Finishing Orizuru – the Cranes Wall Hanging

Orizuru was finished on time, and is currently hanging at the Mountain Regional State Fair, in the Quilts Division category Wall Hangings.  But, finishing it gave me a few more headaches before it was done.  Since the blue markers were working well, I continued with them and marked a few feathers on the outer border.  I also marked a 1/4-inch line all the way around to keep the feathers within the frame so the binding wouldn’t cover them up.

Orizuru Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I only marked a few to get me started, doing touch-and-go feathers.  These have no backtracking, so they are faster and easier.  Coming out from the spine, curve to the previous feather, then swing back larger for the completion of the feather.  Once I had a rhythm going, I could continue around the little quilt with just the spine marked.

Orizuru Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Then I began on the ribbon candy for the inner border.  Yuk, I didn’t like this white thread on the dark green.

Orizuru Quilt at From My Carolina Home

So, out it came.  I hadn’t gotten too far, so it didn’t take long.

Orizuru Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Now to audition greens.  None of these was really the right color.

Orizuru Quilt at From My Carolina Home

The only color that really worked was a Mettler, not one I’ve used in the longarm before.

Orizuru Quilt at From My Carolina Home

But, what the hey?  Let’s try it.  I threaded the longarm with it, and started in.  Immediately, I can see the tension is off.  So, one more time I ripped out the stitching.

Orizuru Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I took the bobbin out to measure it on the Towa.  Now, I had only changed one Bottom Line bobbin in white for a Bottom Line bobbin in green, but the tension was way off.  I adjusted it to 180.

Orizuru Quilt at From My Carolina Home

It is much better on the scrap piece I used to test it, but not perfect.

Orizuru Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I tightened it just a tiny bit more to 190 or so, and then stitched a figure-8 to be sure it was good.

Orizuru Quilt at From My Carolina Home

The green border was done totally freehand in a ribbon candy design.  The matching thread now is just texture and doesn’t really show too much.

Orizuru Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Whew, finally, all done with the quilting!!

Orizuru Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I am happy with it overall.

Orizuru Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I added a label.

Orizuru Quilt at

Then the border is carefully sewn with perfect miters on the corners, making sure the binding is full with batting.

Orizuru Quilt at

I can see some things that I should have done a bit more carefully.  The stippling is a bit uneven, and some of the stitch in the ditch isn’t quite in the ditch.  There are a few feathers that extend under the binding.  But overall, it is one of my better efforts, so I am pleased.

Orizuru Quilt at

Here’s a look at the lower corner.

Orizuru Quilt at

I entered it in the fair, and was thrilled to see it won a Third Place in miniatures.

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Orizuru Quilt at

So, what do you think or Orizuru?  Have you done custom quilting?  What are you working on?

29 thoughts on “Finishing Orizuru – the Cranes Wall Hanging

  1. Jan Snell

    Carole, it looks great! Congrats on the ribbon at the fair. You made it look and sound easy but I love how you explain the snags too. Every time I free motion quilt I have fun and am pleased with the results but sometimes I get stalled because I hit a glitch. Glad to see how someone else does the same!

  2. Diann@ Little Penguin Quilts

    Congratulations on your ribbon from the fair! Your wall-hanging looks wonderful with the pretty fabrics and custom quilting. I really like how you matched the thread to the different sections when you quilted them! Wishing you “not too much” rain or power outages!

  3. Hi Carole! Thank you so much for your explanation of your touch and go feathers! I had to go back and really study your first picture with the blue markings. I could easily follow what you are saying and love how it turned out. You certainly deserve that ribbon!! I sure hope your survive the storm with minimal damage and impact. It certainly is a huge storm. I’m going to PIN your picture with the markings for future reference! Thanks again. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Lenora

    As always, love seeing your beautiful projects! But, especially appreciate the weather update. I have many blog friends that I am concerned about and it is always nice to hear about each one of you. There is no doubt in my mind that if you do become isolated, loss of electricity, etc. that the two of you will find something to keep you occupied. Stay safe and dry (unless you want to walk in the rain).

  5. Linda B

    That is interesting how you marked your binding line before quilting in the border. Wondering how you did that exactly. Did you measure over from the seamline? That trimming up at the very last is one of the hardest things for me to do and sometimes my quilting extends past my line and sometimes looks off. Lately I have been putting on the binding with more like 3/8s inch width, but sometimes I have not planned what I am going to do til I get there and then may be messed up. Have to think about this! Yes, congratulations on your ribbon Carole and glad you can just hunker down for a few days!

  6. Sharon Schipper

    SO beautiful, and none of us would have seen the wobbles if you hadn’t pointed it out. We can all admire the perfect quilting at shows, but truly I love the ones that love and care have been put into, even with wobbles…

    Stay dry! we would like a little bit of the rain you will be getting here for sure! but not all at once. I can’t imagine evacuating a million people from the coast. Here’s praying it doesn’t meet our bad expectations. So proud your governors and local governments on the ball!

    sharon in colorado

  7. I am going to try that touch and go feathering, I think it might work for me! Feathering has always been something I stay away from, but this might et me over the hump. Congrats on the ribbon; it is always a nice moment to see one’s work with a rosette! Hope you don’t get a lengthy power outage out of this storm!

  8. Congratulations on your ribbon. It is a beautiful piece in spite of all your quilting problems.

    Stay safe with Florence. I hope it isn’t as bad as predicted.

  9. Sue H

    I have done custom quilting on my domestic sewing machine. I love the freedom it gives but sometimes I get “quilter’s block” on what to design in the spaces/blocks. Your Orizuru turned out beautifully! Pleased to see you got a ribbon for your efforts!!!!

  10. lynn bourgeois

    I think the quilting is very good. I’m not a great quilter, but do try smaller bits on my domestic machine. This is a lovely piece.
    Hoping for the best for all impacted on by this hurricane

  11. Your quilt is lovely…..hoping it earned a well deserved ribbon. BTW – we too (as you know) are far from town with fingers crossed we don’t lose power….but unlike you we don’t have a generator….so we’ll be over to your house when our lights go out!!! Big grin….

  12. So fun to follow the progress of this lovely quilt from beginning to ribbon-winning! Thanks for the tips along the way—always something to learn. Hope you stay safe through this storm. Can the generator power your sewing machine so you can continue sewing?

  13. debrapugh

    I haven’t been blogging much but I I immediately thought of you when I read about Florence. i know that you generally weather these storms due to your location and hope that it is the same in this situation 🙂

  14. All those problems with finding the best colour thread and adjusting the tension is worth it with the finish of your lovely Orizuru quilt. I love that you did the quilting freehand on your longarm. The quilting looks great. I hope all will be well with you with the onset of the hurricane.

  15. Your cranes look great. 👏👏👏 on the ribbon.

    Glad to hear you are up high and well-provisioned. Stay safe!

    Both my kids and all 5’grands were on Maui the week of the hurricane there – fortunately, the area where they were got mostly some wind and moderate rain, not the flooding that occurred elsewhere in the islands.

    We worry mostly about fires out here in CA! Weather and other natural disasters lurk everywhere!

  16. I think you see more problems with your work than we do. I have been told more than once that you should never point out your ‘mistakes’ on a quilt, because the person receiving it, or observing it will never note them like you will when you had your nose in it doing the work. 😉

    I think your work is lovely. Is the paper pieced pattern sharable for the crane? I would like to make one for a decorative pillow.

    I am glad to know you will be safe.

  17. I am glad to hear you are not near the brunt of the storm, scary stuff! I think you did great on your quilting-don’t point out any mistakes and we wouldn’t know any better, LOL Besides if there are mistakes it just proves you are human, hehe.

  18. manasotavacation

    Another lovely creation. Your attention to detail and commitment to quality shows in all your work. You are such a good teacher!!

  19. Lovely work on your quilt and congratulations on the ribbon. Very special.
    We have been following the progress of Florence very carefully. I am stunned at how far it is spreading. Our family took heed of the evacuation warnings and left Charleston and headed to relatives in Charlotte. I gather they will still be getting a lot of the wind and rain, but hopefully they will be much safer there than in their own home.
    I hope you keep safe too and that the power stays on. Good luck.

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