Quilt of Valor – Eagle Squares

Moving on to the next Quilt of Valor, each one has been unique and interesting.  This one had foundation pieced stripes on a muslin base, alternating those squares with an eagle print.  I was concerned that the difference in weight between the squares might make quilting a challenge.  I laid it on the longarm bar to check the size of the backing and batting.  The batting is Warm and Natural all cotton.  It was nice that this piecer did a good job on her borders.

QOV Eagle Squares at From My Carolina Home

The stripes had to be precise so that they would seem to move behind the eagle print squares. Foundation piecing made sense for this. But the difference in weight between the muslin backed squares and the others was noticeable.

QOV Eagle Squares at From My Carolina Home

I loaded it on the longarm, and chose a lighter color thread than I usually choose to use.   I picked a lighter ecru color Essentials thread, with the same thread in the bobbin.

QOV Eagle Squares at From My Carolina Home

The backing fabric was a light beige, and anything dark would show every little wobble or glitch. I don’t plan to do that but it usually happens anyway. The first pass across the quilt did nicely, thank heaven no tension issues with this one.

QOV Eagle Squares at From My Carolina Home

That was a relief, as it was very apparent to me with the additional drag on the machine when I was stitching in the striped blocks. Quilting on the eagle print squares had less drag, so I tended to speed up just a tiny bit. I think the stitching does the best when I can maintain a consistent speed in movement of the machine.

QOV Eagle Squares at From My Carolina Home

Still, it really didn’t seem to matter, the stitching was good over the stripes too.  The pantograph is called Fascination by Lorien Quilting for Willow Leaf Studios, designed by Hermione Agee.

QOV Eagle Squares at From My Carolina Home

Looking at the two different blocks after quilting, side by side,  the size is pretty consistent.  The stitches get a bit longer when I am changing directions, so I adjusted the cruise to a higher speed to compensate.

QOV Eagle Squares at From My Carolina Home

Going over the borders, the thread color blended well.

QOV Eagle Squares at From My Carolina Home

The seams where the corners joined had some excess bulk due to the extra muslin layer. It would have been better to clip out some of this excess muslin before sending it for quilting. But, I just tried to do my best.  Here you can see the rounded seam and a bit of gathering in the blue on the left.

QOV Eagle Squares at From My Carolina Home

Most of the time I was lucky and the stitching line on the pantograph went around the point where there was extra bulk.

QOV Eagle Squares at From My Carolina Home

But you can see how the extra fabric in the seam allowance makes that point pop up a bit where four blocks come together.

QOV Eagle Squares at From My Carolina Home

It quilted quickly, and I trimmed it before folding it up to add to the shipment back to the guild.

QOV Eagle Squares at From My Carolina Home

As usual, I learn something with every quilt. This one taught me that differences in block weight didn’t make a difference in the stitches, but I should trim excess foundation from the joining seams where possible. I have a couple of friends with longarm machines helping me with these, but I still have several more to show you. I’ll get to most of them between the end of August and through September. I am working on doing another Autumn Jubilee in October, and I already have some fantastic plans in the works. More on that later!

What are you working on? Have you ever done a quilt with foundation piecing?


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16 thoughts on “Quilt of Valor – Eagle Squares

  1. Rosemaryflower

    Carole, This is a pretty quilt. I like foundation piecing. It is great for stability, esp when you have some bias pieces
    I am going to drive right by your house today, I will yell Hi out the window. We are going to SC to get a little black kitten for Miles.
    He has been so depressed.
    A kitten will be a wonderful little cuddle bug for ME.
    We will drive all day today, then stay at a Hampton Inn in Anderson SC and tomorrow we will procure the kitten and drive straight home.
    I guess life it good when it is busy and over flowing with fun
    I hope you have a nice Friday and the week-end. Make your own sunshine, it is going to be drabbish

    1. I think your new little black kitty is going to be very happy with a fur-ever home. Much happiness wished for your entire home. Adoptions always bring in a little sunshine for all!

  2. What an amazing project! I am in awe of anyone with stitching skills and you have done a wonderful one, and obviously it isn’t your first quilt! You can be proud of this lovely piece of art!

  3. Hi Carole,
    I love the quilting pattern you chose for this quilt. It seems to mimic the flight of the eagle, soaring above the squares. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning,
    What a beautiful quilt of the Eagle. Color scheme is fantastic, the women would like the traditional red, white and blue and men might go more for the outdoors colors, just my thoughts. You were so lucky with the quilting seams working out in the right places, I could tell by the four corners coming together that there was a lot of bulk there, great choice for the quilting design.

  5. I can’t imagine the work involved in trimming out that foundation muslin. They should do what Bonnie Hunter recommends–use telephone book paper, increase stitch length and tear it out. Okay, I know, I’m preaching to the choir!!! Your stitches look great. I’m quilting a flannel jelly roll quilt today. A bit thicker than I like, but the backing is regular fabric.

  6. The quilting looks wonderful on that quilt, not only do you learn new things but so do your readers!! Lucky those corner joins skipped by the quilting. No quilting here for me today I am putting binding on one quilt and shashing on another. I do have one I am trying to free motion quilt but not sure I will get to that today. Depends how far the motivation stretches!! Have a great weekend.

  7. dezertsuz

    This is beautiful. Sorry I haven’t been around – just lots of stuff during and since my short vacation. I was interested in the difference, or lack thereof, with the foundation and the not-foundation blocks. I don’t usually use a foundation for strip block piecing – it’s just another step that I can dispense with doing – but that was interesting.

  8. I had a veteran’s quilt recently that was pieced poorly. I did my best but there are seam joints on that quilt make the ones on your quilt look perfectly flat! Two of them stuck up about 3/4 inch!

  9. Thanks for sharing your long arm quilting tips and techniques and challenges! Since my primary piecing machine (Janome 8900) is in the shop, I am thinking about taking the Janome 1500 for a spin on the frame. If I can get it threaded, and not have any tension issues, I plan to “draw some blocks” on the muslin I loaded 8 months ago….and try a little FMQ with it. My “tutor” hasn’t come to guide me yet, so I am going bold on my own. 🙂 I learn from every post you write about long arming. My set up is low end, but I am going to finally give it a go! You inspired me today!

  10. Judy B

    That quilt is marvelous. I haven’t done a whole quilt with muslin backing. Only smaller projects like bags and such. You taught me a bit today!

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