Quilt of Valor Barn Raising

This barn raising setting for the next Quilt of Valor was so interesting with the variety of patriotic prints and mix of colors with a bit of gold.  I liked the transition from a light beige to a darker beige background as the blocks go from center to edge.  I loaded it longways in order to get the maximum amount of quilting per row.

Quilt of Valor Barn Raising at From My Carolina Home

I folded it up to check the borders.  Look at that, perfectly straight!  What a joy!  I do not know who pieced the top, but she (he?) did a fabulous job.

Quilt of Valor Barn Raising at From My Carolina Home

The pantograph is one I use a lot.  It is called Fascination by Lorien Quilting for Willow Leaf Studios, designed by Hermione Agee.  The gentle curves go so well with just about every quilt piecing design, and especially on those with lots of hard angles.

Quilt of Valor Barn Raising at From My Carolina Home

I didn’t even audition thread, I knew I wanted to use red from the moment I unwrapped it.

Quilt of Valor Barn Raising at From My Carolina Home

This is Superior thread on top, with Bottom Line in the bobbin.  The batting is Warm and Natural cotton.

Quilt of Valor Barn Raising at From My Carolina Home

The quilting went so easy because this quilt was so well pieced and flat, that I finished it in an afternoon.  Stitches were perfect without loops or issues.

Quilt of Valor Barn Raising at From My Carolina Home

I hope the service person who receives it loves it as much as I enjoyed quilting it!

Quilt of Valor Barn Raising at From My Carolina Home

I want to get more QOVs done in the coming year, so I have hatched a plan to have friends come over and help me.  I will pick up my workhorse Kenmore today from the repair guy.  I had cleaned it as best as I could, but there was something just gumming up the gears.  Likely it was old grease or something that hardened with lack of use.  The hand crank would move but with a lot of drag.  With six sewing machines needing to be run regularly to stay in perfect sewing shape, it makes sense to have some sew days and use those machines to get some blocks made.  If you have any patriotic orphan blocks sitting around (any size), or you want to make a couple for this project, I’ll take any that you have.  Local friends, let’s sew!  Out of area friends, let me know and I’ll send you my mailing address.

I have talked on several forums recently about how I do Best Press, buying it by the gallon as I use a lot.  The price per ounce is the cheapest this way, plus I dilute it 50% with water so it goes twice as far.  It may seem like it is a bit expensive, but if you use a lot it really is the least expensive way to buy it, plus it will qualify for free shipping.  Click on my Amazon affiliate link – Best Press Unscented Gallon size.

What are you sewing now?


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23 thoughts on “Quilt of Valor Barn Raising

  1. debdevo

    Your quilting on that exquisite quilt was just wonderful. Totally enhanced the overall look and I agree that the color red was the way to go!!

  2. Your Quilting is beautiful. I would love to come to your house to sew and sit on your porch…too bad I live to far away. I just discovered Best Press. I bought a bottle at JoAnns and love it. I used to link to buy it again. Thanks for all you do…both Quilts of Valor (which is now my passion) and sharing all of your ideas with us!

    Crystal in Cedar City

  3. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning,

    A beautiful quilt! So colorful and will go into any room. Have thought about making a lap quilt and pillow out of all this fleece I have, do you think it would work or would it be too thick for those

    Purposes. I would use a muslin backing for the lap quilt and another piece of fleece for the pillow. Am I just dreaming a thought or would this be a practical gift? Appreciate your thoughts on this.

    Have a great day,


  4. This post is perfectly timed for me! I’m finishing up the bindings on the ten QOVs that I’ve made to be presented Friday at our school’s district-wide assembly and I have some blocks left over. Last night I was wondering what I should do with them and was toying with the idea of making a sampler-style quilt to start of my QOVs for next year. I like the idea of sending them to you much better, as I always struggle with samplers. Yippee! Problem solved. Please let me know an address and I’ll get them out to you at the end of the week.

    I love that panto and agree with you that the gentle curves of it work beautifully to soften the sharpness of the blocks. I love the red thread too! I often struggle with choosing a thread color and play it safe by using a cream or beige on scrappy quilts. You’ve shown me that red or blue work beautifully too. Thank you! 🙂

  5. Melanie

    What a beautiful quilt, and a perfect quilting design to complement the red, white, blue log cabin blocks. I noticed the blocks were varied also with either R, W, B or gold centers. I’m a scrappy kinda gal, so really love this QoV quilt. Yes, I would love to send a couple orphan blocks to you for your quilting day! How enjoyabale to have 5 friends over to sew together for a great cause. Have fun!

  6. Christine Young

    It is beautiful and the red thread and quilt design just adds to the beauty of the quilt. Barn raising design is a favorite of mine.

  7. So many lovely patterns and colours in this quilt. How lovely to receive it with borders perfectly straight. The quilting you stitched is a lovely one; it enhances the quilt perfectly. What a treasure of a quilt to receive.

  8. Clare Moore

    A lovely quilt indeed. You are using my favourite thread combination and I also enjoy that pattern. This quilt will certainly be a wonderful gift. Love your desire to do more, an awesome thing to do.

  9. How wonderful. I am coming by via ‘Let’s Bee Social’. How very generous of you to donate your time, skill and resources for Quilts of Valor in this way. The quilting is lovely and the quilt enhanced by it. The local sewing day sounds inspired and I hope you will get a good group together.

  10. Alison

    This quilt is absolutely wonderful! I love the piecing and I love the red thread you used to quilt it. I am going to hopefully be working on piecing one quilt and quilting 4 quilts before Thanksgiving! I really wish I had a long arm.

  11. The quilt looks great. There is such a lot of work in all that piecing. Lovely choice of quilting design for it. I agree with how well it works. Good luck with your plans for QOV.
    Cheers, Karen

  12. Wow! The log cabin QOV quilt is a beauty. Your quilting and the red thread finish if off in style. Thanks for the idea on using Best Press. I use a lot, too, and will try your suggestion.

  13. dezertsuz

    The log cabin looks wonderful! How nice to have one that was square and flat. Was that from the beach group like some of the earlier ones? I haven’t been working on any soldier quilts lately – or much else, as you know. =)

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