Hands 2 Help Plus Sign Quilt

Once again this year, I am participating with Sarah for her Hands 2 Help quilt drive.  It is well underway, and this year I wanted to send two small quilts to Little Lambs. For a lullaby quilt, the plus blocks were easy to do.  When they are added to solid blocks in a checkerboard setting, the quilt flimsy worked up quickly.
Floral Plus Sign Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I had this part done in just one morning of sewing.  If you like that blue fabric, I have some available in my Etsy Store – Fabric Traditions Blue Print.

Floral Plus Sign Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I like a border, so I added one in green.

Floral Plus Sign Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Since the floral fabric is such a great focus fabric, I did the quilting with a pantograph that echoed the floral print.

Floral Plus Sign Quilt at From My Carolina Home

This one is called Rosie by Willow Leaf Studio.

Floral Plus Sign Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Not the usual for me, I quilted it using white thread.  I tend to like darker colors that show on the background, but this quilt was so pastel that I thought I do it in the lighter.  The top thread is Glide with Bottom Line in the bobbin, and virtually disappears on all the fabrics, giving the suggestion of texture without calling attention to itself.

Floral Plus Sign Quilt at From My Carolina Home

All quilted, and the machine is behaving well now.  No problems with this quilt at all.

Floral Plus Sign Quilt at From My Carolina Home

One more look at the textural quilting.

Floral Plus Sign Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I used Warm and Natural Cotton batting. Amazon has a good price on Warm and Natural Cotton Batting right now, as well as Quilter’s Dream Cotton.

For the binding, I used the same green border print as I had used that print as the backing as well.  I have a new tip, put a large pin in your ironing board near the edge to keep the binding from sliding off while you are trying to iron it.  This worked really well, and decreased the aggravation of ironing.

Floral Plus Sign Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Stitching it on the front side, I used a quarter-inch foot.

Floral Plus Sign Quilt at From My Carolina Home

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Then, I turned it to the back and topstitched near the edge.

Floral Plus Sign Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I pinned the corner miter so it would align the way I wanted it.

Floral Plus Sign Quilt at From My Carolina Home

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When I got to the corner, I just pivoted and kept going. This is so fast!

Floral Plus Sign Quilt at From My Carolina Home

All done, from cutting and assembly, to quilting, to completely finished in one day.

Floral Plus Sign Quilt at From My Carolina Home

On the front side, the binding stitching from the backside just adds a line of stitching inside the border.

Floral Plus Sign Quilt at From My Carolina Home

All done, and ready to send to Little Lambs for the Hands2Help drive.

Floral Plus Sign Quilt at From My Carolina Home

What are you working on this week?

Nesting Box Mystery Quilting Box

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Floral Plus Sign Quilt at From My Carolina Home

18 thoughts on “Hands 2 Help Plus Sign Quilt

  1. That’s a sweet quilt, I really like that pantograph, so pretty! Today I am going to work on quilts in progress and try to do another 10 rows on my mitten. We are having a blizzard, so it will be an inside day for sure!

  2. Mary Ann Hentschell

    Cutting out fabric for a kit to take with me when I go see my daughter in Seattle………I am attending her friends scrapbooking retreat and I get to come and quilt!!!!

  3. Sue Ann

    I love the quilt pattern and the colors that you chose even though I use mostly dark colors for my own quilts. I have a stash of Thimbleberries that I really love to quilt with. I just finished machine binding a quilt that my daughter had pieced for her daughter. Yesterday my husband and I moved a 65 yr. old climbing rose with the help of our granddaughter. It was just barely starting to get leaves so we should be ok. The dirt was warm to work in I was surprised. We are going to have a late spring here in Michigan.

  4. Phyllis Smith

    Hi there,
    Beautiful Spring day and what a delightful quilt to make somebody happy on a fantastic Spring day. The colorful flowers are saying spring is finally here. Phyllis

  5. Sharon Schipper

    so sweet, too! I like the fast ones. I finished two, one is in the mail today, and one I have to finish the binding and get it gifted. Still working on three, been busy shuffling my studio/living room space since I bought a gently used Horn cabinet, wow. Not electric lift, but still hydraulic. Of course mine may never be down! But all the clever storage in teh cabinet, and a built in ironing table, it’s fab.

  6. Lovely design and the fabrics are so clear and go so well together. Wet and cooler down here, maybe an hour in the garden doing some gentle weeding, then stitch down the applique cats.

  7. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole; Oh, this is such a lovely quilt! I truly love everything about it. So glad that you made it and shared it with us. I have been in a slump, well sort of, still sewing but just hoo- humming. I think it is because of the non spring weather we are experiencing. We are still running our heaters and it snowed again last night. I do not complain about any moisture we receive in our precious mountains. We are going to have another horrible fire year this year, we have just not received enough moisture. So, Deanna is supposed to come over this weekend and we should both be sewing up a storm on several projects, one of them being the Do-Si-Do! She is farther behind than I am. LOL. But three days together and we will both be caught up and waiting for the next clue! Yippppeeee…… I hope that you have a spectacular weekend!

  8. Congrats! on your recently completed H2H quilt!! It’s a good thing that your machine is back up and running. Mine needed a repair this week, too! I was a bit concerned since I’ve got several time-sensitive projects in the works.
    Your binding technique seems like mine, but we may approach it a bit differently. Am I reading that you sew to the front and stitch on the back? I usually do just the opposite, as it doesn’t go well the other way (as evidenced by the repair I was working on last week!)

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