December In the Garden – Snow!

December mornings have been cold and grey these past few days. Fog in the valley shows the layers of hills between our mountain and the next ridge.  This might have to become my header photo for winter.

December in the Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

Friday morning dawned colder still. As I looked out the window, I noticed that the snow had begun to fall. It was just a dusting at first, then a little later I noticed that the driveway was starting to get covered.

December in the Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

I watched the bird feeder for quite a while, as they came and chowed down.

December Snow ~ From My Carolina Home

December Snow ~ From My Carolina Home

A bit later, the patch of clear pavement on the driveway was gone.  The pile of snow on the post is a bit taller too.

December Snow ~ From My Carolina Home

Winter wonderland isn’t it!

December Snow ~ From My Carolina Home

The birds kept working on the seed, and the suet cake.

December Snow ~ From My Carolina Home

By mid-afternoon, we had somewhere between 4 and 6 inches, depending on where you looked.

December Snow ~ From My Carolina Home

Beautiful serene and quiet, here is the snow on the rhododendrons in the back.

December Snow ~ From My Carolina Home

The road going down the mountain has not been spoiled by any cars, too dangerous to try.

December Snow ~ From My Carolina Home

We are snug and warm, with a fire going in the fireplace, turkey and dumplings for lunch, and Christmas movies on TV.  Plus, being ‘snowed in’ means I can sew to my heart’s content.  The snow on the branches is captivating, I cannot stop taking pictures of it!

December Snow ~ From My Carolina Home

But, elsewhere in the garden in December, my white amaryllis bloomed. Beautifully! Four spectacular Apple Blossom blooms in white with a blush of pink.

December in the Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

And the most exciting thing, the red amaryllis that has bloomed for four years, is starting to put up a leaf shoot. This will be the fifth year if it blooms again!

December in the Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

Did you see the Super Moon this week?

December in the Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

Before the snow, the deer came by again. There were three in the front of the house.

December in the Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

December in the Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

And these two were in the back at the same time.

December in the Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

Another picture a few days ago, the dawn light was gorgeous with the orange in the sky. I wish I could have gotten a really good photo of it.

December in the Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

More bird watching.

December in the Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

A few days ago, the leaves were finally gone from the trees, and the mountains next to ours could be seen.

December in the Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

Now, today, everything is covered in white, and the low clouds almost obscure the mountain view.

December Snow ~ From My Carolina Home

One last look at the rhododendrons.

December Snow ~ From My Carolina Home

Did you get snow this weekend?

P.S. If you have time, go see The Man Who Invented Christmas, and take the kids.  We enjoyed it!

32 thoughts on “December In the Garden – Snow!

  1. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning Carole,

    Woke up to a winter wonderland today, what a beautiful sight, love to see the fresh snowfall before the roads get traveled on. Triger, the cat didn’t know what to think of it. Went out the front door and stood for a few seconds then ran back in . He finally went out and ventured away for a bit but not for too long. We had one man in the Atl. Area that stepped onto a live wire and died, people tried to warn him but he didn’t hear them. A good bit of trees down and the limbs are heavy with the wet snow. As for me, today will be making my fruit cake cookies and sewing on some Christmas presents.

    Have a wonderful day,


  2. Betty Jansen

    We got a smattering of snow in Round Rock, Texas. Very unusual and our grandkids went crazy playing in it. We loved watching them

  3. Linda B

    Gorgeous pictures Carole! I don’t know how you get so much done with all that fun stuff to see outside! Ha! No snow here in St Louis, but pretty cold. We are enjoying the fire too.

  4. janet

    I have enjoyed your pictures so much the snow the bird,s deer. So very Christmas like. I live in Indiana today is our first snow with just a dusting of it. I love Cardinals so that really made my day. do you sale any of your Patterns? Love to buy them. JAN

  5. Maureen

    Just a smattering of snow in my part of northern Illinois, but the birds outside my kitchen window are delightful to watch as they feed.

  6. I’m in Arkansas we didn’t get the snow this time – the people south of us in Mississippi, Louisiana and south Texas did before it moved east to all of you – so fun for all of them – maybe we will get it next time. I love looking at the snow – maybe because I know it won’t last a long time on the ground like it did my years growing up in north. I love to put my boots on and walk around in snow even though I am in my 60’s – I love to play in the snow and take photos of it. Enjoy your snow while it last! The birds and the deer look wonderful

  7. Frieda

    Here in North Texas there is little chance of snow……also saw The Man Who Inventef Christmas and enoyed it….Christopher Plummer was wonderful as Scrooge.
    “Wonder” was also very good but tissues
    were required for me….but there are some light scenes as well…it is based on a
    book of the same name

    Enjoy your toasty fire 🔥

  8. Lovely views from your veranda ,( verandah down here ) and the branches are beautiful when the snow covers them. Keep warm, there is something so special about being inside on a very cold day, and the fire is lit.

  9. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole; All of your pictures are beautiful today! We have received no snow on the ground yet, but the higher mountains are getting some. We have also not spotted any of our normal deer this time of year, but with the Mama Wolf raising her litter in the den so close by the deer are most likely staying quite a distance away. We hear the pack all of the time, but have not seen any of them; they are being taught well. I hope that your birds continue to entertain you all winter long. Thank you for sharing and have a great day!

  10. Joyce Carter

    Carole, Loved the pictures and had hoped to post ours with 4 or 5 inches of snow! Perhaps I can get David to take some and send them to you. Luckily we had been shopping before the snowstorm came so have plenty of food in the house. I don’t think we will venture out for a while with these steep hills and narrow streets and no traffic to melt the snow. A fire in the fireplace sounds like a good idea! Love, Mom

  11. I do miss watching it snow and the snow pile up on the tree branches and such–so thanks for the photos–
    love the woods one and those birds eating is a great shot too–
    enjoy the moments, di

  12. Melanie

    No snow here yet where we are in southern OR, but we are expected to have a cold, wet winter. Last year we had 31″ of snow, very unlike our usual 2-6″ so I’m not wishing for snow too soon. LOL Your pictures are just potcard perfect, not only of the landscape but of the birds (we don’t have cardinals, darn it!) and deer (which we have aplenty, but your photo of the 2 in front is really excellent)! Enjoying the snow from inside while sewing is really cozy. Nice to have the pantry stocked so there is no need to risk driving. Enjoy!

  13. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    No snow here yet, but we usually don’t get much that stays on for long. My sister in LA was happy with their little bit of snow. Lovely photos and the little wren and cardinal are delightful.

  14. Deb Stoehr

    I just moved to The Houston, Texas area at Thanksgiving from Indiana. I wanted to be closer to the grandkids and get away from the winter weather in Indiana. I have had enough of snow for the last 67 winters. 🙂 We got about an inch of snow Thursday night. None back in Indiana. Just my luck! The grandkids loved it. My 5 year old grandson had never seen snow and had been praying for it for quite a while. He was so excited. The other grandkids have all lived in Indiana or have at least visited Indiana during the winter so they weren’t as excited but still enjoyed it. The snow was the big news story on all the local tv stations. A very rare sight for Houston.

  15. Wow, you got a lot of snow! So far, I think you have gotten more than we have in SD! The 2-3 inches we finally got this week is nearly gone. We are grateful, though because the winds came before and after the snow. They were gusting to 50 mph, so if they had come WITH the snow, it would have been very bad indeed. Now the snow is melting straight in to the ground, and we need it!

  16. Pat Evans

    Ha! You have more snow than we do. We had about an inch, but more is due next week, along with frigid temps. I love the pictures of the snow on the trees.

  17. Sheila Klein

    Hi Carole. In Southern Ontario, Canada, winter arrived about a week ago. Late for us but since we had a very cool and wet summer, we treasured every lovely autumn day we got and did not bemoan our lack of snow. At the moment we have about 6 inches of wet snow and the weatherman is predicting flurries for all of the coming week. I love the snow. I hate the winds and drifting and white-outs and shoveling.

    Your photos are always so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your corner of the world.

  18. Jill King

    Thank you for sharing. The photos are beautiful. A trip down memory lane for me. I enjoyed scenes like these last year. Have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday season 😊
    Kindest regards Jill

  19. joymcd305716439

    Oh wow… I’d love to live in a country with snow… instead hubby keeps taking me to the desert… 🙂 xx

  20. In Buffalo, most of the heavy snow falls south of the city, I am a block north. In one lake effect band on Friday, we got about 6″ here in a hour and a half. The top photo would be great landscape quilt.

  21. Yes…we had our first snowfall of the season —- only about an inch but enough to make the untreated roads very slick. Our firstborn grandson turned 6 this week and we “braved” the snow to get to his party! I was so nervous—I used to be brave in my younger days—taking the kids out on snowy days not even thinking of bad weather. Now an inch of snow rattles me….wonder how I’ll manage when we start getting REAL snowfall? I’ll just have to make it a point to stay indoors this winter, sewing and reading my favorite quilt blogs! Your photos are so beautiful, Carole, always with such a professional quality. Thank you for sharing. From my chilly WV home—-blessings….

  22. Sure is pretty to look at! You have more than we do in MN-we have only had 2 dustings of it. The first one melted right away. The last one has stuck to the grass.

  23. Sheila F Fredette

    Yes, I am in Mebane, NC
    and the snow was beautiful. We lived in Vermont for 17 years and the snow brings back such good memories of being cuddled up by a warm fire and beautiful scenery.

  24. I know it is so cold but the snow does make everything look pretty as a picture. Loved seeing your photos. Great to see the wildlife, too.

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