April in the Garden

Finally, we have some warmer days!  It seems like winter just keeps hanging on, but Friday was warm and sunny, and Saturday was perfect for a drive.  It is supposed to rain all day today, so I am glad I got some pictures of the garden.  Flowers are starting to show their colors a bit more.  These daffodils were blooming earlier in the month and are all done now.  They didn’t all bloom, but the ones that did were lovely.

April in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

The redbud tree is coming out and the bees are all over the pretty pink flowers.

April in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

The hyacinths bloomed nicely, and were so fragrant!  I’ve never had a whole bed of hyacinths before now.  The colors were so pretty.

April in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

Next to the hyacinths, the gorgeous double daffodils bloomed. These were so beautiful, creamy petals on the outside with a lovely apricot petal center.  The blooms were long lasting as well, staying lovely for almost two weeks.  I think every bulb put up a flower, well worth the planting time.

April in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

A few days later, the irises in the planter came up, and bloomed. I have to say I am disappointed that they are purple. I already have two beds full of purple ones, and really was hoping for another color. But alas they aren’t, so when they are done, I’ll be digging them up and giving them away.  These are almost fully open.

April in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

Well, maybe I’ll keep a few as they seem to be a deeper color purple, with a bit of a stripe on the beard that is pretty.  The falls are a bit darker than the standards.

April in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

It is mating time for the turkeys, and this male was trying his best to get the attention of the two females. They pretty much ignored him.

April in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

He has been strutting his stuff every day for a couple of weeks now. Magnificent, isn’t he? Well, at least he thinks he is, LOL!!  Still, the ladies just go about looking for seeds to eat, and don’t pay any attention to him, despite his best efforts.

April in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

He just keeps trying, this was yet another day.  Puffed up like this, he is twice his normal size. Of course, I am still giving them bread, but he isn’t interested in eating. The ladies come up to get their treat, but he continues to strut around.

April in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

On the backside of the house, my little clingstone peach is loaded with blooms.  Once again this summer, I will race the bears to get the fruit as it ripens.

April in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

Then, early one morning, I looked out to the driveway to see this guy.  He looks like a sweet little kitty, right? Not!! This, believe it or not, is a North Carolina mountain bobcat, weighing around 35-40 pounds. I got one picture, and as I quietly tried to get outside to get a better shot, he ran off.  His feet are huge.

April in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

I had several areas of ajugas on the lawn in front and back, but the first grass cutting this week took them all away.

April in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

I think they are lovely, and wish the mower would have left them for another mowing day after the blooms were done.

April in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

A week later and the redbud is really starting to come out.  The hyacinths in the planter are done.

April in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

Such a vibrant pink, and the large bumblebees are taking advantage of the pollen.

April in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

In the front bed, the tulips are starting their show.  It seems like I won’t get many this year.  I do need to get out and weed that bed.  It has a bunch of clover in it.

April in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

I thought I’d try an artsy shot, the redbud in the background is still blooming.  I took this picture on Friday.

April in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

I have tried many times to get a picture of this pair together, when the male is offering the female some choice seeds.  He will feed her the seeds as a courting ritual.  It is just so sweet to watch.

April in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

Guess who was back again, still strutting and still being ignored.  I haven’t named this one.  He isn’t too interested in getting handouts, but the ladies still come up when they see me with bread in hand.

April in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

My white azalea did get freeze damage again this year, all those brown spots.

April in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

The azaleas are just now beginning to bud out, and should be at full bloom in another week or so, providing we don’t have another freeze.  The trees are still bare, just now beginning to produce leaves at the very tips of the branches.  You can still see the mountain to the east through the trees.   Pretty soon the foliage will cover that view completely.

April in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

This view of the valley was earlier in the month, an early morning fog settled into the low areas.  Sometimes these mountains do live up to the name Blue Ridge.

April in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

I really do love these daffodils!! I think this fall I’ll try to get more of these double bloomers.

April in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

What’s going on in your garden?

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April in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

35 thoughts on “April in the Garden

  1. Nanc

    Thank you for your perfectly timed and beautiful photos of your garden. My husband and I always enjoy your photos and after the 13” of snow we had yesterday here in Minnesota they are especially welcome. I think we saw your 3 turkey friends come up our drive way last week! Have a great week!

  2. Spring is like the beginning of a new year! As I get older, it is my favorite time of the year. All the flowers blooming (I am not a gardner) but mostly the beautiful green grass and trees before the 100 degree weather and no rain hits. Beautiful pictures!

  3. debdevo

    Well – if you would like to drive to Fort Mill, SC for free yellow iris’s, you are more than welcome! I have tons!!! I’m sure I could rustle up dinner for you and your honey as well!

  4. beautiful flowers, my iris’s are always slow and haven’t opened yet but I know they will soon so that is ok, we have been having a colder than normal spring and I will be so glad when I can be out on my porch in comfort or in the yard fiddling around with the flower beds and getting my tomatoes planted

  5. Kate Agar-Ross

    Oh my so uplifting. Here we are in the midst of a ice storm. -4C this morning hydro is warning of outages. Dreaming of spring.

  6. Hi Carole,
    Beautiful pictures you shared with us today! My daffodils are covered in the ice storm we are having and a friend slightly north of us has 18 inches of snow this morning and it’s still coming down. Oh I had to giggle at that turkey strutting his stuff to no avail. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Thank you for the reminder that spring is indeed coming! We are growing a fabulous amount of mud here! Snow is melting today, again. On the bright side, at least it is melting off between storms, so that is progress! I am really enjoying your bulbs, the hyacinths were magnificent, so many colors to enjoy♥️. I have seem double daffodils with pink centers too, the doubles really stand out don’t they?

  8. shirley

    So nice to see it is spring somewhere! We are in the midst of an ice storm and heavy snow further north here in Michigan. Just thankful we haven’t lost power.

  9. BJ

    Ha! There is nothing but snow in my yard yet. It’s still a foot deep but is starting to melt. I won’t see my daffodils until Memorial Day, but it makes for a more festive time. The yard maintenance service is just now sending out their questionnaire for needed spring and summer services. Your yard looks so lovely and inviting! The Tom is a riot – such a ladies ‘ man. I hope the bobcat isn’t scouting for dinner! Thanks for the wonderful peek at spring. I’m really ready.

  10. Marsa

    Here in Ohio my daffy’s have lasted weeks because of the lingering cold weather. For that, I am grateful. Hot humid summer will be here soon enough. Did you know you can sprinkle red bud blooms in your salads for a pretty color? We planted one, it died, then planted another in a new spot. This will be it’s third year and I am looking forward to some blossoms in a salad this year.

  11. Not sure whether to laugh or cry. We are sitting here in Buffalo in a pile of sleet. Started yesterday and ongoing. All is white and ice. My garden is in stunned silence. The only thing strutting around here is the salt truck. Lovely, lovely flowers.

  12. Patricia Evans

    Well, as the others have commented, your pics are a breath of fresh air for all us northerners. While we escaped the brunt of the ice storm (it stayed farther north and west than predicted), we are in for 2 days of rain, then maybe snow showers. I can see hints of yellow on my daffs and the forsythia is getting closer to blooming, but there won’t be any lawn mowing here for a while.
    I’d love to plant a redbud tree, but don’t want to spend a fortune for a potted one. It seems that all you can buy these days are large potted trees which are much harder to plant than young ones.
    Thanks for sharing your spring time blooms. Now send us some of that warm weather.

  13. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    Your photos of spring flowers gives me hope!! It’s been a cool spring here and my flowers are slow. Thanks for sharing!!!

  14. Linda

    You and Bonnie Hunter must live close. She shares the same plants blooming. I live in Wisconsin, where nothing has come up yet. We are getting 5″ of snow today. I normally love snow but when I see all your beautiful blooms, I am ready for spring to come here. Thanks for giving hope that Spring will come.

  15. Funny you’re talking about double daffodils today. This past Thursday I was with my quilt group and a lady shared some knowledge of the double daffies that she had learned from a master gardener. He told her that they date back pre-1620s, which surprised me since that was the year of the Mayflower! Guess they were brought here by the Vikings?? Anyway they seem to grow wild around here especially in the farm country and one lady said she didn’t realize they were so special since she’s been spraying hers with Round-Up every year because she thought they were weeds! Imagine that!!! She will no longer be doing that she assured us.

  16. Kathleen

    Beautiful pictures! As others have stated, when I look out my window for any kind of garden life, all I see is snow and ice. So your post is especially welcomed today! Thank you for sharing. Loved the cardinal picture the best.

  17. Beautiful flowers and magnificent turkey! Also, wanted to let you know that I received this via email and my WordPress feed, so it appears everything is back to normal. Thanks.

  18. I am inspired to buy some double daffs, ( yours are truly gorgeous) they should be out for sale down here now. But yesterday I looked in a pot where I had stored some of last year’s bulbs, and little green points are showing. They sure have the seasons muddled up .Lovely views from your home, and to see blossoms, a delight after winter.

  19. It is wonderful to see your spring flowers and blossom trees as we head into winter, not that we get a cold winter like you do. Had to have a giggle at the male turkey, he sure is perisitant!! How good to get a photo of the bob cat…would it be after the turkeys? The double daffodils are wonderful.

  20. debrapugh

    I always enjoy seeing your Southern redbud trees ( here and on other Southern blogs! 🙂

    I enjoyed the flowers and wildlife….the turkeys and bobcat were a treat to behold. I would be beside myself seeing a bobcat ! 🙂

  21. Mary Crawford

    Oh how lovely! Friday I was trimming the hydrangea blooms from last year and other perennials that didn’t get done prior to winter. Saturday we were faced with a blizzard that dumped about 14″ snow with winds howling all night. My tulips and a few other plants
    were just starting too peak thru the soil. Now they are getting more moisture whether they want it or not. We are getting anxious up here…dahlia bulbs are waiting for their home, onion plants trying to look out the window and should not have been purchased yet. But spring will come – it always does! Now to convince the farmer to just be patient.

  22. Camille

    I adore redbud trees and wish they were hardy enough to be planted in Minnesota. Thank you for the spring color tour… the current ice and snow storm has cemented a very late spring for us and your garden images are a joy to behold.

  23. Melanie

    Your photography is fantastic, Carole. Love the tour of your spring garden. I also have some of those wonderful double daffodils and they are magnificent. I used Amazon to order a book through your website today–finally remembered to go to you first. LOL Happy spring. Oh, here I have seen a bobcat only 2X and both times they were running and I didn’t get to see enough of them.

  24. Your garden looks a lot like mine now, minus the turkeys! The early daffodils are gone, but I still have some white ones (Thalia and Mount Hood). My purple irises started blooming this week, and the red bud is covered in purple flowers. We have a couple of wild dogwoods that started blooming this weekend too. What a beautiful time of year!

  25. Monica Kostak

    a beautiful view with and the spring blooms and mother nature’s accents….:) thanks for sharing.

  26. I had quite a variety of daffodils for a few years. I do love the white ones with the peach centers. Unfortunately they seemed to stop blooming while the plain yellow ones have been around for many years. I keep meaning to buy some more of those special ones. I love the turkey photos. The male is quite impressive. Funny how even in the wild there are those who just get ignored. Poor guy!

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