Asian Inspired Christmas Table Runner

In the stash of Asian fabrics I got from a friend’s sale was this lovely red on cream print.  The print reminded me of the Christmas balls that you might have on a Christmas tree.  I got the idea then of doing an Asian inspired Christmas table, but it took quite a while to settle on how to use this fabric.  The large motif didn’t lend itself to cutting up, so the decision to use it in one piece was easy.  But what to do with a border was a challenge.

Asian Inspired Christmas Table Runner at From My Carolina Home

I had this idea of varied size rectangles in a pattern, but no matter what I tried, it distracted from the center print.  I was going for a stained glass look to the border with this one, but it still was too much.  I didn’t want the border to pull focus away from the center print.

Asian Inspired Christmas Table Runner at From My Carolina Home

Even a simple three strip border with black – green – black was too much.

Asian Inspired Christmas Table Runner at From My Carolina Home

I lined up the three colors I had to play with next to the print and tried to come up with another idea.

Asian Inspired Christmas Table Runner at From My Carolina Home

Sometimes simple is better, so I just decided to do a plain border of just one print.  I began auditioning the fabrics that I originally chose for the border one at a time.  Here is the gold.

Asian Print Christmas Table Runner at

Then the black,

Asian Print Christmas Table Runner at

and finally the green.

Asian Print Christmas Table Runner at

I went back and forth, did a stand and stare for more days than I wanted.  Every time I went back to this project, I changed my mind as to which I liked best.  So, I finished quilting and binding a Carolina Hurricane Quilt.  Now, running out of time for my deadline to get it done, it was time to bite the bullet and make a decision.  The green won for several reasons.  There is no black in the print, and it drew too much attention away from the center.  The gold was too light, again drawing the eye away from the center.  The green picked up the green in the print, and made a nice accent without drawing too much attention. I went with a narrower border than I originally planned too, as all I really wanted was a frame for this pretty print.

Asian Print Christmas Table Runner at

It was quilted on the longarm, with the Geisha pantograph in golden brown Glide thread as once again it echos a motif in the print like it did for my Sakura Tsuki Art Quilt.

Asian Print Christmas Table Runner at

In the bobbin is Bottom Line, and the batting is Warm and Natural cotton. I put a Christmas print on the back to make it reversible.

Asian Print Christmas Table Runner at

It is bound in the same green print.

Asian Print Christmas Table Runner at

Some handwork to attach the binding to the back, and it is done.

Asian Print Christmas Table Runner at

The Asian Table Runner will be the focus of an Asian Inspired Christmas Tablescape on Friday.  Nothing like a blend of cultures to make something new!

Asian Print Christmas Table Runner at

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10 thoughts on “Asian Inspired Christmas Table Runner

  1. Patricia Evans

    I chose the green, too. It compliments the print. I have a bin full of lovely orientals that I hate to cut up, but they’re not doing anyone any good folded up in the bin. Looking forward to seeing the tablescape on Friday.

  2. Joy B

    I completely agree with the choice of green and the fairly narrow border. It sets off that lovely fabric beautifully! I can’t wait to see the table that features this runner.

  3. Sharon Schipper

    You are so inspiring! I’m finishing up a rag doll and dolly quilt. Also have vintage fabric to make old fashioned covers for my coffee maker and toaster, tee hee! they are sitting sorted in a small bin, and because it’s for me, they keep going to the bottom of the to do…

    And the black looks like what would have been used on silk screens etc, they use black in frames, sometimes with a tiny gold line. I often thought living there that the Japanese don’t have our same compulsion to match colors! First time I saw teal and red and pink together was there in the 70’s.

    I have some plum and cherry blossom silk paintings with different birds, and instead of the black and gold frames, I chose enameled red and gold. Now my DIL wants to paint them black to go with her decor. Not yet please! I also have an embroidered screen, black and white silk, with gold and white embroidered mums on it. The daughters have that. It also has a black enameled frame with a white mat and gold embellishment on the framing. I had to look up the name of those little balls depicted on your fabric. They look embroidered or quilted and often are made of strings, very lovely and intricate. They are Temari.

  4. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, Your table runner has turned out beautifully! The green you used is a great choice and the quilting you did is beautiful also. I am trying to make a couple of wreaths for gifts and I need to finish making a hand embroidered pillow cover for my mother. Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic day!

  5. Melanie

    The Asian print is beautiful and I really like the narrow green border (my favorite color!), but the quilting is a wow! Great project and a wonderful, quilted finish. :o)

  6. That turned out just right Carole! A hard choice of what to do, but the simple green border looks great. I am debating about Christmas sewing, I have a pair of flannel pj pants requested by Girl #1’s boyfriend, and think I’m going to use a piece of three season wool for a shirt for DH, but this is probably it for this year.

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