Autumn Jubilee Stamping Fun

One of the things my family looks forward to every year is a Thanksgiving card. I started sending them years ago, when it was very difficult to find them in card boxes in the stores. But I liked sending a card when it wouldn’t get lost in the deluge of holiday cards. One year I didn’t send them, and everyone missed them. Now that I stamp my own, it is much easier. I have so many ideas, everyone will get a unique card.  Beginning with the card stock, I pulled some pretty colors.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

I wanted to give you some ideas for autumn inspired cards, some Thanksgiving, but any could be changed to a birthday or friendship card just by changing the sentiment. I had so many elements to play with, pretty papers, leaf stickers, ribbons, lots of stuff!

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

I got out my embosser, and embossed rust card stock with the closest thing I had to a leaf design.  I like the addition of some texture to the cards.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

I stamped a pumpkin scene on ecru stock, and colored it with pencils. It was mounted on dark brown card stock for a frame, then on the gold color card base with the embossed paper on the upper left. A nice small sentiment is stamped in the lower left corner space with a pine cone accent.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

It looked like it needed just a bit more, so I added some leaf die cuts, like they were falling. The envelope got a leaf and some acorns.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

Inside, a sentiment of Thanksgiving stamped in brown with more leaves stamped in rust.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

Of course, all the backs got my personal stamp, some with a pumpkin too.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

On the next card, I did one of my favorite things, stamping lots of leaves in different colors of ink.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

I put the leaf ribbon across the middle, adding a framed sentiment on top.  While mine says Happy Thanksgiving, it could just as easily say Happy Birthday for a November birthday.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

I really like this ribbon, so used it on the next card with some pine cone design paper.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

Over the top, I added another embossed rectangle, with an accent of dark brown to set off the leaf stamped on gold.  The sentiment again is Thanksgiving themed, but also could be something else.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

While looking at the papers, I found this leaf one and wanted to use it too.  Starting with a rectangle on the side, I had room to stamp another Thanksgiving themed sentiment.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

Using the same idea from the previous card, I added a brown accent, then topped it with a stamped turkey framed with an embossed rust paper.  On the left, the card uses the same leaf paper across the bottom with the brown accent above.  A sweet stamp of a harvest scene is framed with embossed rust paper, and the sentiment Happy Thanksgiving is stamped above.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

So there you have it, five cards all variations on a theme with stamped envelopes ready to sign and mail.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

One more card, I needed to send with a gift, and I wanted a Friendship theme.  The leaves are the piece left over from die cutting leaves out of a piece of card stock.  I backed them with some of the patterned paper and glued them to the bottom front.  Friendship was stamped at the top, and then thin ribbons were added on the left and across the top edge of the plum card stock.

Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

So there are all the cards.  Just to let you all know, if you are a stamper, I have a number of new listings in my Etsy store of stamp sets, and my pin cushions make nice gifts too.  I have nice quality fabrics and vintage items as well.  Check out my listings Craftnuts Studio on Etsy.  Today, I’ll give away two Stamp sets to one lucky reader!  The one on the left is a build-a-flower set with friendship and birthday messages, and the one on the right is suitable for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Do you enjoy stamping for holidays?

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Autumn Cards at From My Carolina Home

34 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Stamping Fun

  1. Kathy E.

    I do enjoy stamping and making cards during any holiday! A handmade card makes all the difference when it comes to caring about the ones we love!

  2. Very nice Thanksgiving cards! So many pretty designs, and I love that you took time to stamp the envelopes! My favorite is the one with the leaf as the focal point. That is a really nice and different layout!! I do like to make my Thanksgiving cards, especially to send to the family that we DO NOT visit that year! I think it is a good way to make them know that we miss them on a big family holiday.

  3. Hi Carole,
    I can see why your family looks forward to receiving your card. Who wouldn’t like a beautiful card made especially for them?! Really nice job. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. lv2bquilting2

    Carole, I love your Thanksgiving cards, and the recipients will be so happy to receive them. One of our granddaughters is an avid stamper and we look forward to receiving them.

  5. Helen G

    your cards are always so beautiful. My kids call me the “card queen” because I always send cards for anything. Love receiving them too! Yours are unique and so special. I’m sure the recipients feel special when they get them. Such a special way to remember people you care about.

  6. Lisa Marie

    Wow, your cards are just amazing! I have only done a little bit of stamping, but I do enjoy making cards. Sometimes I make them with fabric fused or sewn on. Other times I use quilt photos and make cards through Shutterfly.

  7. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    I love the individuality ability you have when you make your own cards!! Lucky recipients and I bet they save the cards instead of pitching after the holiday.

  8. Your cards are so pretty! I usually don’t send out Thanksgiving cards, but as my family members live elsewhere, this might be a trend to start! Several years ago I bought some stamps with every intention of making my own cards, which I did the first year I bought them, then other crafting took presidence & that idea fell to the wayside – something I definitely need to get back into again! Thank you, Susan

  9. Jennifer Rauch

    Good thing we don’t have to vote on a favorite! Glad you describe colors, etc., b/c the plum one came thru as gray on my computer. Seems my focus has needed to be Get Well cards this summer/fall, so I look fwd to changing that up & going for Thanksgiving – only have one sentiment stamp for that, so would love that stamp set! Better get to stamping before the holiday creeps up on me. Enjoy your post, as usual.

  10. Sheryl

    Beautiful cards Carole and so nice to receive a homemade one. No one makes cards here, they don´t even send cards either, rather sad.

  11. Elaine Nemeth

    Love your wonderful cards. They are such an inspiration .. Thanks for jump starting me on Thanksgiving cards.

    Sent from my Verizon 4G LTE Droid

  12. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole; Your cards are magnificent! Have you ever thought of adding some embroidery stitches? When I saw the lovely turkey, my thought was he would look so amazing with little straight stitches of golds, deep reds and a variety of browns just here and there to really highlight and bring out his beauty. Also, I had the same thought on the country basket, just some stitches here and there. Just an idea for you, in case it is one you had not considered. I embroider on cards, when I have the opportunity….which has been forever; because, I start all of these other embroidery projects. LOL at myself. I am awful. I do love seeing all of your beautiful cards and the artwork you put into them, especially knowing you are having so much fun! Thank you for sharing them! Have a great day!

  13. Camille

    I love your creative cards! I have nor tried stamping but enjoy the creativity I have seen on your blog and my friends’ cards.

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