Christmas Cards for the Shelter

Stamping Christmas cards and sending them to family and friends is fun, but this year I had another idea in mind.  There is no doubt that I now have more stamping stuff than one person should have, especially with a huge stamping score at an estate sale for paper, and then a wonderful gift from a reader of three more boxes of goodies.   I wanted to use some of it for a special purpose, and did some cards for our Safelight Project last summer.  As DH and I were driving to a Christmas party last weekend, it occurred to me again how blessed I am.  I have a wonderful and warm home, a gentle and loving husband, food on the table, and love of family and friends.  But there are many who are not as lucky, and they might need a lift at this time of year.  It has to be a tough holiday for someone staying in a domestic violence shelter, so I decided to use my stash to create some holiday cards of support for the Safelight shelter residents.  You can help too (you don’t have to be a stamper) and I’ll tell you about that in a moment.

Christmas Cards for Safelight ~ From My Carolina Home

I found a bunch of these glittery gift tags in the boxes (recognize these, Katie?) and thought they would make great cards.  The backs have names on the ‘to’ and ‘from’, but glued down that won’t matter.  Just a pretty velvet ribbon behind a snowman, or an embossed strip behind a stocking, and voila the card is done.

Christmas Cards for Safelight ~ From My Carolina Home

Another card has a larger embossed design, with an ornament on top. These are fairly simple designs, so I won’t go through them step by step.

Christmas Cards for Safelight ~ From My Carolina Home

Many of the cards have elements from other cards simply placed on embossed paper.  The green on the left is a snowflake design I used several times.  The one on the right has a ‘ribbon’ of paper rolled with my peppermint candy wheel.  Gift stickers are under the stamped tree.

Christmas Cards for Safelight ~ From My Carolina Home

Reindeer stamps adorn this one, with punched out snowflakes.  The inside has a white paper for the sentiment that shows through the holes on the front.

Christmas Cards for Safelight ~ From My Carolina Home

This one has an ornament punched out of the front, with some embossed snowflakes from another card.  A glittery one is added to the top, then an ornament is stamped so it shows through the punched out part.

Christmas Cards for Safelight ~ From My Carolina Home

A view from the top shows it a little better.

Christmas Cards for Safelight ~ From My Carolina Home

Inside, the sentiment most appropriate for my purpose is stamped, and a sticker added too.

Christmas Cards for Safelight ~ From My Carolina Home

Another tag, this Santa is accented with more snowflakes.

Christmas Cards for Safelight ~ From My Carolina Home

Red embossed paper with snowflakes provide a base for a stocking and glitter snowflake.

Christmas Cards for Safelight ~ From My Carolina Home

I had a lot of snowflakes, can you tell?  On this one I just stamped the word Joy over and over.

Christmas Cards for Safelight ~ From My Carolina Home

Inside all of the cards, this same sentiment is stamped, with different stickers for fun.  I will hand-write a personal message in each one.

Christmas Cards for Safelight ~ From My Carolina Home

Now, here is how you can help.  There are no prizes this time, only the special feeling of helping someone feel supported this holiday season, to give something to someone that could use a lift, in light of our many blessings.  Make or buy some holiday cards, put a message of support inside, and address the envelope only “For you” or “Season’s Greetings” or similar.  If you are not a stamper, purchased cards will be just fine, the important part is your hand written message of encouragement.  Keep your sentiments to messages of support without a religious component.  See the linked post above for more ideas.

Christmas Cards for Safelight ~ From My Carolina Home

I’d love to have at least 40 cards to deliver to the Safelight shelter, two cards per resident, something to encourage their efforts to change their lives.  There are 18 women and two men at the shelter, yes men can be victims as well.  I have about a dozen cards made so far, but I do need help to get to the goal.  I need them mailed to me by Friday Dec 15 to arrive no later than Monday, Dec 18th.  I know it is short notice, but you have a week to get them in the mail by next Friday.  The cards don’t have to be fancy, the messages of support are the most important part.  Simple and fast is the best for this project.   Mail them to me at:

Carole Carter
From My Carolina Home Safelight Christmas
PO Box 524
Mountain Home, NC 28758

Christmas Cards for Safelight ~ From My Carolina Home

Can you send a few cards for this project?  See the cards sent by readers and the follow up post HERE.


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16 thoughts on “Christmas Cards for the Shelter

  1. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning Carole,

    Well, sitting here waiting for the snow to come. We are to get about 1-2 inches. Took my neighbor and myself to the grocery store yesterday, don’t like to wait till everything is gone. I can stay at home now where it’s safe and work on the Linus fleece blankets and gather up some of my husbands military coats etc. to give to the man that took my sons white huskie back. He originally gave him to Byron but since his eye sight has gotten so bad and its hard for him to take care of him he is able to give him a better home and not be chained up in the back yard and just be able to run around in a circle. That wasn’t a good thing and now he has a home with some of his other siblings and his mother in a fenced back yard

    The shelter cards are so pretty and cute, I love the blue with the joy in the upper corner, that is my theme now a days. Made a eggnog cookie and the first batch were great the next recipe I tried I’m not happy with , I like the cookies to be soft and chewy. Looked for a good sugar cookie to put the cranberry sauce in like I did last year that isn’t too sweet, found a few so will be trying those. I’m only going to make half the batches to save on supplies till I’m able to find the right combination.Lots to try and do today so have a great day and stay warm.


  2. Amelia

    Yes, I can! Thank you for the opportunity to give something that is so inexpensive yet so important. They’ll be in the mail by mid-week.

  3. manasotavacation

    Oh, Carole….what a generous and thoughtful project. I know you’ll have help from this group too! If I made cards……but I don’t…….
    The women at Safelight will be very grateful, I am sure.

  4. Your cards are very festive. I like the tags you used and the snowflakes! I will try to send out a few cards early next week. I am low of postage right now and will need to make a trip to the Post Office.

  5. manasotavacation

    OOPS…..overlooked that I don’t have to make them (my skills would be somewhat limited). I’ll be more than happy to write personal notes on some store bought cards. Thanks for the opportunity to help!

  6. dezertsuz

    That’s a great idea. I can’t promise because I have my last week of school, but if I can get even a couple made, I will send them the 15th. If not, I’ll start making Valentine cards and be ready!

  7. I’m so behind on reading any of the blogs I love, and I just saw this on Sunday morning. I love making cards, and will “sneak out” to the sewing room where my supplies are this afternoon and see if I can accomplish a few for your project. I will “email you” a count when they are finished. What a lovely project. (I love seeing all the great ideas you come up with too!)

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