Spring Cleaning, and a Blog Break

Spring Cleaning came late this year, it just seemed like winter would never end.  But one of the effects of losing a bit of weight is that the closet needs to be purged, a good problem to have, isn’t it?  I went into how I do this in more detail in a previous post – What’s In Your Closet?  On the clean out day, I took about four hours to try on most of my clothes, and make a critical assessment of each one.  The bolero shrugs had to go, past their prime and out of style now.  Several pairs of pants are now too baggy to keep.  The good news, two pairs of pants that I couldn’t get into before now fit well, whoohoo!!  Things that fit, were clean and in good shape were hung back in the closet. When I was done, I had four piles – keep with modification (laying on the bench – some things need repairs like a zipper coming loose, or taking in), keep but needs washing in the basket, donate in the bag and trash.

Closet Cleanout at From My Carolina Home

Flipping the closet, I have the summer colors out now and the winter ones put on the other side covered up to protect from dust.  It also means I have ‘new’ things to wear twice a year.  The tops are sorted by sleeve length, with spring/summer sweaters and light jackets on the right.  I cleaned all my shoes and bags with leather wipes, stored away the rust and brown, and got out the sandals and light color purses.  The light breeze  coming in from the open window airs out the closet.

Closet Cleanout at From My Carolina Home

Another clean out I did 2 years ago was organizing my recipes into photo albums.  See that at Getting Organized Saving Recipes.  I had a few more to add now, so got that done too.

Recipe Organizing | From My Carolina Home

Then, I attacked my spice cabinet.  It is amazing how long something can be kept and ignored, taking up valuable space!  I looked at each item, determining if I was using it or not.  Really old things just don’t have the flavor they should, and should be thrown out.  Why do I have two containers of Allspice?  The old one needs to go.

Spring Clean Spice Cabinet at From My Carolina Home

I found things in there I haven’t used in so many years!! The gumbo filé had a sticker on it for 63-cents! It must be 20+ years old.  The thyme container was almost empty and a more recent one was still on the shelf.  I don’t use mustard powder, why I have it I have no idea.  It was so old that it didn’t have an expiration date!  Plus, I know it moved here with us, as there isn’t a Kroger store within a 100 miles of here.

Spring Clean Spice Cabinet at From My Carolina Home

I haven’t used bullion cubes in more years than I can count.  These things are awful, full of salt (note that it is the first ingredient!) and not much flavor.  I went to low-sodium canned broth so long ago I cannot even remember how long.  But to give you an idea, this label doesn’t even show the sodium content!  That means this has been in my cabinet since before 1990, which is when the FDA made nutrition labels include sodium.  Mercy!

Spring Clean Spice Cabinet at From My Carolina Home

Seeing the age of these things, I am going to get to the medicine cabinet next.  Last time I did that there were several expired over the counter things that needed to be thrown out.  I’ll take them to the next drug take-back day here so they can be disposed of by incinerating, not flushed or put into the landfill.  I am sure this bluebird appreciates the care of our environment.

May in the Garden at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

As I was rearranging things in the kitchen a bit, I noticed something fun.  And it gave me an idea for a tablescape. But, my grandmother’s silverplate service which was perfect with its floral design was in sad shape, and desperately needed a polish. I know there are more than a few who are afraid of polishing silverware, but truly, it is easy and not as much work as you might think. Using a good silver polish, like Wrights Silver Cream, makes the job a snap. Please don’t use things like Tarn-x on your good silver, it removes some of the metal to get its job done.

Cleaning Silverplate at From My Carolina Home

I half fill my farmhouse sink with warm water, and put the tarnished silver on the left.

Cleaning Silverplate at From My Carolina Home

Just wipe a wet sponge over the cream in the jar to get some on the sponge, then wipe off the tarnish.  It works as long as there are suds, so you can get a number of pieces done at once.  When the suds are used up, just wipe the sponge over the cream again, and keep going.

Cleaning Silverplate at From My Carolina Home

Yes, it really is that easy. I hold two pieces of the silverware at once, wipe the fronts and backs, then drop them back in the water on the right. Just look at the difference in these spoons. I didn’t have to scrub, just simple wiping works.

Cleaning Silverplate at From My Carolina Home

When all the pieces are clean, drain the water and use the veggie sprayer to rinse them.  I then pick up the pieces two at a time and make sure they are completely rinsed under running water.

Cleaning Silverplate at From My Carolina Home

Spread them out on a towel, and use a second towel to dry thoroughly.

Cleaning Silverplate at From My Carolina Home

Less than half an hour later, and all are back in the case, sparkling clean.

Cleaning Silverplate at From My Carolina Home

Beginning today, I am going to take a short break from blogging for two weeks. I just want you all to know so you won’t wonder. Yes, I have scheduled the Square Dance mystery clue for next Friday, so you will have it on schedule. But that will be the only post until May 27th. During this time, I won’t be answering any comments, but rest assured I will read every one when I get back. Please don’t worry, I’m fine and healthy, I just need to be away from the computer for a bit.

Late April Garden 2018 at From My Carolina Home

Have fun with your gardening and quilting, and maybe a bit of Spring Cleaning, and I’ll have some fun things to post about when I get back.  In the meantime, please check out some of the great sales going on at my affiliate links.  I appreciate all the clicks!!

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Happy Spring!

Late April Garden 2018 at From My Carolina Home

20 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning, and a Blog Break

  1. June Neigum

    Your mom’s silver case looks just like my mom’s.. My father bought it in 1952 and I remember using and polishing it all through my years. But I use my mothers silverware everyday. Why let it stay cooped up in a case.

  2. Now you have me motivated to do a big clean out. I am sure I have some old spices that need to be thrown out as well. Great tip on the silverware…so much better than those chemical cleaners! Enjoy your blogging break. I hope you are feeling refreshed when you come back!
    Enjoy your weekend! Shelley

  3. That is an impressive clean. But isn’t it satisfying.
    Yes, it is easy to have things in the pantry that are well out of date. Luckily for me I have a husband who regularly checks those things and will often have a clean out. I do appreciate that..
    Hope you have a delightful blogging break.

  4. Have a good break! I did a massive clean out last spring, but it is time to go through things again. I kept several boxes of stuff from my office, and now it is time for the final purge!

  5. I’m having a major renovation done in the kitchen and master bath this summer – will take the emptying out time to sort and purge.

    Have a good break and get lots of quilty stuff done!

  6. shoshana

    i’ll miss hearing from you, but totally back you for taking a break, we all need to do that every so often, re-center, and move on. enjoy!

  7. Rosemaryflower

    Have a fun break.
    I have an ongoing list (maybe it is a nurse thing) of areas and things to address in the house.
    Little projects (clean out a drawer) to big projects (ugh and it helps to break those down)
    It is a good habit.
    Hubbs and I cleaned up mom and dads place 6 years ago so they could move near me and looking back, it was hard and heart wrenching. I did not want them to worry, so we did it all.

  8. Sorting a wardrobe is a great start to a general tidy up and clean-out.And a beautiful cutlery canteen. ( The older English saying for a whole set, yours is now beautifully cleaned and set out)

  9. Cindy B

    We’ll miss you while you are on break! Enjoy yourself!!!!
    Now all that cleaning makes me want to go home and attack a closet!!!!!

  10. dezertsuz

    Polishing the silver was one of my jobs growing up, and it hasn’t changed significantly in all that time – still using Wright’s! We had a silver coffee and tea set that had to be done, too. My mother was a stickler for doing it before it ever got tarnished. That brought back some memories … and I don’t own but one silver thing now – a clock someone gave me!

    Enjoy your break. It is well deserved, and I hope you don’t spend all of it cleaning up stuff!

  11. lynn bourgeois

    Enjoy your blogging break. I am inspired to sift through some untouched corners after reading your blog. I wonder what i will find? It will be a “sort of” treasure hunt. Have a great two weeks.

  12. Jean

    I think it’s important to clean out, clear out, and refresh! You’re on the right road, missy! Enjoy!
    -Jean 💟

  13. Have a nice break. Spring cleaning is a good thing, that we also do. The clothing/closets usually consume most of the time. Then, on to the kitchen…

  14. Sharon Schipper

    old sweet spices can be used to boil on the stove and scent the house. Mom used to boil her sponges in it as well. Back before we threw those away too fast! I use a little potpourri crock pot.
    The mustard powder pour on your sidewalk cracks, Dad swore it repels ants. Also read that mustard repels deer from your garden… wet paste on a foil pie plate it says. Have no clue about the other ones! Salty ones will also kill weeds but oh well!

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