginnings Quilt Shop, and they also have an online portal for ordering Floriani products on their site.  I am using these colors in mine, and they are the ones in the Autumn Jubilee Floriani Thread Pack  of Ten Spools prize!  US shipping only.
PF236 Ash Green
PF502 Dandelion
PF578 Volunteer
PF0195 Russet
PF565 Harvest
PF749 Mahogany
PF778 Amber Beige
PF421 Wood Ash
PF2014 Rosemary
PF503 Sunflower

Just leave a comment on this post, then click on the Rafflecopter icon below to enter the drawing. 

To my Canadian readers, Happy Thanksgiving!!

Do you have an embroidery machine?  What have you made with yours?

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We already have three winners!! Congratulations to Joy B, Shari K, and Jan A!! There is still time to enter the drawings for the last couple of days. Good luck!!

67 thoughts on “Embroidery Wall Hanging

  1. Pat Semeraro

    Thank you for including machine embroidery in a project. I have been enjoying my new embroidery machine. I can’t wait to see everyones designs.

  2. Judy Sanders

    I love and do a lot of machine embroidery. I bought my machine for other reasons, and did not think I would do much in embroidery. All I can say is I am hooked.

  3. Lisa Knight

    Looking forward to using the fall colors and leaf designs I have! You always have such good ideas That I can’t wait to see the end results.

  4. Joy

    I don’t have an embroidery machine (wish I did) but my Bernina does have some embroidery capability. I have yet to really explore that but I want to try.

  5. Nancy Martin

    I have a ton of designs and it is sometimes hard to decide which ones to use. My machine is about 7 years old.

  6. I’ve been getting a lot of use this year with my embroidery machine. I discovered “in the hoop” projects a few years ago and it has been a game changer. Now I look at quilt patterns and think about how I could just add a touch of embroidery to the design. I’m looking forward to seeing how this works out. I “shrank” my list to 8 designs. Time to start stitching.

  7. Sandy Cole

    I have the old Pacesetter PC-8500 embroidery machine, still love it! I’m sure I have some Fall designs I can use!

  8. Joyce

    I’ve had a Babylock embroidery machine for 2 years, and have made some wall hangings, pillows, and zippered bags.

  9. Those are quite pretty Carole! No embroidery machine here, but I did pick up some nicely shaped fall leaves a couple of weeks ago, and put them on my copy machine so I have some nice outlines to stitch if I get around to it. I also picked up three bits of wool in gold to brown, so I may do the wool project. First thing today, though is the row quilt and two piano master classes, which means my teaching schedule is extremely light this week, so more crafty time!

  10. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    LOVE my embroidery machines!! I have around 35 GB of designs, including 18 GB that I have digitized and are on my website!! I’ve been collecting them for 20 years!! Crazy! But so much fun. I love incorporating my embroidery designs with quilting. Thanks so much for this giveaway! I’ll have to go through everything and see what I have. I, and all three of my machines, love Floriani thread!

  11. Kathy E.

    Changing the colors of the leaves was perfect! I rarely ever go with the suggestions of a design to match up colors. Yes, I do have an embroidery machine and have used it on lots and lots of projects from table runners to shirts to baby bibs to towels to hats! I just love it!
    duchick at gmail dot com

  12. Stef

    Thanks for including some embroidery ideas!! New to machine embroidery and the machine, but so far I love it. Yes, there is lots to learn with stabilizers!!

  13. Love the colorsof autumn. I haven’t used my 13 yo Embroidery Machine in years but dug it out (& relearned how) to use it. Yours is the 3rd QAL to have Embroidery in it this month. Must be something in the air!

  14. What a great idea. I’m now wondering what Fall designs I might have on my machine and overlooked. I will definitely give this challenge a try. I love your Fall thread collection too! Perfect Fall colors that are so yummy.

  15. What fun you had playing with your embroidery machine and fall colors (and patterns)! I’ve thought about getting one over the years, but with space so limited, I never have. I’ll just have to enjoy it vicariously through posts like yours!! 🙂

  16. Joni Wright

    I was gifted my Bernina when I graduated from Nursing school. It has a great embroidery set up. I took lessons and life got busy and I’ve yet to master its full potential. I mostly use it for label making and personalized gifts. This will be fun to explore!

  17. Camille

    My Bernina 440 has an embroidery module. I have used it infrequently. Perhaps I should check it out again and see what design options I have available. I do have another sewing machine that I can piece with while embroidery designs are stitching but I had not thought of using it in tandem with embroidery stitching. (Paranoia that something would go amiss without careful supervision.)

    1. Cathie A Grant

      Thanks for the push to get out my machine and work on some pretty fall leaves. Thanks for the inspiration

  18. Sandy McCarty

    You’ve inspired me to take a look at the gazillions of embroidery designs I’ve collected over the years and create something for fall.

  19. Joan Sheppard

    Thanks, absolutely love these lovely leaves.
    Love to do embroidery by hand and might try doing this leaf pattern with felt and stitching on the machine. I love my machine stitches even though I don’t have a lot of them, amazing what can be done when I double them up.

  20. LaLani

    I’ve resisted getting a machine that does embroidery but when I saw those beautiful leaves it sure set me to reconsidering. My friends are crazy about theirs and I’ve been fortunate to have been gifted several beautifully embroidered items. I’d love to win the threads for them! 🐸

  21. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, The leaf designs that you did are lovely and I look forward to seeing exactly what you are going to be doing with them. I do not have an embroidery machine, but as you know I do truly enjoy doing hand embroidery. I am working on a couple of projects right now. I will have to go through my printed designs and see if I have a variety of Fall designs and get started on doing them. Thank you for sharing this beautiful project. Have a fabulous day!

  22. Donna Flanery

    I made a table runner last year with autumn leaves that were appliqué/embroidered on my machine. Turned out really nice.

  23. kattails

    Beautiful leaves….I’m looking through what I have available now! Thanks for the stabilizer tips! Blessings from a chilly, rainy WV; I hope you have some sun peeking through!

  24. quilterpt

    I do have an embroidery machine and love using it. I mostly have used it for decorative towels and potholders, but have embroidered t-shirts and pillows and more with it. Thanks for sharing the great giveaway!

  25. Connie Wolfe

    Yes, I have an embroidery machine. I have used it to stitch designs on blocks, to quilt, and, to put a baby’s name on a quilt which is especially important to the baby’s mother. Thank you for including machine embroidery this year.

  26. Susan Nixon

    I don’t have one, but I think this is a fabulous idea for those who do. Making what you have serve multiple purposes always gives you more for your money. Speaking of, I don’t think that machine owes you anything at this point! 20 years is amazing!

  27. Shari Holden

    I do not have an embroidery machine. Never really wanted one even though people have told me if I had one I would love it. I do not think I would use it enough to warrant the cost.

  28. Wendy

    I have an embroidery machine but like yours it is an older one. However, I love using it as often as I am able. It uses cards and floppy disks which are hard to find anymore. I can still download designs from embroidery sites to use but find that some don’t work on my machine. Love the way your leaves turned out!

  29. Loris Mills

    I have a Bernina 180 that I feel I haven’t used enough. I made some transfer designs for sweatshirts and few other pocket designs. Then the hospital where I was working had me make labels for fabric lift equipment several years back. I finally got my money out of that machine 🙂
    I love your leaf designs. The thread colors are beautiful!

  30. Sharon K Cowart

    I tend to have a tendency to alter the color suggestions of projects. I guess so I can say its mine! So I’m totally with you on this…It’s exciting to watch it change and you’re mind is saying” O my goodness!” Thank you! Enjoyed!

  31. Deborah

    I love this embroidery project for fall. Especially since I
    seldom use the suggested colors and the fall colors are so pretty.

  32. Melodye Ray

    I love my machines. I’ve made quilts, totes and decorative items. Today’s designers are incredible!

  33. MaryAnn B

    Like you I have not used my embroidery machine for awhile need to start using that again your leaves are really pretty.

  34. The fall leaves are gorgeous. I don’t have an embroidery machine, but do embroider by hand. Those colors of the thread are perfect for Autumn. Thank you for the giveaway and showing us what you do with your embroidery machine.

  35. Mom C

    I don’t have an embroidery machine. I used to do lots of free hand machine embroidery but I got more into piecing and don’t so that kind of sewing much any more. Yours are beautiful. Thanks.

  36. Nancy

    During the past two weeks I have been stitching out at least one design each day from the files on my laptop. It’s been fun and I’m learning much.

  37. KitsyKeelSmith

    Love the colors you chose and would love to win them. Thanks for always sharing your beautiful work with your readers.

  38. I have an embroidery machine–a Brother SE?400–that I’ve had for over 10 years. I like the way your changed colors on the leaf patterns! I’ll try that! Sometimes I see an embroidery pattern I like, but, like you, I wonder what to do with it. Most of them have turned into wall hangings, pillows and little flags. I’m retiring in a few months and hope to sell a few of the things I make. Thanks for the opportunity to win the thread!! It’s like jewelry!

  39. The colors in this collection are so wonderful for autumn. I can only imagine all of the incredible designs I could make with this collection of Floriani Embroidery Threads. I just recently got my machine and I am hoping to make some beautiful bibs for my granddaughter.

    1. Tamara,
      You are a no-contact commenter, as your email is showing as “twitter.example.com” which I cannot reply to. Please comment again with your email address, and be sure you are entering the drawings with a valid email, or your entry may be disqualified.

  40. js22@yahoo.com

    I have a Brother DreamCreator combo machine. It’s a year old this month! I really love stitching out Free Standing Lace earrings! I just bought magnetic hoops, so I hope to try them out soon!

  41. Carla Hundley

    I’m so happy to be the winner of the beautiful thread! Thank you for the giveaway and I enjoy seeing all your creations you share.
    Carla from Utah

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