On Point Charity Quilt

Sometimes just playing with scraps can produce something useful. Pulling out the scrap bag, I was looking for some pastels and florals to add to my Be My Neighbor fabric pull, when I ran across these half square triangles left over from another project.  These squares are 5-1/2 inches.

On Point Charity Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I really had no advance idea of what to do with them. Maybe some four patches would be good. So, I cut some 5-1/2-inch white squares to go with them.

On Point Charity Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Sewing the HSTs to the white squares, pressed to the solid white, the units were nested and chain pieced.

On Point Charity Quilt at From My Carolina Home

So, now what. I had six four patch units, each finishing at 10-inches, not enough to make a quilt.

On Point Charity Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Well, maybe set them on point with large squares to make a decent size. So I pulled out a complementary purple print and cut large 10-1/2-inch squares and some triangles to set the four patches on point.

On Point Charity Quilt at From My Carolina Home

All together, it just seemed to call for an interesting border, not just another print.

On Point Charity Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I did think that a first border of the same purple print would make the four-patch units float in the center, so I added one, 3 inches wide.  Then, I had these 5-inch yellow squares left over from another project, and yellow goes well with purple. I cut the same size squares of the light green, and lay them out to be sure the dimensions would match the border requirement. In a few spots, I sewed the seams a bit larger to take up the excess.

On Point Charity Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Now it was a good size for a charity quilt, about 45 x 55.

On Point Charity Quilt at From My Carolina Home

For continuity, I added a 2-inch final border of the same violet print as the middle HSTs.

On Point Charity Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I found some backing fabric in dark green, and laid it on the longarm to measure out batting.

On Point Charity Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Loading it up, now I had to decide on a pantograph. I wanted something kind of girly with the flowers.

On Point Charity Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I’ll show you the finish next time. Have you ever built a quilt from just bits, letting it evolve as it goes?

See the finish here – Quilting the On Point Quilt


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23 thoughts on “On Point Charity Quilt

  1. Lois Stimax

    Yes, I’ve tried some things just to see where it took me, and I have had fun watching it evolve. That is the best part of being creative!

  2. Thanks for sharing your process. It is amazing how you were able to take a few nice blocks and make them into a quilt. You did a great job with coordinating your fabrics!

  3. Isn’t it gratifying to have a lovely quilt just using the bits and pieces? To me, that is the real meaning of quilting.

  4. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning,
    Can’t say I have ever made a quilt this way but it sounds like a great challenge .My sewing machine is on the outs right now, have to get it to the quilt shop to be checked out. My feeder bars seem to be stuck in the down position. I was having trouble with the tension in my stitches and in working with them I got the bars messed up. So while this is going on I’ll have to be satisfied to do some cleaning up of my porch chairs and replanting some of my flowers into larger pots. Have three cactus plants to repot and some weeding of the flower beds. My mama’s lilies have started blooming and they are beautiful. There are 5 buds on each stalk and the flowers only bloom for 1 day, so sad cause they are so pretty when there is a lot of them blooming at the same time. Wish I had a camera to take pictures of them and share with you. Enjoyed the quilt show pictures. I agree the quilt you chose would be my pick as well. The background stitching made that one a winner. I also liked the bicycle and the dimensional flowers. I have several books on origami and want to do something with the flowers on a pretty vase as a single picture wall piece but I’m thinking of using silks, satins and velvets. What would your thoughts be on that idea?
    Need to do some chores so best get started. Bye

  5. Lynne Stucke

    No. I never have. I don’t have your ability to just throw things together and have them turn out as lovely as you do! You are amazing, Carole! And this quilt IS lovely!

  6. Yes… maybe not little bits although they got incorporated into a quilt that used a lot of single blocks. My girl friend and I do that every once and a while. I really like to move out single blocks and bits and pieces whenever I can.

  7. Melanie

    Yes, and it can be more time-consuming for me than grabbing a pattern and pulling new from my stash! LOL Some little girl will be delighted to receive this little gem and the dark purple border is perfect, too.

  8. I do that with just about everything I make. Most of my stash is odds and ends that have been given to me. Not gripping, it is a blessing. I enjoy the journey to the finished quilt. This turned out to be a sweet finish. I would have never thought of the yellow.
    For some reason I have never sewn on point either, I will have to remember this. I like the depth it gives the quilt. Enjoy your week and be safe.
    Blessings and Hugs

  9. Some of my very favorite colors in that one! I have some scraps waiting for that treatment once I finish my garment sewing project.(I’m at the will I ever finish stage.)

  10. Yes, I have done that. It is a good use of scrap fabrics. This quilt is looking so pretty. Looking forward to seeing it all finished.

  11. It’s good to see the process of how your quilt evolved. I love the end result. Adding the yellow and green border has really made the centre colours pop. A screen printed quilt I’m making my daughter evolved over time. I had no idea at the start, just how it would turn out. Just need to make the backing and quilt it, but for some reason I keep baulking.

  12. dezertsuz

    Yes, but not quite from that point – more like blocks donated, what shall I do with them. This looks great, and that dark border was a perfect ending.

  13. Great looking quilt! Thanks for walking us thru your thought process on this. I have made quilts from left over pieces, but was not as daring with bringing in such different colors. I like the way you did this. Looking forward to seeing it quilted!

  14. liz brown

    You did a great job. I usually start with one idea & then if not enough fabric, need to change. Very interesting.

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